What I learned after analyzing 1000 Blood Test Results ?

1. Vitamin D deficiency is very common and tricky to reverse. Often use of Vitamin D supplements can help but it’s short lived and comes with side effect of kidney stones. Sunlight helps but it’s slow in increasing Vitamin D levels but often bottleneck is Vitamin A, Magnesium deficiency and kidney, liver, intestine problems. Read this blog post to know.

Vitamin D Hair Loss Connection : A Double Edged Sword

2. High Homocysteine values are connected to diffuse thinning. Vitamin Bs help in recovering some damage but it’s also determined or most helpful if Gut Microflora is intact and other factors play an important role too. Check this blog post

Diffuse Hair Loss : Get More Vitamin B6

3. Low Hemoglobin , Iron saturation, ferritin in prevalent mostly in Females but also found rarely in Men.  Ferritin, Hemoglobin is higher in small percentage of men (Hemoglobin more than 17, Ferritin more than 100-200)  Check this blog post

Iron : Hair Loss Wunderkind or Arbiter of Doom

4. Thyroid symptoms like weight gain, low extremities temp, fatigue don’t always match with TSH value (TSH value is in range despite having many of Thyroid symptoms)

How to reverse Hypothyroidism Induced Pattern Hair Loss ?

5. Recurrent high liver enzymes and high ferritin and very low iron, saturation is connected to constant infections.
Liver problems usually result in Receding Hairline. Check this blog post

What causes receding hairline ?

6. Use of Poor quality supplements is rampant. Most people use chemical based ones over actual food or food based supplements.Check this blog post to know the difference between Whole food based supplements vs Synthetic ones.

9 Surprising Differences Of Whole Food Vitamins Vs. Synthetic Vitamins

7. Serum B12 and other Vitamin, Minerals values may not always show you true levels of Vitamin B or that particular Mineral or Vitamin in your body so don’t worry too much if certain Vitamin or Mineral looks deficient according to blood test, that mineral or vitamin might not be even stored in serum but some other organ/gland/part. e.g. RBC Magnesium vs Serum Magnesium. 

8. Role of micro-organism in Vitamin, Hormone production is usually unknown and misunderstood and thus use of NSAID, Antibiotics is very common and often reckless. 


9. Iron supplements may increase the hemoglobin, ferritin but comes at some side effects like stomach upset, more hair loss or relapse when supplement is stopped.

True deficiency or lack of Iron in body is impossible except blood loss in case of iron and extreme malnourishment.

Usually it’s not shown up in blood because of Deficiency or excess of other things. Root Cause Protocol by Morley Robbins can help you understand it.


10. In Pregnancy, women usually gain more hairs without doing much or anything for hairs but after delivery they go back to same level of hairs they had before.

11. Biotin supplements may help in fast hair growth but doesn’t thicken the hairs or grow the miniaturized hairs into terminal hairs, hair loss resumes after you stop it. It’s true for many multi vitamins and other supplements.

12. Organ/Gland damage gets reflected in scalp hairs. If you try restoring organ damage through whatever means using foods, herbs, supplements, therapy, acupressure, morphic fields music, subliminals, your hair damage associated to that organ/gland will be restored.

Organ/Gland passes on damage to scalp hairs to lessen the damage done to organ/gland as Brain transfers trauma to particular organ/gland/body part depending on type of conflict/handedness as discovered by German New Medicine, in similar way organ/gland passes on collateral damage in order to reduce overall damage to that organ/gland/part towards specific part of the scalp (more verification needed from my side)

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