Forget about Hair Oils, Topicals, DHT blockers, PRP and even Transplant
What if you could identify why you are really losing hair and fix the Root Cause/s and start regrowing hair naturally ?

What if you stop reacting to whatever ads you see on Websites, YouTube, Newspapers claiming some hair oil, topical, supplement or Hair Transplant which is magically going to reverse your hair loss ?

"You won't be able to regrow your hairs back ever."
"Once you lose your hairs you never get them back, what you can realistically expect is maintenance of the existing hairs"
My close friend said this to me in 2015, repeated it in 2016 followed by 2017 and kept saying it again in 2018 and over the time it started bothering me less and less.

But when I heard the same thing back in 2015,  it started echoing back from everyone else around me and even now in 2021, I sometimes get this question from some readers. 

When I started my hair growth journey back in 2015, most of the Youtube videos, Forum posts, Reddit Posts, Blog Posts I saw, the friends, friends of friends, unknown people, online experts I heard from shared similar sentiment. 

A very few people were actually talking about natural hair loss recovery methods and on top of that, the amount of evidence to back up natural hair loss recovery approaches was staggeringly low. I could see some 4-5 poorly taken before-after pictures to back up their claims. 

So I decided to go on a mission to prove them wrong with results and gather insurmountable amount of proof to back up natural hair recovery methods. I still won't claim I have insurmountable evidence YET but I have gathered good amount of before-after photos to persuade many people to take up this approach. 

I have defied what everyone else said to me and whatever I have read on the Internet back in 2015/16. 

Now, it's your time to challenge these assumptions/false beliefs holding you back and grow some serious amount of hair.  

My Goal for this YEAR(2023) is to help transform hairs of Maximum People Possible with Before-After comparable Pictures.

This is to prove and showcase to those naysayers who claim that you won't or can't get hairs back without Minoxidil, Finasteride, PRP, Hair Transplant etc etc.

Will you be one of them ? If yes, keep reading.

Look at my photo taken in May 2018 taken in Chicago Conference with my Mentor Perry Marshall

Hi I am Sukrut Khambete and I am going to show you how you can not only identify the possible Root Cause/s of your Hair Loss but you can also start reversing your hair loss and that too without using any topicals, oils, minoxidil, finasteride, any DHT blocker, hair growth supplements, PRP and even Hair Transplant and you can even maintain those hairs without spending money on all of these treatments.
You think I am full of B.S., look at this photo, it's none other than my father regrowing his crown hair at the age of 70 using new technology I am testing. (More details on the page below, keep reading)
How amazing it's to finally see someone you are helping started regrowing his/her hairs back ?

However, for Outsiders, it’s not just difficult but downright impossible, I keep getting them every other week or sometimes multiple times in a week. Mind you, I don't claim I have found the cure for Hair Loss. Not even close. 

But what I have found is a way to scientifically assess, identify and correct things in order to help people reverse their hair loss using specially designed Root Cause Analysis Questionnaire and Lab Test Interpretation. 

When people send you photos of their progress, you don’t really have to use any fake testimonials taken from a web or lifted directly from Instagram or Hair Transplant websites. Others use them because they can't produce any results. I don't have to because I produce results.

I get a lot more questions on Authenticity of the before and after photos. Many think I have lifted photos from Internet because some people see dramatic transformation with Diet Changes, Lifestyle Interventions and Scalp Stimulation Exercises which they don't think is possible without Hair Transplant. I consider that as a compliment. 
So I uploaded this video to my Youtube channel so you can see me speaking. 

Most people don't believe Hair Loss can be reversed naturally. They think they need to use Topicals, Oils, Supplements, Medications.   

In fact, I was also in the same boat you are right now.

In fact, I helplessly thought nothing is ever going to help me ever get my hair back except Hair Transplant.

I had already tried
1. Nail Rubbing
2. Onion/Garlic Juice
3. Apple Cider Vinegar
4. Gooseberry
5. Shaving Hair/Keeping hair small
6. Multi-vitamins
7. Scalp Massage

And none of them worked to my satisfaction. I had even given up thought of ever getting my hairs back.

Whenever I searched online for solutions, I mostly came across youtube videos, forums, groups which were literally filled with so much negativity that it wasn't even allowed to think outside the box. All they preached was BIG 3.

Finasteride/Dutasteride or Saw Palmetto
Ketoconazole Shampoo

If you speak something different, either you will be banned from forum (for illegally promoting some product or propagating the lie) or you would be thrashed to pieces.

This is what happened when I posted my results on Reddit, instead of welcoming it, I got such a negative feedback. Look here
After reading all of that, I got so disillusioned that I lost any hope for getting my hair back and even helping others. 

However, I empathize with this person. He has a point. I have seen a lot of people from Asian Countries including India cheat and scam people from USA, Canada, UK, European Countries, Australia etc etc for their hard earned money by selling them counterfeit products or services. That's why even those who are honestly trying to help others have to suffer the consequences. However, this will change and is changing. I have provided and am ready to provide more proof (if demanded) to alleviate any of your concerns. 

But I realized that losing hope is not the ANSWER I was looking for. 

I knew that I have to find all the answers by myself and nobody is going to deliver me everything I needed to do on a Silver Platter.

So I used the Trial & Error approach based on Research, Self-experimentation and validating the idea with several others who were going through the same journey. 

In fact, my hair loss story is pretty similar to you.

Right now, I am precisely 35 years old but when I was 17, I had normal hairs like everyone else. I used to go to swimming regularly. I used to keep wearing the swimming cap all the time.

After an year, everyone around me started telling me that I have developed bald patch on my crown area. I was naive back then, I immediately thought that my hair loss happened because of my swimming and stopped it immediately but I didn't do anything to deal with it.

When I entered my college ICT (Formerly known as UDCT) for Chemical Engineering, several of my college friends started telling me about the increasing bald patch at my crown. But I never really cared about it because it wasn't even evident to me in mirror.
Look at me when I was 19 year old. This photo is taken in my college classroom in ICT (UDCT
Look at me when I was 20 year old, taken on a college trip.
Looks like a normal hair. Isn't it ? No signs of baldness at least from the photos. 

I also thought the same thing for all these years and that's the reason I didn't take any action for long long time. 

Years went by, I completed my engineering and almost everyone around me started talking about growing bald patch on the top of my crown. Back in those days, I never cared about my looks. 

Firstly, because it wasn't evident. Secondly, I was not actively pursuing any girls and I wasn't super conscious about my looks. I thought that eventually I am going to get older and if I get bald at age of 50, it doesn't really matter to me.

But as years passed by criticism started becoming more harsh and sometimes downright insulting.

My colleagues started insinuating towards my impending baldness and started telling me to get married soon. 

According to them, no one wants to date or marry the bald guy. Some of them even started hurling their abusive and derogatory remarks towards me. 

I started getting more and more uncomfortable and frustrated so I decided to seek help of an expert. 

As I didn't prefer Western Medicine back then, I decided to seek help of one of my relatives who was MD in Homeopathy. 

He claimed to have helped Bollywood Industry Veteran to regrow hair in his late 60s. You can read that story in my 30 month Hair Regrowth Journey. 

Some of my family members were also benefited from his help so I thought of getting help from him. He gave me Homeopathic Medicines and a bottle of oil. I followed his protocol for couple of months before giving up. 

I absolutely saw no changes as confirmed by some of my family members but I won't blame the protocol. Because 2 months is such a short time to see any visible changes.
This is how my hair looked like in 2011 at School Reunion. Look at the crown area for some thinning. 
This is how my hair looked like in 2012 while me playing Piano in Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. See visible thinning on crown area.

When I was still completing my graduation, I hardly had any health issues except afternoon fatigue but over the time, because of some unfortunate incidences, I developed new health issues and my existing health issues worsened.

1st Incident : Death of my Mother in 2007
That's my mom. I was an year old. My mother is almost as same age as I am right now.

On November 13th 2007, just 2 days before my final exams, she succumbed to Death by Cancer at the age of 48… and I miss her every single day.

In 2002, she was diagnosed with Cancer for the first time and then she underwent a Surgery, again diagnosed with Cancer in 2007& Cancer spreading throughout her body and she died within 9 months of diagnosis.

That left deep scar on my mind, many of my health issues started and worsened within 1-2 years of her death.

I was devastated. How could this happen?

But looking back, the signs leading up to her cancer revealed a pattern:

Lifelong Acid Reflux and stomach pain, Fertility problems, Hyperthyroid, Hair thinning, Migraines, Depression, PMS symptoms, Bipolar disorder, Fatigue, Anxiety, Acne, Breast cancer and finally Ovarian cancer which spread throughout her body before taking her life.

My mother is a prime example of what can happen when this hidden epidemic goes on for years, all the while modern medicine is chasing the symptoms. She suffered through years of thyroid medication, Antacids, Painkillers and finally, Surgery.

That's what happens when you ignore other symptoms and just focus on reversing Hair Loss.

The worst part?

The same thing almost killed me in 2013/14/15.
2nd Incident : Business Failure in 2013
After my graduation in 2009, I worked for an year and then in 2011, I took a leap of faith and started my own business. I was new to this Business World and I didn't know the mechanics of making it work and later I realized that the Business I was in wasn't supposed to be the right business for me anyway.

I was working my *** off to get it off the ground but nothing I did, helped me but put me deeper into Financial Debt. And slowly and relentlessly, I proved to myself that no matter how I attempted to do this, it wasn't going to work. Every year in that business became a bigger ball and chain of failure mounting evidence of my ineffectiveness which became impossible to ignore.

It effectively rendered me penniless and it was a big blow to my self-esteem.

My friends were getting into Business schools, PhD programs, getting into relationships, getting into high paying jobs, getting engaged, getting married, having kids, enjoying different cuisines and roaming all around the country and countries outside India & here I was with no money, no friends to talk to, my health was in shambles and I didn't know the way out this situation

3rd Incident : Breakup with Girlfriend in 2014

While I was recovering from Business Failure, something else was waiting for me. I left the Business in 2013,  the same time, I got into relationship with my girlfriend at that time, it was co-dependent relationship. Both of us tried to make it work. I was in constant fear that she would eventually leave me.

Eventually, my worst fears came true and she left me in 2014.

That was a Double Whammy. My existing health issues even worsened then.

Meanwhile, I was in the process of building my own business, I stopped paying attention towards my health. I started eating outside regularly, skipping meals, sleeping late and less and that became even worse after my breakup & eventually it started taking a toll on my health.

In 2013, my health rapidly started declining, I would get dead tired by early afternoon almost every single day. I used to feel fatigued throughout the day. No matter, how many things I tried changing including diet, exercise, sleep, supplements and much more. Nothing worked well, it was all hit and miss.

I also started suffering through myriad of other health issues. I used to be in state of constant anxiety and also suffered from constant mood swings. My hands and feet used to be always cold. I tried various alternative treatments but nothing gave me long lasting results.

At the same time, I also started having constant skin breakouts and sometimes the itch caused by it would be so unbearable that I couldn't sleep for many consecutive nights and then again cycle of low energy would follow.

I used to have constant sharp headaches after my lunch & dinner. It felt like my head was going to burst. No matter how many times I changed my diet, no matter how much I would rest, I would still be plagued by those excruciatingly painful headaches. Whenever I took rest, I felt more fatigued after the rest. It seemed like nothing was working. It became totally impossible to focus on work after lunch, dinner or heavy meal.

I also became forgetful. I couldn't remember basic things including what I ate for breakfast, lunch or dinner the same day. It felt like my brain was covered with a fog. I even stopped having morning erections. I rarely had erections even upon sexual arousal.

And worst of all, I started having digestion issues. I used to suffer from bloating and food allergies even when I used to eat home-made healthy food (or that's what I thought) It became difficult to even travel and meet someone without not thinking of secretly going to washroom to empty my bowels. There was always this icky feeling that felt like I hadn't emptied my bowels. 

Whenever I used to eat certain types of foods, I used to get sharp headache and skin rashes. It would make my next few hours completely unbearable. Sometimes, I was forced to take rest in order to feel good for next few hours.

And along with that I started rapidly losing my hair. Actually a lot, followed by severe scalp itch. Whenever I used to comb my hair, I would get anywhere from 30-50 hairs in my hands along with a lot of flaky dandruff.

In order to avoid embarrassment and shame, I constantly used to do some weird hairstyles.

I know you must have gone through the similar phase where you would have asked yourself
"Why Me, What's wrong with me ? Why am I losing hair despite having proper diet, exercise and why that fat unhealthy a**hole who never exercises and eats fast food all the time has head full of hair ?"

You will know why that was happening with me when you read about 3 Pillars I discovered. 

I used to conceal my bald spots and overcompensate by growing a lot of hairs but after a while I couldn't even do that because there were not enough hairs left to cover rest of my scalp.

Do you feel really bad when you have look at a handsome hunk or gorgeous model with great hairstyle which you want to imitate but you just can't ?
In August/September of 2015, while I was looking in mirror for combing my hair. I could see right through my frontal area. My crown area was visible. I didn’t like what I saw there.

Where the f**k did my hair go ?” I said to myself in the moment of shock.

I felt like I lost my battle with Hair Loss and there is nothing I can do now to get those hairs back.

To get over severe itch and hair loss/thinning, I started asking advice from my friends. The popular advice was to shave your head. I didn’t quite like the idea of shaving the head so I went to barber and I got my zero cut (army cut)
For the time being, I felt relief from the hair loss, dandruff and itching. I felt joyous but it was short lived.
On one fine day in October 2015, while I was sleeping, my father woke me up at 7 AM.
Sukrut, wake up , wake up. What happened to your hair ? Why don’t you something about it ? Have you thought of visiting a doctor ?

I woke up in the state of panic and inquired my father about severity of hair thinning. He told me that my crown was in very bad condition. He told me that I needed to do something about this.

My father had never warned me about my hair before but after his warning that day, it seriously got me worried. If he is telling it, there must be something horribly wrong.

At the same time, I used to visit a close friend of mine. He also started pointing out this to me every time and he started making fun of it. 

Whenever someone used to point at my hairs or lack of it, I would start getting severe panic attacks. I started to avoid my friend/s but then I realized that it wasn’t the option.
I used to physically tremble just at the thought of someone asking me the question about my hair loss. Looking at my hair in mirror used to give me panic attacks.

I didn’t know any other options back then. I only knew one option. Hair Transplant.

In December 2015, I visited my friends sister wedding, there I met my friends friend who was in his early 40s, completely bald, when he was young, he also explored different options to treat his hair thinning but he didn’t succeed. He persuaded me to get Hair Transplant procedure done from Reputed Clinic.
So I started researching on Hair Loss Clinics. When I came across myriad of bad reviews of these clinics over the Internet, I decided to stay away from it and instead chose to do my own research and find answers myself. 

Well, research is a long arduous process. Because I already had tried all the popular advice on the Internet.

Some of these methods I tried worked for me while many of them wasted a lot of my time. I wanted to do things which would reliably produce results for me. So instead of looking for advice on popular blogs, youtube channels and forums, I decided to find answers in bit unconventional manner. 

I started reading research on all kinds of Hair loss. I started buying books and courses by Authors whom I thought were giving sound advice. I started referring to books, courses, blogs, videos surrounding topics not limited to Hair loss but also related to Thyroid issues, Mind-Body Connection, Hormonal Imbalances, Heart Disease, Fat loss, Leaky Gut, Mineral Imbalances etc etc. 

I realized that baldness is not just a Genetic thing as most others think it's. There are deep underlying reasons very few explored as of now. That's why I realized it's not wise to think of hair loss as a separate issue and instead think of it as a more of Systemic Issue. 

Those who start developing Male Pattern Baldness are also prone to several Chronic Conditions like Coronary Heart Disease, Prostate Cancer, Colorectal Cancer. 

Most of the approaches you see on the Internet are Reductionist Approaches which suggest that Hair Loss is problem of Hair and not of the Body. That's why there are FDA approved/unapproved drugs to treat Hair Loss issue specifically. 

But when I work with people who experience hair loss, their problems are not just limited to Hair Loss but also extend to
Multiple Bowel Movements
Problems with Sleep
Fatty Liver
Constant recurring infections
Low/No sex drive
The list goes on and on

But I think that would even be common with others those who don't have hair loss. 

So the important question is "Why don't they lose hairs ?

I don't have satisfactory answer for you right now but when you look at 3 Pillars I discovered, it's going to make a lot more sense.  

I believe these problems can trigger certain genes and even if you don't lose hairs, you are likely to suffer from other problems in the future. Just because you are not losing hair doesn't mean you are perfectly healthy. 

Having full head of Hair is not a Sign of Perfect Health but even if you are prematurely losing hairs, that's not a Sign of Perfect Health either.

You know how many people would actually email/message me that they are getting consultation from a Hair Loss Clinic, using OGV, Minoxidil but they are not seeing any positive results.

They always tell me that they have found a new Ayurvedic Doctor, Homeopathic Doctor or some new Oil, Topical or Remedy which is going to get their hairs back. When I follow up with them or they follow up with me after few months, they have seen almost no results and in some cases, their results are even worse than before.

As they start losing more and more hairs, they become more & more frustrated, disillusioned, aggressive.

At the end, they are left with few inconvenient/expensive choices. They have no other option but to choose one of these options or let go of their hairs.
Hair Transplant

Have you reached the point basically where you don't have time for Trial & Error ?

A Tip for you : How to identify the person who is balding ?
The balding person always uses clever photos on FB, they either use lighting to hide their hair loss, they post photos taken from a long distance and use caps to hide their baldness or worst of all, post old photos or don't put any photos at all for prolonged periods of time. 

Hair loss industry is designed in such a way to keep you away from the truth.
They tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear.

This is the Principle I follow

Get to the Truth. Not the Sale.

Ever read the story of Beowulf and Grendel?
Beowulf kills Grendel but his mother shows up. Beowulf realizes the weapons that work at the TOP don't work at the BOTTOM of the swamp. Beowulf finds the new Sword at the bottom of the swamp, slips through and kills Grendel's Mother.
I realized that weapons (Topicals, Minoxidil, Finasteride, Oils, Supplements) which work by masking the symptoms won't be effective to tackle the real problem.

If you kill the problem but if you don't kill the mother of the problem, then you still have the problem.

That happens with most of the other therapies. They kill the problem but they don't even attempt to touch the mother of the problem.

The results : Unwanted problems. Temporary solution for Hair Loss. 

When people I work with start dealing with correcting overall health, somehow they just don’t correct their hair loss, they start feeling better, get free from dandruff & itching, deal better with negative emotions, bowel movement becomes smooth, stamina is back, migraine attacks stop, sex drive comes back.

It’s totally 180 degree shift in their life. It’s not just their hairs, it’s their body. That’s why I don’t usually appeal to people who are looking for some quick fixes for hair loss and their health challenges. Everything is interconnected.

Unless, your body becomes healthy, you will not get hairs back.
Unless, you start adopting different lifestyle, diet, you will not overcome your health issues.
If you don’t get these issues handled, you might see temporary improvement in your hair but it probably wont be long lasting and would require constant maintenance.
You will be in constant fear over losing the hairs. On the other hand, if you become healthy, it becomes easier.

A lot of people sell Supplements, Oils, Topicals to reverse Hair Loss on Internet. Nothing wrong with that but I don’t do that. I don’t cater to people who are looking for a magic bullet solution.

Instead what I do 
1. I tell the truth often hard truths. I shatter rose-colored sunglasses. I demolish fantasies. I dispense truth serum.
2. I sell advice which is holistic and not reductionist approaches most do. Estrogen is higher, block it with Fat Soluble Vitamins. Prolactin is higher, block it with Zinc, DHT is higher, block it with Saw Palmetto.
3. I sell real solutions and elegant approaches, not Band-Aids.
4. Most people are not ready for my advice until they have tried all other therapies including Transplant, Topicals, DHT blockers, PRP and devastatingly failed to see much results and if they are still hopeful, they will listen to me.
5. I refuse to cater to the foolishness, stupidity and gullibility of people who want help with hair loss. That's why I don't promote or sell any hair regrowth oils, supplements, topicals

I could make a LOT more money if I would have sold hair growth supplements, hair oils, topicals and tied up with companies who do the same. But I won't do that unless I really believe the product is really going to help you and I would promote that product/service even if I am not getting paid for it.
Interesting Story
In middle of 2016, someone told me to go for PRP at that time, I had just started working on regrowing my hairs. My speed of recovery was slower and was desperate to see good results on my crown. Nothing I was doing was working really well except my frontal hairs.

I had phone conversation with someone who told me that I should opt for PRP. That person had seen good results with it so I was tempted to do it. Even if I would have gone for it and regrown hairs, nobody would have noticed or realized.
But I knew that if I am telling people something else and doing something else then I am deceiving them and breaking the trust they put in me.

There is nothing more important than your trust.

Even though my results were slower and had big density gap to cover, I never secretly went for PRP, Transplant, Mesotherapy, Laser Helmet, Minoxidil, Finasteride. I worked on refining my approach and finally cracked the code.
When I showed my results to the person who suggested me to go for PRP, he was so shocked, he chose to take help from me instead of going for another PRP session.
Instead, he started following my advice and sent me his improvement pics. Here are they (right side pic is wet and still you can see it's looking denser)
These might not be perfect comparison photos but the difference is visible.

Determination and Patience is the key. 

I won’t say that the way I am proposing is a walk in the park, but it’s better to get your hairs back while becoming healthy in the process than get your hairs back while ignoring the body and probably not keep the hairs for long time

What do you want ?
I know this would probably not appeal to those who are looking to buy Oil/Supplement/Topical. That's OK. If that's what you want, you are at the wrong place.

It’s not what you do, it's who you become in the process.

Why I don't dispense free advice ? What's the problem with the free advice ?

There is no skin in the game. If you follow their advice and if you don't see the results, then they can conveniently say that " Of course, it was free. What would you expect ? "
I don't have that liberty. I can't tell people the same. I do what I tell them to do or I have done it before hand. I drink my own coolaid.

This is the typical journey of a Hair Loss Sufferer
a. I know I can get my hairs back
b. I just found this youtube video/forum to potentially solve my hair loss
Finally, I am going to get my hairs back
c. This is fairly good, I am seeing some positive changes
d. Oh, I am still facing the hair loss
e. Watch another youtube video or visit another forum or read another random blog post
f. Maybe, I should combine this approach with that one for better results
g. I am not really seeing any results so far, maybe I should wait for 3 months
h. 3 months are over. I am not really seeing any positive results. Maybe I should try something new
i. Watch another youtube video
Still no results
j. Gets frustrated. Probably nothing is going to work for me.
I can’t ever get my hairs back
k. Maybe, I should wait or go for PRP, Hair Transplant because that’s the only way to get my hairs back
l. Become totally frustrated, disillusioned and feel cheated and think whole Hair Loss Industry is a SCAM

I have gone through this same cycle at one point in my life when I felt the exact same thing. 

Do you know what I did, when I was faced with all these challenges ? I didn’t even know what to do next as some of these people know whose before and after photos you are seeing right now. I decided to figure it out and that put me on a long arduous journey of research, trial and error.

After a long arduous journey and helping several people I started connecting these pieces of puzzle. 

It’s like a total roadmap shown to me.
But it wasn’t always so easy or obvious.
I had to bust through several myths holding me back.

Few of the popular ones are these ones

Myth 1 : It’s in my genes. No matter what I do, it’s not going to work

Myth 2 : It’s DHT. If I block DHT, everything would be fine

I am going to bust these myths throughout this letter and I am going to show you how these myths have hold you hostage for years.

Once you start improving you health, you will not only get your hairs back but you are also taking control of your health. Now suddenly you have the tools to fight your hair loss anytime you want.

That's when I realized I needed to find my own answers and nobody is going to give it to me on Silver Platter, I started referring to research by Danny Roddy, Dr. Ray Peat, Morley Robbins, Chris Masterjohn (& Dr. Weston A Price)

Along with that I also started doing independent research and started connecting the dots. I also created a group of beta testers who believed that I can help them. I would hypothesize a theory based on my research, self experimentation and propose it in the group. A group would test the theory, if it worked, I would document it. We also tested how to modify the testing methodology in order to get maximum results.

Then we would move to the next proposed theory. Some theories worked extremely well, while some theories not so great. But we learned in the process.

As you are reading this right now, I am still testing new hypothesis to make my approach the best possible approach you can get results from.

First Idea : Detumescence and Ray Peat Diet

First  we tested was Scalp Massage (Detumescence Therapy) based on remarkable work of Rei Ogawa and Henry Choy along with Pro-Thyroid Diet (as proposed by Dr. Ray Peat and popularized by Danny Roddy) Here are results some achieved using this approach

First let's have a look at these photos. They have achieved these results without using Minoxidil, Finasteride, PRP, Hair Transplant or any topicals. 

These are the results of Pro-Thyroid Diet and Detumescence Therapy. 
In the span of 3 months (I know photos are not very clear and improvements are not that impressive
Look at the results achieved by this girl in 9 months 
But do you know something interesting ? She had lost all hopes of getting her hair back 9 months back. Here is the email she sent me first time several months back
And along with these, I got several messages from people who stopped or reduced their hair loss after adopting to Detumescence and Pro-Thyroid Diet. However, I was not completely satisfied with the results I got and others got. There was one draw back, just like other topicals, essential oils, this approach helped them see new hair growth or thickening existing hairs but very few started growing those hairs to normal length. 

After adopting this approach for over an year, I saw tremendous improvement in my frontal 1/3rd area. I was looking to get more and more photographic transformations rather than just pleasant messages like "My hair fall reduced from 100 to 50" because I was used to that message. 

BTW, the results I got from Detumescence and Pro-Thyroid Diet were nothing short of spectacular. Here are some of my photos
But I didn't get much spectacular results in my middle 1/3rd area and crown area. In fact, the effect on crown area was nothing compared to my frontal improvement. 

Have a look at it once (Pardon me for not so good quality photos)
I quickly realized that I need to do something different and radical to help myself and the other members to get better results. 

I started digging deeper and deeper in scientific literature, I started referring to books, courses, videos, blogs by those who believe that mineral imbalances can cause several of these conditions including Hair loss, hair thinning. 

Second Idea : ZMA and Morley Robbins Root Cause Protocol

The prominent researchers were Dr Chris Masterjohn (Dr. Weston Price), Dr Joel Wallach, Morley Robbins

I started reading books on several diverse areas to understand and connect the dots. After a lot of introspection, research, I realized there could be missing link of  Nutrient Deficit or Excess which contributes to Hair thinning and Hair loss. 

That was a pretty bold step in itself. Especially, when it comes to hair loss. There was only one problem. I didn't have much results with it and I didn't have many success stories to prove that. 

I first posted my results on Reddit thinking they would welcome it with open arms and probably want to emulate me. Unfortunately, 80% of those who read it, tried to thrash, abuse and bully me and even claimed that there were absolutely no changes in photos. Some even thought it was work of Photoshop

That made me even more determined to prove them wrong. Based on my recent research, I decided to test this theory on myself and other members. 

I had practically no idea whether it was going to be a greatest hit or sheer flop.

Over next 6-12 months, I realized that this was something I was looking for. Not only did I see the results but many others started sending me their before and after photos. One by one, many in group started sharing their success stories in group or to me personally. 

That's how I came to know about Vitamin B6 connection with diffuse hair loss

After I started taking care of nutrient deficiencies, the stagnant hairs started growing. Here are some of the photos
Taken in April 2017 (This is just few weeks before I started testing the new theory)
24 July 2017 
14 March 2018 Hair Length more or less same. Same lighting. 
End of June 2018. Hair length is at least 4-5 cm less, still more coverage

February 2021 (Taken with Flash in direct Sunlight with 15-20 MP Camera, earlier photos were taken with same laptop camera to have better comparison) 

Here are some photos others sent 
(Some/All testimonials can be verified upon request. Some/All of these people are in Whatsapp/Telegram group or in touch with me. If they are ready to connect with you, I will help you get in touch with them so you know these people and their photos are real and not taken from Google or Instagram)
I have provided whatsapp screenshots whenever possible so you know these photos are sent to me by actual users, not of transplant, PRP or taken from Internet. I will see if I can upload Whatsapp or Telegram screenshots for every photo I have received. 
Please understand that these results are not typical. 
June 2017
March 2nd week 2018
April 2017
3rd week of August 2017 after addressing nutrient deficiencies & adopting pro-thyroid diet 

                        March 2019                                               January 2020

December 2015
August 2017 (3 months after addressing nutrient deficiencies and Diet Changes since May 2017
June 2018
September 2018 
June 2018
September 2018
April 2019
August 2018
September 2018
December 17
May 2018 
August 2018
December 2018 
September 2018
January 2019
March/April 2018
June & September 2018 






5 month changes




6 months

1 month changes

2 months transformation

December 2020 to January 2021

3 Months

March 2020 to May 2020

November 2020 to January 2021

August 2019 to December 2019

                       September 2019                                       January 2020

                        Dec 2018                                                    January 2020

September 2019 to February 2020

June 2020 to June 2021 (5 month changes from January to June 2021)

November 2020 to January 2021

April 2020 to July 2020

6 month changes

April 2020 to August 2020

1 month changes

2 month changes

3 month changes

15 month changes

July 2020 to October 2020

1 month changes

5 month changes

4 month changes

April 2021 to August 2021

3 Months Transformation

2 Months Transformation

October 2019 to March 2020

April 2020 to June 2020

November 2019 to July 2020

November 2019 to May 2020

Some unsolicited/not so comparable testimonials 
3 Months changes
May 2017
August 2017
8 month changes
Hair length is little more in right and angle is not perfect but in front, you can see the changes
                      September 2017                                        August 2019

Third Idea : Subliminals

In May 2018, after coming back from Chicago, I realized that I have hit a rough spot when it comes to regrowing my hairs. I had hit a plateau and I wasn’t seeing any or much results with more of diet changes I was suggesting others but I somehow was hopeful and continued for the next few months with very minute changes. 

I brought down my hair loss from 100-200 to less than 40-50 in matter of few days and also regrew close to 100 hairs along both sides of my hairline. 

See those hairs along hairline started growing longer which were stagnant for more than 2 years.
I don’t have any before after pics because I didn’t know if it will ever work and I didn’t bother to take good photos to track it

3 Month changes

2 month changes

4 month changes

4 month changes

These people added Subliminals along with Diet changes.

Fourth Idea : Biological Conflict (German New Medicine)

For longest time, I had seen my clients
a. who followed almost everything but didn’t see any results
b. the clients who had gained some progress, suddenly all their progress got wiped out within weeks
c. the clients who didn’t have any history of baldness in family, suddenly started losing hairs in their late 20s or 30s following certain incident/s in their life.

I couldn’t understand or explain why it was happening. I always thought Diet, Supplements, Scalp Exercises, Subliminals etc etc would help these people at least to some extent because I had helped people who had similar hair loss pattern like them.

But in those cases, I had no answers. Those cases didn’t make any sense to me. I was at loss understanding why it was happening. There was a very important piece of puzzle that I didn’t discover or know back then.

My search for answers began. I discovered German New Medicine.

In my last 5-6 years of observing thousands of people, communicating with them over email, whatsapp, phone call, Skype calls, google hangouts, I discovered 3 Critical Pillars which can make and break your efforts to stop hair loss and regrow hair. There is definitely Hierarchy as I see it.

 1st Pillar : Conflict (Top Most Important Pillar)

An year ago, I came across Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer and German New Medicine.
As much as I tried to deny the role of conflict in hair loss, I decided to communicate with my clients, survey them, talk to them and find out the truth.

As soon as I started collecting their responses, talking to them, probing for the truth, I realized that there is much more truth to it than I ever cared to find out. It's as much evident in terms of pattern of their hair thinning.

I found that if there is certain pattern of hair thinning in Men, then there is certain type of conflict, if there is different type of pattern, then there is certain other type of conflict.

After collecting more than 1000 responses, trends started becoming more and more clear. Check First Biological Law of German New Medicine.

This is the most important pillar because if you have certain type of active or hanging conflicts going on or certain older conflicts getting reactivated, then all of your efforts to save hairs with Herbs/Supplements/Diet/Topicals is just a BIG Deception. They will just help temporarily or won't help at all.

Here are some examples

He got alopecia in July 2019 in the same place first and then got it in other places in coming months. then around October November 2020, it started to recover slowly and started shrinking and hair started growing in middle from last few weeks.

He thought it was Detumescence which caused this change to happen but I was skeptical. How come Detumescence started working after 1.5 years suddenly, why it didn’t work for so man years.

I suspected conflict angle, upon further enquiring the things started becoming more clearer. He told me that his father started constructing home but couldn’t finish it because of financial issues before 2000. He had saved some money all these years. He got long term opportunity but he couldn’t travel due to corona.
Then from August 2020, he started changing his mindset, finished his home construction in Oct-Nov 202 with his savings.

So upon long standing conflict resolution paved the way for hair loss recovery but before he started seeing alopecia in July 2019, he was under a lot of work pressure and couldn’t finish the work due to financial issues. From Nov 2018 to August 2020, he faced a lot of depression because of money but he eventually finished the construction of his home.

The other thing which he considers helped him is staying with parents from March 2020 after long time.

In case of this woman, it was toxic situation with her spouse which also created Thyroid issues for her along with frontal receding.
When she talked with her spouse and worked towards resolving the issue. She started seeing regrowth along hairline with no diet, no supplements, no topicals, no oils, nothing, on its own. She was taking medications for Hyperthyroid for 3 years with no improvement, she stopped taking those medications to.
Note : She has colored her hairs on left. Both photos are taken with hairs tied at back.

The person in pic, started thinning when he started Keto diet which made him think it was Keto diet caused the thinning.
However, at the same time he was going through a bad break up with his ex-girlfriend.

He has no history on father or mother's side even his grandparents got great hairs.
When he made those connection with conflict, worked towards resolving it, added B vitamin much foods, more protein to his diet. He started seeing recovery after 1 year of no results.  

These photos are taken little more than 1 month apart.

He was following all things I told him to follow like brown eggs, unfortified nutritional yeast, bee pollen etc etc. He wasn't able to see improvement. When I enquired about conflict angles, I realized that he was working in a job where the boss was controlling and used to abuse him.

His thinning timing matched since he started working in a job, then I told him to work on that or change the job. He didn't quite believe me, many months went by, he shared this new photo on right, upon enquiring, his diet was still same but he had left job long ago.

He was in relationship with a "Narcissistic" woman who was cheating on him, he caught her few years ago and then he was fighting for child custody for several years. He started losing hairs then, continued to lose it. None of the things worked, minox, fin worked but only slightly, nothing much.

When he gotten out of bad divorce and fierce custody battle, got hold of the kids, then he made diet changes and started recovering hairs in middle bald area.

He was losing 100-200 hairs daily for 2-3 years, he had used Imported Shampoos, Biotin supplements, Finasteride, Minoxidil, none of them showed any regrowth let alone stop the hair loss. It was same for 3 years.

I talked with him last September (2019) when I realized he had some conflict with his ex, he wasn't able to get over it, when I made him aware of it, he worked on resolving it and stopped communicating with his ex, his hair loss is now less than 50 for an year now without using any of these and most of the time without any supplements.

He saw some small improvement in 2 months time. He hasn't recovered all the hairs yet but his hair loss is permanently reduced below 50 which didn't happen with all the therapies for last 3 years.

He was following many things I told him from first quarter of this year but he had issues with his wife and parents in law because how they treated him, he was not able to see any progress despite following all the things I told him.

A couple of months ago, he sent me photos, when I was discussing with him recently, he told me that his progress coincided with resolution of conflict with his wife and in laws.

These are just few examples. There are several of such cases I find when I communicate with people about the conflicts. You will get to see me discussing them in Whatsapp and Telegram groups with their before-after photos.

2nd Pillar : Overall Microbiome (Overall Microbiome which naturally involves Bacteria, Fungus etc etc) (Second Most Important Pillar)

This pillar also comes from knowledge of German New Medicine. Fourth Biological Law

Gut Microbes when in order play very important role in healing phase of Conflict.
If you have right type, right quantity, right proportion of Gut Microbes, they will heal the damage done by Conflict (as well as Bad Diet, Environmental Factors, Medicines etc etc) 

However, gut microbes are affected by several things you might not be consciously aware of. 
a. C-section Delivery
b. Use of Antibiotics
c. Using Hormones, Birth Control options
d. Mercury fillings and Heavy Metal Poisoning
e. Drinking Chlorinated water
f. Eating foods high in Sugar
g. Exposure to Mold, Fungus etc etc

If you destroy the microbes required to undo the damage and if you don't replenish the required microbes, Conflict and other factors do irreversible damage

Recent research is showing how Gut Microbiome can affect Androgen Metabolism, there are certain species of gut flora can affect certain hormones in such a way they can be safely converted and taken out of the body so their re-circulation, conversion, expression at certain sites is positively or negatively influenced

 T-G = Glucuronidated Testosterone , DHT-G = Glucuronidated DHT

Comparison of glucuronidated and unconjugated androgens in intestinal contents of conventionally raised (CONV-R) and germ-free (GF) mice: unconjugated (free) and glucuronidated (gluc)

This study shows that some gut microbes in colon have capacity to deglucuronidate glucuronidated Testosterone as well as DHT, affect Testosterone to DHT conversion and metabolism of both T & DHT. 

If you have read my whole journey, you can see the similar trends. Whenever, I was messing up with first and second pillars, I was seeing accelerated hair loss. Even those who get their hairs back but somehow mess up with first or second pillar tend to lose them slowly. 

I see that trend with almost everyone who experiences accelerated hair loss and hair thinning. 

Fifth Idea : Morphic/Information Fields

I had exhausted many ideas of using Diet, Massage, Supplements, Subliminals, Biological Conflict identification and Resolution and I didn't have full recovery but still there were many others hoping for better, faster, effective results.

I decided to delve into serious research, testing of some new ideas. I didn't want to go to the route of using Topicals, Oils, Dermarolling, PRP, Finasteride, Minoxidil etc etc to regrow hairs and I didn't want others to do the same thing.

I had the idea of testing and creating Morphic Fields. I had used them earlier from Channels like Sapien Med and Quadible Integrity with great results. I started experiencing changes with a lot of things including but not limited to changing my jaw shape, making me more fairer, loosing fat around belly, teeth whitening, memory improvement, eliminating pain, infections and regrowing hairs too but I didn't see significant changes in my hairs with any of the Morphic Fields.

Back in 2019, I didn't know technology to create Morphic Fields, I just used them from different creators. I was reading a lot of stuff but I wasn't getting any closer to making my own morphic fields. I had tried but it didn't work out. I was also researching and testing many different things along the way.

Rupert Sheldrake

In late 2021 and beginning of 2022, I tried to combine several methods I studied, knew, tested, researched to make Morphic Fields and it worked on me so I made few other fields and they too worked and so I started making many fields and many people started responding positively to it. Here are some results


In 2023, I developed AI based Morphic Fields Technology called "Field Activator" which listens to your commands. It can help you do a lot of things
1. Activate any supplement, herb, medicine from Amazon or Outside (like activating supplements, herbs for hair regrowth)
2. Activate any Cream, Oil, Topical anywhere on the body/body parts (like activating topicals, oils for hair regrowth)
3. Activating any Free or Paid Morphic Field, Subliminal, Binaural Beats from any Creator (like activating morphic fields for hair regrowth)
4. Emulate effect/s of exercise/s on body just through imagination or video demonstration (like activating effects of Detumescence of any hair or head massage)
5. Emulate energetic effects of any machine, equipment on body (like activating laser helmet)
6. Activate any specific commands to achieve specific purpose related to health
And also talk to it explaining your health issue and it will help you solve the problem based on 3 types of Intelligence this technology has namely
a. Innate Intelligence
b. Personal Intelligence
c. Collective Intelligence

This has network effect, the more people use it, more things people would use it for, the more Personal Intelligence and Collective Intelligence it will gather and become more effective solving the hair and health issue. 
It sells for $30/month separately but as a subscriber of Hair Regrowth Blueprint, you get access to it for free. 

My father used same formula 
I helped him activate many supplements, herbs for hair and overall health. 
I helped him activate many well known natural topicals, oils with proven results.
I helped him activate several morphic fields I created and from other creators
Over the period of 1 month, this is the result

So I documented all these findings in a step by step resource which is called "Hair Regrowth Blueprint"
Look at my genetic report from
I don't have tendency to have hair loss before 40 and I am unlikely to have bald spot but if you look at my family. My Maternal Uncle and Grandfather are completely or partially bald. They started losing hair since their 20s. 

Whatever theory you choose to believe in I have either activated or deactivated genes responsible for Hair loss. 
If you choose to believe I had genetic hair loss based on my family background, I have started reversing the process. If you choose to believe that I don't have genetic tendency to lose hair, then why did I have a bald patch and hair thinning in the first place ? 

So the conclusion is I activated/deactivated genes by Diet, Lifestyle Changes etc etc which caused me to lose hair/caused me to get them back. 
On what basis I am saying this ? You ask
Here are trends I found after analyzing more than 1000 lab results
Now, let's talk about how you can start reversing this phenomenon.

I have come to realize that there are 3 levels at which you can regrow hairs.
1. Physical or Gross Level : You can use Topicals, Oils, Herbs, Supplements, Foods, Massage to regrow or thicken hairs.
2. Mental/Psychological Level : You can use Subliminals, Positive Thinking, Mind-reprogramming, Placebo effect to regrow or thicken hairs.
3. Information Level : Morphic Fields, Frequencies, Consciousness Methods

3rd Pillar : Diet/Supplements/Herbs/Subliminals/Morphic Fields (The last pillar)

Diet changes and supplementation and Herbs (not DHT blockers) play important role but if you don't take care of First and Second Pillar, the good things done by the last pillar will probably be short lived. 

A lot of experts and researchers focus too much on the last pillar and they forget the most important pillars. 

I also made this mistake early on for first few years, I was getting improvement photos but after stopping the supplement or diet, they again used to experience thinning in next few months. 

In last several months, I am educating people more on identifying & resolving conflicts and improving overall microbiome so that they can use the knowledge to maintain the hairs for long time even if they happen not to follow a very strict diet for very long. 

Conflict can significantly affect Overall Microbiome negatively. Diet and Supplement can significantly affect Gut Microbes negatively or positively and Gut Microbes can also mitigate the damage by the conflict. 

Now this should be combined with Morphic Fields to boost the results. 

This is not to say Diet changes and Supplements are not important. However, if you take care of 1st Pillar and 2nd Pillar, your results would last much longer without much headache

In fact, I have provided several trends I find with people who have receding hairline and crown thinning and how you can become more self aware and identify similar trends in your life to know what is necessarily causing it and put a halt to it. 

I have also added several resources that I have used personally and you can use it to resolve/downgrade the conflict, change the view you perceive it by redefining it, being more observant, maintaining equanimity let go off it mentally and emotionally, change your priorities. 

I have spent several thousand dollars over the course of last 6 years on books, courses, lectures, practitioners to help myself to do all the stuff to deal with conflicts and still doing it on regular basis. 

I call it "R5 System"
What you are going to learn inside Hair Regrowth Blueprint

"R5 System"
Step 1
Root Cause (Remove, Reduce or Rule Out)
I have developed detailed Root Cause Questionnaire which will help you to back-trace possible root causes including identifying types of conflicts, Dietary Lifestyle & Environmental Triggers. 

Then I will look at your Lab Parameters (Blood Work), I will help you resolve Nutrient Deficiencies and balance other Lab Markers required to reverse Hair Loss.

We will also identify and discuss conflicts and how to resolve or downgrade them. 
Step 2
Reset Scalp
Once you identify the root causes, you have to put your scalp into optimum condition including getting rid of Dandruff, inflammation of scalp and excessive sebum production in order to stop hair loss and put it into optimum condition.

I will show you how to get rid of dandruff, itching and oily scalp with Internal & External Approaches
Step 3
Reactivate Dormant Hair Follicles
It is done by specific scalp massage techniques to activate dormant hair follicles and put them into optimum condition for Hair Regrowth. They will increase micro-circulation in your scalp while helping you break calcification, reverse fibrosis, resolve tight galea and restore the natural blood supply.

How to Perform Detumescence Therapy & Towel massage ? Video Demonstration

This is not the only way to reactivate Dormant Hair Follicles, I have included other ways to do that as well. 
One other way, I have used is Subliminals to regrow my hairline. You can even use Morphic Fields for the same purpose.

Check Detumescence Morphic Field
(You can listen to it with earphones/headphones or keep them on your scalp for better results. No conscious attention is required.)

Real Detumescence vs Detumescence Morphic Field
1. Active vs Passive
2. Sore fingers/hands vs no sore fingers/hands
3. Not enough pressure or pressing right points vs targeting right muscle groups, bones, connective tissues, veins
4. Difficult to maintain sustainability over time vs easy to maintain sustainability
5. Difficult to do it more than once or tiring or overwhelming vs can be used on repeat on scalp or in ears
6. Cant be done anywhere in public places vs can be done anywhere, nobody would know


Hair Regrowth Morphic Field

Silky Soft Hairs Morphic Field

Step 4
Regrow Hair
Using right foods at right time which will not only optimize your metabolism and reduce metabolic stress but also help you grow your hair which were miniaturized or were not growing earlier to fuller length and keep the existing hair. 
Definitive Guide to Supplementation

How to identify Deficiencies and how to use, dose specific supplements, their interactions, timing and duration ?

Along with this, I have included many Morphic Fields

I have also created and developed several morphic fields to address causes of hair loss, thicken and regrow hairs, some of them include
1. All Amino Acids Morphic Field : It contains information of 9 Essential Amino Acids plus rest ones along with Keratin, Collagen. It's good esp for those who can't or don't want to eat meat but still want to get Collagen type 1 & 3 and saves a lot of money too.

2. Calcification Reversal Morphic Field : It contains information of Vitamin A,D, K2, Magnesium and clearing vascular calcification. Vascular calcification is associated with MPB but apart from that it has benefit of remineralizing teeth, bones. In short term, it can cause some bone or teeth/bone pain.

3. Detumescence Morphic Field : It contains information to target frontal, parietal, occipital bones, Galea Apneurotica Muscle and veins providing blood supply to scalp. It will immediately relax your galea muscle within few minutes so you don't have to spend a lot of time on massaging or buying different massagers.

4. Normalize Skull Bones Field : It contains information to normalize frontal, parietal, temporal, occipital bones (esp helpful for those whose skull expansion has taken place and don't want to take finasteride or any other hormone to fix it) It's a slow process although just like bone growth.

5. Increase DHT Metabolism in Scalp : It contains information to metabolize excess DHT from scalp. A lot of people use topical Finasteride, take/make Sulforaphane or use certain bacterial species which metabolizes DHT from body. No need to spend a lot of money on that. Just use this field couple of times and you will see desired effect on scalp. Don't overuse it though.

6. Overbite Correction : There is recent research indicating Teeth Malocclusion causing or developing MPB, while there is not a lot of published research on this, if we have to assume it as one of the causative factors of MPB, the only solution they suggest is surgery. Now, you can use this field to slowly align your teeth and correct overbite. If not complete alignment, at least it can help you solve part of the problem.

7. Herbs, Seeds, Oils, Plants : Aloe Vera, Astaxanthin, Avocados,  Amla , Ashwagandha,  Brazil nuts, Chia seeds, Cordyceps, Curcumin, Dark chocolate, Emu Oil, Garlic, Ginger, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, Grape Seed Oil, He Shou Wu, Maca, Milk thistle, MSM,  Olive leaf extract, Spirulina, Panax Ginseng, Peppermint Oil, Phytoplankton, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Quercetin, Reishi Mushroom, Rhodiola,  Rosemary, Saw Palmetto, Seaweed, Turmeric, Walnut etc etc

8. All Vitamins : Vitamin A (Retinol), Vitamin B family (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12 and also for Inositol, PABA and MTHFR Gene Correction), Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin K2

9. All Minerals : Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Boron, Lithium, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Iodine, Manganese, Cobalt, Vanadium, Chromium, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Rhodium, Molybdenum, Bismuth, Selenium, Silica, Tin, Sulfur etc 

10. Hormones : T3 and T4 Hormone, DHEA, Testosterone, Progesterone, Estradiol, Parathyroid Hormone, Human Growth Hormone, Pregnenolone etc etc 

11. Enzymes/ Proteins : Catalase, Superoxide Dismutase, Methione Sulfoxide Reductase, Ceruloplasmin, All Digestive Enzymes including but not limited to Pepsin, Trypsin, Pancreatin, Sucrase, Maltase, Lactase, Lipase, Protease, Cellulase) and Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, Bile, HCL (Stomach Acid)

12. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) : Epidermal Growth Factor, Transforming Growth Factor Beta, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, Fibroblast Growth Factor, Platelet Derived Growth Factor, Insulin like Growth Factor, 

13. System Regeneration (Based on Russian Scientist's work of Organ Regeneration) Endocrine System Regeneration, Digestive System Regeneration, Urogenital System Regeneration, Lymphatic System Regeneration, Skin Regeneration, Dental Regeneration, Respiratory System Regeneration, Brain Regeneration, Bone Regeneration etc etc (check my instagram post to know some of the results achieved with this

14. Restore Hair Colour : It contains information of Catalase, SOD, MSR, PABA, B5, B6, B9, B12, Copper, Amla, He Shou Wu etc etc

15. Restore Immunity : It contains information to balance gut flora, overall healthy microbiome, Immunoglobulins, and to kill Candida, Fungus, Mold, Yeast, Parasites, Pathogenic Bacteria etc and also things like Kefir, Natto, Colostrum, Yoghurt & T-cells, B-cells and Natural Killer cells, monocytes, macrophages and neutrophils

Along with that, there are also fields like Detox Liver Pancreas Gallbladder Kidney, Minoxidil, Finasteride, Sulforaphane, etc etc

Test some of the Morphic Fields for free

Step 5
Retain Hair
While regrowth can be tough but the most important part is to retain the existing and regrown hair. I have created troubleshooting guide to help you dig deeper into root causes and fix your hair loss at any point of time in your life. 

How to identify and resolve triggers of Hair loss based using Troubleshooting Questionnaire anytime in the future ?
Bonus : Exclusive Access to Whatsapp/Telegram Group
I want to ensure your success , I want you to implement things, I want you to get constantly motivated throughout your journey and I want you to get results and the same reason, I have created whatsapp group of like minded individuals who share their stories : whether it's a success story or a failure story.
I get most of my testimonials from whatsapp/telegram group only

They ask questions, get answers from other members and from me personally.
Hair Regrowth is a long journey and I don't want you to quit in between,to ensure success of maximum people, I have created it.
It's not mandatory to join the group and but if you do, your chances of succeeding will go through the roof. 
Why this is different from any other system ?
Most products whether it's a book or medicine/oil/topical use Shotgun Approach. They tell you to follow only one approach. 
Just do this massage "Detumescence" and you will regrow Hair.
Just use this Topical. Onion Juice/Castor Oil and experience regrowth. 
Just use this Supplement. Iron (the worst supplement ever), Biotin, Saw Palmetto and experience results. 
Just use this laser helmet and have full head of hair (Complete Nonsense)

Instead using this Shotgun and Pie in the Sky approach I use detailed Questionnaire, Conflict/s identification and Lab Testing (Not conventional lab testing) approach to scientifically reverse Hair loss. 

I help people to balance their minerals/vitamins using Diet changes and Specific supplementation as per needs to reverse their Hair loss. 

1. I take into account other symptoms and not just focus only on Hair loss. Because Hair loss is just a symptom. It's very important to look at other symptoms too. 
2. I advocate natural ways of stopping hair loss and regrowing them without resorting to any steroids, drugs or cosmetic procedures or buying any expensive equipments or going through expensive procedures. 
3. It can be used by everyone, it doesn't burn a deep hole in your pocket because it attacks the problem head on
If you are in India

If you are in India, you can choose to pay for 3rd and 4th program with EMI (Equated monthly installments) on Instamojo like this. You need to have necessary Credit Card to do the same. 

Note : I am beta testing some new approaches right now which has nothing to do with any diet, lifestyle changes, topicals, scalp stimulation exercise, oils, supplements, laser helmet or anything you have ever tried.  

I shared one of the approaches I successfully tried back in 2018 which was Subliminals and Mind Re-programming. I have successfully tried ZMA approach back in 2017 followed by Root Cause Protocol Approach then (and still using) 

I am using different approaches now. I have already mentioned one of them being Identifying and Resolving the Conflict but there are many different approaches I am still experimenting with that you will never ever find in any common hair loss, reddit forums, youtube videos or facebook groups. 

It's related to Morphic Fields.

It is producing really good results for some people along with me. If you adopt it with Lifestyle & Diet changes, it will even produce faster results.

I am sharing it only with few people and preferably with those who buy Hair Regrowth Blueprint : Lab Interpretation, Analysis, Troubleshooting over Skype & PREMIUM. I might share it with others too who don't buy that package. 

 Although it might happen that it may or may not work for you so don't invest into it with the false hopes to get some miraculous results. It's still in the beta phase of development and you will be the part of the group and you will contribute your feedback to improve & perfect the approach.

It will not shared with you unless you do lab testing and correct your diet. No shortcuts and gimmicks.
Secure Payment through Instamojo
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Pay using Paypal

Note : I am beta testing some new approaches right now which has nothing to do with any diet, lifestyle changes, topicals, scalp stimulation exercise, oils, supplements, laser helmet or anything you have ever tried.

I shared one of the approaches I successfully tried back in 2018 which was Subliminals and Mind Re-programming. I have successfully tried ZMA approach back in 2017 followed by Root Cause Protocol Approach then (and still using)
I am using different approaches now. I have already mentioned one of them being Identifying and Resolving the Conflict but there are many different approaches I am still experimenting with that you will never ever find in any common hair loss, reddit forums, youtube videos or facebook groups.

It's related to Morphic Fields.

It is producing really good results for some people along with me. If you adopt it with Lifestyle & Diet changes, it will even produce faster results.
I am sharing it only with few people and preferably with those who buy Hair Regrowth Blueprint : Lab Interpretation, Analysis, Troubleshooting over Skype & PREMIUM. I might share it with others too who don't buy that package.

 Although it might happen that it may or may not work for you so don't invest into it with the false hopes to get some miraculous results. It's still in the beta phase of development and you will be the part of the group and you will contribute your feedback to improve & perfect the approach.

It will not shared with you unless you do lab testing and correct your diet. No shortcuts and gimmicks.

You try some of these tracks with earphones/headphones, listen to it 3-5 times and see how they affect you. 

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  • Everything that is included in Hair Regrowth Blueprint
  • Regimen of Successful Respondents 
    The people whose photos have been displayed on this page, what they did and didn't do. 
    Constantly updated to reflect regimen of almost everyone who is featured here
One Time Fee, No Hidden and Recurring Charges
  • Everything that is included in Hair Regrowth Blueprint : Root Cause Analysis
  • Skype/Whatsapp Call or Google Hangout which lasts anywhere from 90-180 minutes once
  • Morphic Field Bonuses
If you are Indian, you can pay it using EMI Option on your card, if you are International Customer, you can choose to pay it once ($500) or $97/month for next 6 months and then it stops. No other hidden payments.
  • Everything that is included in Hair Regrowth Blueprint : Root Cause Analysis
  • Skype/Whatsapp/Phone Call or Google Hangout which lasts anywhere from 90-180 minutes once every month for next 6 months (You can reschedule calls or use them later as per your need and availability) (if you pay the full amount or continue to pay monthly fees)
  • Morphic Field Bonuses

Morphic Field Bonuses (Those who purchase last 2 plans)

Optimize Detox : This will help you Detox Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas, Lungs, Lymphatic System, Blood Kidney, Brain & other organs systems and Remove all Toxins from the body through Mucus, Sweat, Urine, Stools, Saliva, Discharge etc etc from the body as per body’s requirements/demands
It’s programmed to correct genes P450, COMT, MTHFR to allow optimum detox and to neutralize & remove excess hormones, neurotransmitters, Heavy Metal Toxins, Medicinal Toxins, Mycotoxin, Fungal toxin, Bacterial Endotoxin and other additives from the body. This should help your body detoxify and feel effects of Diet, Supplements, Conflict Resolution and Morphic Fields Quickly. 

NZT-48 (inspired from movie "Limitless") : This will help you process large amounts of information in a shorter duration. It will help you grasp a subject knowledge much quicker and also helpful in identifying patterns everywhere in your life. It also gives you a heightened ability to look at issues from several different angles. It helps you form, synthesize ideas quickly. 

Digital Acupuncture : It helps your body to eliminate stagnation in meridians and help Life Energy flow as smoothly as possible. It will also give you feelings of relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Sexual Energy Transmutation and Porn Effect RemoverIt will help you transmute your sexual energy to remove sexual thoughts, desires, urges, use Sexual energy for healing your body, develop confidence, creativity and eliminate all ill effects porn created in your mind, psyche, personal or professional life, sexuality etc

Superhuman Mutant (inspired from Sapien Med Channel) : Over-expression of SIRT3 protein which increases Cellular Respiration and reduces ROS in mitochondria. Increase concentration of Pepck-cmus enzyme concentrated in muscle tissue thus allowing more power, endurance. Overexpression of AMBLOX and thus causing faster regeneration, wound healing and recovery. Sherpa EPAS1 gene variant which can allow body to produce more RBC at higher altitudes (or use oxygen more efficiently just like what Lance Armstrong did with EPO doping)
(Effects last for 12 hours)

Deep Sleep : Fall asleep quickly with body producing more Melatonin, also increases GABA and relaxing you. Help with reducing need for overall sleep and thus eliminating/reducing effect/s of sleep deficit, decalcifying Pineal Gland and thus help you wake up fully refresh and energetic. 

Full Body Workout & Muscle Recovery : Mimic workout in all main muscles including Chest, Back, Arms, Abdominals, Legs, Shoulders, Calves, Glutes, Biceps, Triceps, Forearms, Hamstrings, Quadriceps etc etc and also induce Muscle Recovery simultaneously. 

Nootropics : Packed with power of Taurine, GABA, L-Theanine, Caffeine , Nandina Extract, Guarana, Huperzine-A, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL), Milk Thistle, Choline, Pregnenolone, L-Tyrosine

How Hair Regrowth Blueprint Program will work out ?
1. Choose one of the Programs you think is appropriate for you
2. Purchase it using Credit/Debit Card, Paypal, Bank Transfer, Paytm/Google Pay/Phonepe etc etc
3. You will get access over Email
4. You will be given access to the Root Cause Questionnaire, Conflict Hair loss Questionnaire, Gut Microbiome Questionnaire.
5. You will go for the prescribed lab tests (Vitamin D, Thyroid Profile and Hemoglobin, Iron (Serum Iron, Ferritin, Transferin Saturation), Liver Enzymes etc etc and send me your lab reports for analysis 
6. I will ask you for your overall diet and based on that I will tell you to add specific foods/superfoods, replace or remove certain foods from your diet based on your Questionnaire and Lab Reports
7. We will discuss to identify conflict/s and see how you can downgrade or resolve the conflict/s. 
8. We will also discuss what other techniques and methods you need to add to the mix in order to see regrowth. 
9. You will then start following the plan of action, track the results, keep in touch with me and others in the group and monitor your progress. 

Guidelines to follow once you buy /before you buy one of these programs
1. If you are someone who constantly needs babysitting and constant follow-up, then don't buy any of these programs. Because of sheer volume of people taking advantage of these programs, it's virtually impossible for me to follow-up with everyone. You have to be in touch with me and you can reach out to me for further help. As much as I would like to speak with everyone, that's not possible. That's why I document and have documented whatever I know inside the Blueprint. Please understand my situation. 
2. You have to give me at least 24-48 hours to respond to your questions. If I don't, you have to follow-up with me in gentle and civil manner. I usually don't take that much time, I revert back within 12-18 hours but it might happen that I forget to answer some of the questions.
3. If you think just because you have paid for this program, you owe my time whenever you want, you are highly mistaken. I definitely want to help you but you can't call/message me anytime and expect response within minutes.
4. If you insult me, abuse me or call me out without having your facts right, I will immediately issue you the refund with no questions asked.I don't tolerate this kind of behavior.  
5. If you want to get in touch with some of the clients who have seen the results, message me on whatsapp, I will do the needful. I can't guarantee that specific person would communicate with you but I can help you get in touch with someone else who have been featured on this page. 
6. You will not be added to whatsapp/telegram group till the time you do the lab testing. This is to ensure that you are an Action-taker and actually want to commit to the process. 
7. Whatsapp/Telegram Group follows certain rules, you will be communicated about the same when you connect with me on whatsapp. 
I am neither a Medical Doctor nor a Healthcare Practitioner. I am not in any way affiliated with Medical Profession. I am a Researcher who is working hard to help people with Hair loss, Hair thinning to find HOPE

Here is what I can't and can do. 
1. I can suggest you lab tests which your doctor can order or you can get them done independently. 
2. I can't diagnose or treat you for any disease, illness. I might share with you a possible resource like a book, course, consultation with healthcare practitioner which will help you to move in right direction based on my experience, research and understanding. Read Disclaimer & Terms and Conditions carefully.
How much is it worth to you to stop your hair loss and grow head full of thick hair ?
What are your possible options ?

1. Hair Transplant
If you go for hair transplant, it will cost you minimum 50K to 500K ($4000 to $20000) Plus there is no guarantee. Hair Transplant Surgery is extremely painful. You have to choose right hair clinic. If you choose cheaper or if inexperienced doctor performs it, then chances of going it horribly wrong increase considerably. If you have lost most of your hairs, you will have to undergo transplant multiple times.

If you still have hairs but they are not growing and if you perform transplant on the area, you are actually damaging hairs in that area. 

Even transplanted hairs don't last forever. Your doctor might tell you that but it's not true in many cases. You will get big scar behind your back which is clearly visible.

Even after a transplant, you will be prescribed Minoxidil, Finasteride, DHT blockers and Vitamin Supplements. 

If you don't believe me on any of this, just google for "Hair Transplant Horror Stories" and you will get plenty of food for thought.

2. Hair Loss Clinics
If you want to go to those famous hair loss clinics where you have to pay at least 8,000 to 12,000 Rs ($200 to $500)for a year and then you are subsequently forced to buy their more and more expensive programs and if they don't work for you, you are still put on for their 2-3 year program and you are enticed to do hair transplant. If it still doesn't work, you are not even provided with refund.

3. OTC Drugs
If you go for Minoxidil, Finasteride, you have to shell out at least 500-1000 Rs ($10 to $50) bucks every single month. It can cause several other problems and complications mentioned above. Plus, there are no guarantees. Once you stop using it, newly grown hair would eventually fall. You have to use it for lifetime. 
However, it's not for everyone.
1. If you can't afford the food, lab tests, then this is not for you. Don't worry, they are not very expensive. Lab testing requires anywhere from 2K ($30) to 20K ($300). If you are in India, it will be more or less around 2-3K and if you are outside India, it would cost probably around $200 to $300 and some of the tests are covered under Insurance. 
2. If you are very busy or you pretend to be very busy and can't devote time to make conscious healthy choices when it comes to food and perform Detumescence/Towel Massage regularly, then let's part the ways for good.
3. If you don't want to make any changes in your Nutrition and just want to depend on Topicals/Oils/Supplements/Medications, then this is probably not right for you.
4. If you are looking for some magic pill or quick fixes, then the best idea is to probably stay away. 
5. If you want to buy and get all the information and then ask refund the very next day, then please don't buy this anyways. I will still issue a refund to you because I believe in "Law of Karma" but you will be the one to suffer consequences. 

Buy it for right reasons and with right expectations, otherwise don't buy at all. 
Other Programs/Oils/SuPPLEMENTS/tOPICALS
  • They will sell you on some shampoo, supplement, topical , massage techniques
  • They tell you what you want to hear

  • They may give you temporary results but they will not last long, constant maintenance is required and results might not even visible after few months

  • They use fake photos to lure you. They lift photos from Google, Hair Transplant websites or Instagram.
  • They give you wild and unrealistic promises

  • Doesn’t solve the problem from the Root
  • Probably won’t thicken/regrow hairs

  • Hassle to get refund. Multiple emails, messages, calls and sometimes you won't even get any refund.

  • They don’t give any Guarantees. In case, if they give guarantees, they don’t live up to it

  • I help you discover true cause of your hair loss based on your lab reports and dietary & lifestyle assessment
  • I tell you what you need to hear even if you don’t like me or probably don’t buy my program or even ask for a refund
  • You will see slow but steady results if followed properly. Improvement in health and other health conditions you have. Helps you catch future health problems early on. (It also might happen that I may not be able to help you)
  • I use photos I get from users without any editing even though they are not dramatic transformations
  • I will tell you where I can help and where I can’t. You know my limitations
  • Attacks problem from the Root
  • Thicken existing hairs, growth of stagnant hairs. In some cases, also regrows new hairs. 
  • Email me or message me or call me. I will process the refund within 3-5 days. In some cases, it might get delayed if I am traveling. 
  • I give specific guarantee, if you follow the steps I laid out for you and if you don’t see the results, I will give 100% money back. 

Me with Ryan Levesque in Las Vegas in November 2017

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q. for Hair Regrowth Blueprint)
My hair loss is genetic ? How this will help ? Even my Doctor told me that it's irreversible  

Look at my report above. According to the report, I don't have the genes responsible for balding, then how come I had the bald patch and hair loss in my early 20s and before that ?

So if you are smart, capable and powerful human being and if you can think for yourself, just know this. 
"The reality is no doctor cares about your hair and health more than you do. With that in mind, I’d encourage you to refer to some of the reference links I have provided at the bottom of this page."

Print your favorite paper from those several papers that talk about thyroid hair loss connection, stress hormones hair loss connection, calcification hair loss connection" and take them to your doctor.

In the end, the buck stops with you. You are the “CEO of your health.” You get to make the decisions and I encourage you to be as informed as possible. 

If you take some time to research about German New Medicine (BTW, I am not a certified German New Medicine Practitioner) and if you ignore Wikipedia page which says it's Pseudo Science and actually read and learn more about it and read success stories over the internet and if you have read Dr Hamer's books in German, English etc etc you will know he has extensively documented his research and verified it in multiple universities as well.  
Is it OK if I do lab test later ? Will I still get the results ? Why the lab test is necessary ? It seems expensive in my country 
It's OK to do Lab Test result later within 1-3 months if you have genuine reason
1. Lab Test in your Country/Region costs a lot more, more than $100 or $200 even for the basic tests
2. If the testing labs are located  very far from the place where you live (highly unlikely but still possible)
3. If lab testing is not possible, even the basic tests without Doctor or Medical Practitioner's Intervention (might happen in UK and some European Countries)
4. If you have a genuine reason
In case, if you can't or don't want to do all the tests, these basic tests are very important 
a. Hemoglobin
b. Serum Iron
c. Transferin Saturation
d. TSH
e. Vitamin D
f. Liver Enzymes

The lab tests are necessary because sometimes depending upon lab parameters, the advice can drastically change. Without it, there are certain common guidelines, you can always follow, but test results pinpoint exact problems. That's why it's essential for faster results in most cases. 

Would you still get results without lab test ? Possibly, I can't say. Most possibly, you will get some results, but with lab results and analysis, you will get much better results. 
Basically, the content is same in both. 

The difference is level of personalized feedback you will get in final one. As you know I help people based on lab work. HAIR REGROWTH BLUEPRINT : LAB INTERPRETATION, ANALYSIS, TROUBLESHOOTING OVER SKYPE is for those who want face-time, want me to review their diet, interpret lab results, and everything in between, this package includes a 90-180-minute one-on-one Skype with me.

This is how it works: you go through the content, answer the questionnaire, get my feedback on it, do lab testing, then we set up a time to video chat each other.

We can talk about your lab tests, how you can balance the minerals, techniques to activate dormant hair follicles, the things I am experimenting currently which are not in blueprint YET, etc. To get the most out of your time, I suggest arriving to our Skype with list of questions you have so we can have better utilize our time.  
So how natural/holistic Hair Regrowth Blueprint is ? 
It depends on your definition or preconceived notions about NATURAL/HOLISTIC. My definition of Holistic is using Diet modifications, balancing Mineral Imbalances using mostly food and high quality supplements in some cases but using natural ways to stop hair loss and regrow new hair and using techniques which don't involve buying any equipment or undergoing any surgery or injecting or ingesting something from outside. 

My approach doesn't involve using just topicals to deal with hair loss. I do talk about it but I think that's just 20% of the equation (Detumescence, Essential Oils) 

I focus more on identifying conflicts, helping you find resolution, other methods to activate dormant hair follicles and regrow hairs and thicken existing hairs. 

I don't recommend any drugs, medications or herbs to block DHT or any other Hormone to regrow hair. I don't recommend going for PRP, Hair Transplant etc etc unless that's what someone wants to go for. I tell others to focus on working from Inside out instead of Outside in to regrow hair. I do it based on detailed questionnaire I have developed and based on their lab results. 

I usually suggest foods, super-foods sources from high quality source and some supplements (Food Based or Non Food Based) based on your lab reports and requirement. However, I don't recommend Vitamin D, Iron, Calcium, Synthetic B-Vitamins, Ascorbic Acid supplements. I think they are very dangerous based on the research I have done
Is it a book or e-book ? I am confused
It's not a book or an e-book. It's a webpage which is updated with all the information you need including 5 Steps in Detail including Questionnaire, Interpretation of Questionnaire, Video Demonstration of Towel Massage and Detumescence, Conflict Resolution methods, Experimental Approaches to regrowth, Diet Ideas, Supplement Guide, Troubleshooting Guide, FAQ

There is no physical book will be shipped or you won't receive any PDF. I have made it online because I update blueprint every few months with updated research and effective methods working for people. It's completely free once you buy it. 

How to access content that you have bought ?
1. If you have bought through Indian Payment Getaway, you will get email from Instamojo giving you links to access the content in Yellow Highlighted Part. Wait for some time or check your SPAM folder for message.
Depending on the program you have selected you will get access links including links to register into Membership Portal and access the new version too.
2. If you have bought through International Payment Getaway using your Card or Paypal, you will get access through your email. You will have chance to download it. In downloaded document or text file named "Access Codes", you will get links to access the content including links to register into Membership Portal and access the new version too.

How would you determine root cause/s of my hair loss ?   
I have developed detailed Hair Loss Flow Chart , I have also created detailed questionnaire to narrow down possible causes, conflicts, lab work to identify mineral status in the body based on that I will determine possible triggers for your hair loss and hair thinning. I also take into account your Lab Reports. 

A lot of times combination of Questionnaire and Lab Testing reveals a lot of things. That information is used to create customized plan of action for you. I also discuss and try to nail down the conflicts so that we can track origins of hair loss and nip them in the bud. 

Which tests I have to do ? I have already checked my Haemoglobin, Thyroid, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, they are in range/not in range. 
Although testing for Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Thyroid and Haemoglobin is definitely helpful but that's just 20% of the equation. There are other important minerals and vitamins like Iron (Serum Iron, Ferritin, Transferin Saturation), Folate, Homocysteine, Liver Enzymes, Serum Copper, Serum Zinc, Ceruloplasmin you need to test. 

You have 2 options, test them and take it to your Doctors. 
1. Because most labs have very broad ranges as acceptable ones, most probably your doctor will tell you that "there is nothing wrong with you". 
2. If any of your values are lower or higher, your doctor will prescribe you supplements/medications. That's not what I do. I can't legally prescribe you medications because I am not a Doctor. I won't randomly tell you to take Vitamin D supplement because I know our body doesn't create deficiency of a sole mineral or vitamin, it's usually imbalance in Several Minerals/Vitamins. e.g. Vitamin D deficiency is not just Vitamin D insufficiency but also insufficiency of Vitamin A, Vitamin K2, Magnesium, Boron, possible Liver, Kidney issues. High doses of supplemental Vitamin D can cause serious mineral imbalances in body including increased serum calcium, depletion of Magnesium, Vitamin A and increases risk of Calcification. I understand this delicate balance, that's why my interpretation of lab testing is vastly different from your Doctor. 

Few years back, I was in the same situation. I also thought all my values are normal based on those broad ranges. When I started reading scientific literature, started booking consults with experts, learning from Researchers, Doctors and Scientists who knew what they were talking about and who had Research and thousands of real life case studies to prove it, I started learning how to really interpret the lab results. 

I am not in anyway discrediting medical doctors or doubting their credibility. I have immense respect for what they have done or what they are doing. However, my interpretation is different from conventional interpretation of lab results. 
I have lost my hairs on sides. I have receding Hairline. Can you help ? 
I have limited success with helping people with receding hairline. I have advanced my hairline by 7-10 mm. I have changed my forehead size too. I have helped some people to see visible changes in their receding hairline. Look at the photos. 

If you still have smaller hairs along the hairline, then you have very good chance of getting them back. There is specific type of conflict which causes you to recede or recede faster, if we can identify it, your receding can stop once its resolved. 

If you can't identify it, all the Dermarolling, Detumescence, Oils, topicals, diet, supplements won't do much or anything. Once you resolve it, you will recover some of the hairs if its very recent, if it's long standing one, special means need to be used to gain more of that. 

However, I have limited success helping people who have receding hairline for quite some time. 

I was/am using Minoxidil and/or Finasteride, should I stop it completely or should I continue to use it ? 
Topical solutions like Minoxidil and medications like Finasteride actually help in stopping hair loss and regrowing new hair (not with everyone) However, they create dependence. You have to use them for lifetime in order to maintain the hair. There are horrible side effects, but even if you don't face them, whatever hair you are going to get will last temporarily. It means that once you stop using Minoxidil and Finasteride, you will go back to square one in next few months.

For some people, they work for a while and then they stop working for no apparent reason. They continue to lose their hair at alarming rate which is called "Rogaine Shed"

If you are going for Hair Regrowth Blueprint, I would recommend stop using them completely but if you fear that you will suddenly lose lot more hair, then you can stop the usage over the time. Reduce the frequency slowly and steadily over the months before completely stopping them. 

I don't want to buy Hair Regrowth Blueprint. Just tell me the simple trick to reverse my hair loss
If you don’t want to buy Hair Regrowth Blueprint, I can totally understand. However, as a sane person, I wouldn’t focus on telling you one simple trick to stop hair loss and regrow new hair. In my honest opinion, there is no single trick I know of that works for everyone.
If you are looking for that magic bullet, then you can stop reading this page now and instead search on Google, Forums, Reddit and Youtube where you can possibly find what you are looking for. I don’t know if that will work for you. But if you want to do that, more power to you.
I neither have one simple trick nor I have cure for hair loss and I don’t claim to have it. So it’s totally your choice whether you want my help or not.
Does it work for Females ? 
Yes, it does. 
Whether it's Male or Female, there are many common underlying factors which causes Hair Loss in both of them. If you start correcting them using your diet & lifestyle interventions to balance your hormones and using scalp stimulation exercise to activate dormant hair follicles, you should be able to see the difference. 
What happens once I make payment ? How I am going to get access to the material ? 
Once you finish the transaction, you will redirected to the content page and/or you will get purchase confirmation email notification from Instamojo/Gumroad where access link is provided. In case if you have any difficulty to access the content, you can always email me [email protected]. If you have used Paypal or other mode of transfer, you will get email within 12-24 hours after you make payment. 

How the content will be delivered ?
This is completely online. It's not an e-book. It's private access page which you will be given access to once you complete the transaction. You will get access to the entire content on that page including all the 5 Steps laid out in detail including diet , exercise, supplementation, experimental approaches, conflict resolution methods etc etc. 

Can I use it alongside another treatment ? 
It really depends. If you are taking OTC drugs like Propecia/Finasteride along with Minoxidil (Rogaine) then I would recommend you stop using them as long as you are following this 5 Step Methodology I am going to share with you. I don't recommend anyone using these drugs.
My approach is holistic and completely natural. It doesn't have any side effects if you follow it properly. Whatever money you are going to spend will mostly go towards food or supplementation which will eventually benefit your body. It's not wasted in buying drugs/steroids/shampoos/solutions you might never need.
However, if you want to continue using Propecia (Finasteride) and Minoxidil (Rogaine), then please don't invest into Hair Regrowth Blueprint.
If you are planning to undergo another natural treatment along with someone else, then most probably this will work for you as long as you follow the suggestions laid out inside Hair Regrowth Blueprint. If you are still not sure, you can always email me [email protected] and ask me

But I eat very healthy food.... 
It depends on your definition of healthy. Based on the research data I have collected over last several months, what most people think healthy is not exactly healthy. Just because you are limiting outside food consumption, consume home made healthy meal and perform regular exercise doesn't mean you are eating healthy or living healthy. 

There is no specific definition of healthy. My definition of healthy diet is something you can easily get, locally grown, without chemicals or GMO, containing different varieties of grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, fruits, vegetables etc etc. 

There are 2 most important pillars you missed, i.e. Conflict and Gut Microbes. Eating healthy foods can only slow down their effects but wont stop it. 

Why not give away all the information free of cost ? 
Information wants to be free.” But if information is defined as that which most people don’t know or can’t know, then free information isn’t really information at all, is it? 

I get several emails, messages on a weekly basis where different people accuse me of scamming other individuals just because I have decided to charge for this. All such people want all the information free of cost and they resort to blaming, shaming, name calling me instead of asking me genuine questions.
First of all, I don't claim I have found a cure for baldness or hair loss. Based on my extensive research and experimentation, I have stopped my hair loss and started regrowing hair. I help others to achieve the same. I have documented all such methods inside the Hair Regrowth Blueprint.

Another important thing which I have found out is this "Those who actually pay for the information actually implement methods they have learned and tend to take faster action than those who get it for free"

Ask yourself this question. If you would have benefited from all the free information in the world about Hair Loss, you probably wouldn't be reading this page. Would you ?
I have organized all the relevant information in step by step manner so that you can get everything in one place.

When someone demands me for free help by abusing me, threatening me or playing emotional blackmail card, I answer the question like this
If I convince myself and my family to work for free and forgo eating...To spend 7-8 hours every day in Research and 2-3 hours to answer queries of those who have bought my book , then I would definitely consider giving my expert advice for free. 

I learned from one of my mentors that one of the greatest gifts you can give to the world is not only contribute to economy and but also truly transform the lives of customers.

And believe it or not, it's not actually in best interest of customer to give product for free. 

For most of people, the more we pay,the more we pay attention. Things we have worked hard for , we take it more seriously. 

When it comes to spending money, I know when I pay $2000 to my mentor or coach, I know I am going to take action on it and get much more ROI from that education. 

If you pay nothing, you will probably not take the advice seriously. 

When I wrote the book, I made a decision, I want to help few thousands people each year who are serious about making investment in themselves and make their life better. 

I would love to see you buy the book and transform your hair just like I did, (insert their name). It's amazing place to be. 

Why this is so expensive ?
I can’t answer that for you. I’ve spent more than $5000 to meet and learn from my mentors. Just look at my photos above. I regularly spend thousands of dollars to upgrade my knowledge. 
When you don't think you have money, instead of saying "It's so expensive" "I can't afford it" Ask yourself "How can I afford it ?

The quality of your life is determined by quality of questions you ask. 

You get what you want from the content you consume and implement.

Some people can get this material and do nothing with it. Others will implement one of the suggestions and get their hair back. 
It’s completely up to you. You have access to me through Email/Whatsapp/Phone. I have helped myself and several others to get their hair back. How many on the Internet can claim or showcase these kinds of results ? 

Do you give any discounts ? 
Sorry, no discounts. I give most of the valuable stuff free on email and blog. This is too valuable to discount. If you can't make this small investment for betterment of your hair and health, this is probably not right for you. 

Can I pay after I start seeing the results ? 
Sorry, it doesn't work like that. I want you to be equally invested in this. By making small investment in yourself, you are far more likely to succeed compared to if you don't make the investment. Because, if you do the investment, you are likely to follow the suggestions inside the blueprint.

You need to have SKIN IN THE GAME
If there is nothing at stake, if you have nothing to lose, chances are that you will do absolutely nothing. I am talking this based on experience of helping more than 100 people for free. I could be proven wrong but that's just minority. I have seen those who have invested are far more likely to succeed.

If money is the problem for you, read my journey, and other blog posts, you can still get the results following them. 

The more you pay, the more you pay attention and get results.
In case, if you don't see any results within 3-6 months, you can always ask for the refund. 

Can I get all this information free on the Internet ? 
Let's be honest. If you really invest a lot of time on the Internet, read books, research papers, buy courses and book consult with experts you will get most of the information. For remaining information, you either have to experiment yourself and with group of people. 

And if you develop Wisdom and Discernment (which is something nobody can teach you) so that you can identify which information is genuine and which is full of B.S. then certainly you won't need my or anyone's help. 

But there are few possible problems.
1. Do you really want to invest 1000+ hours on Internet going from blog to blog, forum to forum, video to video, book to book, scientific paper to scientific paper, course to course, expert to expert and find out what works and what doesn't ?
2. How would you know if something is genuine advice or someone's opinion ? Internet is filled with lots of bad advice from people with good intentions. Don't you think your Doctor would have read the research and told you this ?
3. Do you have time to self experiment with dozens of these methods ? What if they didn't work for you ?
That's why I invested a lot of my time & money in doing this research and self experimentation to see which works best for me and for those who take my help. 

Is this another "Hair Loss" "Hair Regrowth" scam floating on the Internet ? 
I am glad you asked this question. It means you are seriously exploring ways to help yourself with Hair Loss and Baldness. I know you are skeptical and you have to be skeptical when there are snake oil salesmen selling "CURES" for Hair Loss and Baldness.
There are few ways to spot scam from Genuine Products. Here are few guidelines.
1. They claim to regrow your hair back in just few weeks by eating some DHT blocking food or some supplement.
2. They also claim that "They have found a CURE which Pharmaceutical Companies don't want others to know" (In reality, they haven't found any cure for anything)
3. They always suggest that there is only ONE cause of Hair Loss/Baldness (supposedly DHT in most cases) This is not always the case. There are other Stress Hormones like Cortisol, Estrogen, Prolactin etc found to be elevated in Balding Men/Women.
4. They almost always use fake photos (photoshopped) and fake testimonials. You can do reverse image search on Google and find out that. Some who are very clever, lift photos from Instagram. 
5. You can't find them on Social Media/Internet.

In fact, you can find me on Facebook. I am providing you my real email id (connected to facebook) I am also providing you my mobile number. If I want to sell you counterfeit and scammy product, why would I do that ?
Another thing, I don't claim to have found cure for Baldness and Hair Loss. I have documented things which worked for me and others. I believe it will work for you.
I don't proclaim that you can regrow hair back in few weeks. It does happen. However, it's not a typical phenomenon. It takes at least 6 months to 2 years to see considerable new hair growth. I would rather be honest with you than giving you false promises. 

Do you have any questions ?
Call me/SMS me/Whatsapp me +918976835027 or email me at sukrutkhambete(@) or Add me on Facebook
Is there any guarantee ? 
Please understand that it’s not "do nothing and get your money back guarantee". If that’s your intention, don’t invest into this program.
However, if you are willing to do the work, here is how guarantee looks like

If you answer the Root Cause Questionnaire, Identify and work towards resolving the conflict, do the Lab Testing and make the appropriate changes suggested by me in your Diet and Lifestyle, keep in touch with me,  then you will start seeing thickening of existing hairs as many have experienced. You can click your photos right now and click your photos every 3 months with same length, combing style, camera, distance, lighting and compare. At the end of 6 months, if you don't see any improvement in photos, then just reach out to me and tell me what do you want : You still want my help or do you want refund. 

I will gladly refund all your money. If my approach doesn't work for you, I don't deserve to keep your money. 
Do you have any of your own medicines/shampoos/oils ?
I don't sell any shampoos/medicines or oils. However, I recommend few good oils/shampoos. I don't make any money out of recommending it to you. You can easily get those oils at your local store and shampoos through online and offline stores.
Will everyone using this will stop hair loss and start regrowing hair naturally ? 
I won't claim that everyone using this will stop hair loss and start regrowing hair naturally.
Depending on reason for your hair loss, your current level of your hair, your diet, your lifestyle, I can't guarantee that everyone will start regrowing hair naturally. 

However, what I CAN guarantee is that if you apply these techniques you will start treating your hair loss in right direction, you will know why you are having hair loss in the first place, you can definitely stop significant part of your hair loss and put your scalp in optimum condition for further hair regrowth. You can do it all naturally. 
Do hair regrow once they have fallen or miniaturized ? 
The hair follicles do not die, they go into hibernation. Not only do the hair follicles not die, they can be reactivated at any time. Your genes are highly reactive to your environment, and are constantly adapting for your survival.
Does that mean, everyone can regrow their hair ?
Theoretically speaking "YES", practically speaking "NO"
Not everyone can regrow their hair back. In some cases, people will completely stop hair loss and maintain current level of hair and in other cases, people will not only stop the hair loss/miniaturization but they will partially or fully recover already lost hair.
The time taken by each person will vary depending upon the root cause/s, his current level of hair, diet and lifestyle. 
Is Hair Regrowth Easy ?
No, not at all. If Hair Regrowth is so easy then everybody would have done it.
It's matter of patience, persistence, perseverance and follow through. The same reason, I have created Whatsapp group to get you into the right peer group, constant motivation from other members who are experiencing the results and chance to share your personal challenges and get answers from those who have gone through the process before you. 
How much money I have to spend each month ?
It depends on several factors like what you are eating, what you are not eating, what you require, where you live, your physical activity etc etc. 

However, rough estimate would be anywhere from 2000-10000 Rs ($50 to $200) This money will include mostly food and supplements as per requirement. 
I am vegetarian. How this will help ?
As a vegetarian, your food choices to get high quality protein are less. But if you are ready to embrace partial non-vegetarianism by eating Dairy, Eggs etc or if you can choose high quality and diverse vegetarian food sources to fulfill that requirement then that won't be an issue. 

I mentioned this because high quality non-veg sources have heme iron (more bio-available), zinc, high quality protein, fat soluble vitamins like A, D, K2 etc etc which are required for Hair as well as proper functioning of your body. 
What's the difference between your book and other hair loss books and products on Market ?

Good question. The short answer is several differences. 

a. I am the real person who suffered from Hair loss. I don’t hide behind fake names. I am totally accessible on facebook, whatsapp, email, phone. I do answer questions, emails, phone calls. It might take a little while to answer them if I am traveling or researching something. My responses might get delayed but I do answer most of the questions I get in group and personally.

b. I use real photos I get from users. I don’t use stock images. You can verify some/all testimonials by actually communicating with those people with their permission. In short, I am transparent or you can do reverse image search on Google. 

c. I constantly update my material based on my continual research, understanding and experimenting myself and with group of more than 500 individuals combined. I provide the updated link free to everyone who have bought the previous versions. I actually test these theories with myself and others. I don't just write research based articles/blog posts. The research means nothing if it doesn't work for regular folks. 

d. I invest highly in my education so that I can better serve the people I am working with. The people I am working with help me make better product. 

e. I base my recommendations on lab results, current diet, lifestyle rather than some random things you find on Internet, Youtube, Reddit, Forums. 
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