How I started reversing Male Pattern Baldness naturally ?

This post talks in depth about how I started reversing Male Pattern Baldness naturally.

Using the approach I am going to share with you in this blog post I didn’t only stop my hair loss/thinning, got rid of my dandruff, oiliness and itching but I also thickened my hair in front, started regrowing hair naturally in crown (after 9 years of hair thinning) and advanced my hairline by at least 7 to 10 mm over the period of 15 months (and I am still continuing with this)

I did all of it using just Pro-Thyroid Diet, Lifestyle Interventions and Scalp Stimulation Exercises. I am also going to show you my photos from time to time.

When I was 17-18 years old, I had joined swimming. I used to wear swimming cap then. I did swimming for over an year. On one fine day, one of the friends pointed out that I had developed bald patch on my crown area and soon everyone started telling me about it. I immediately stopped swimming.

But I didn’t do anything back then because I didn’t know what to do. Then in 2009, I took consultation of homeopathic doctor in our family, he was quite experienced doctor and he told me that one of his clients started getting hair in his late 60s. The client name was Hrishikesh Mukherjee so I was very optimistic about getting results. He told me to take the medication for an entire year. I took it only for 3 months and because I didn’t see any results. I stopped taking it.

(Hrishikesh Mukherjee)

I am not very fond of taking my photos. Back then, I didn’t prefer taking my photos and I didn’t allow anyone to take my photos so I have very few photos available to show you as a reference.

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My hair in 2006/07


My hair in May 2011

See my crown area, you can see bald patch there.


My hair in 2012

See crown area, May 2012. If you look closely, you will see partial bald patch at crown area.

After that I didn’t do anything to reverse my hair thinning. I didn’t experience any hair loss in all those years except in 2015.

In 2013, I started experiencing a lot of issues concerning my health.

Migraine like pain, late afternoon fatigue, not feeling energetic despite getting more and more sleep, skin rashes, food allergies, stomach upsets, frequent bowel movements, cold hands and feet and lot more.

I started adopting different types of diets and exploring different methods to help myself dealing with symptoms.  While researching forums for my symptoms, I came across few posts who had exactly same symptoms I had. According to those posts, these were symptoms of Candida/Fungal infection.

The popular advice,  I prominently followed was restricting carbs because that was the “ONLY” way to starve mold/fungus. For first couple of weeks after stopping carbs (fruits, juices, rice and almost everything) I felt great. I thought this is the key to get rid of symptoms.

After couple of weeks, symptoms started worsening instead of improving. I developed severe craving for carbs and no matter how much protein and fats I would eat, I didn’t feel satisfied. I started feeling irritable and started having mood swings. I started getting anxiety attacks. I started getting upset over  trivial things.

I started feeling more fatigued. I started having difficulty in sleeping. I started having more migraine like pains but I didn’t face any skin rashes so I thought I am getting better. I became even more stricter when it came to avoiding carbs.

I started having even lower energy, my hands and feet started becoming cold.

In July or August of 2015, I started experiencing uncontrollable itch on my scalp. I always used to have a moderate dandruff. No matter how many times, I washed my hair with different shampoos, nothing helped. For a day or two, my scalp used to feel good, I used to have no dandruff and itchiness and after that it would return with vengeance.

Shampoo used to strip off the natural oil in my hair and used to replace it with synthetic oils, so my hair used to become oily quickly.It was vicious cycle.

More shampoo–More oiliness–Even more shampooing—Even more oiliness

At the same time, I started getting clumps of hairs in my hands whenever I used to graze my hands through my hair. Earlier, it was gradual thinning, I never saw so many hairs in my hands when I used to graze my hand through my hair.

My hair become so brittle, they used to break very easily.

In August/September of 2015, while I was looking in mirror for combing my hair. I could see right through my frontal area. My crown area was visible. I didn’t like what I saw there.

Where the fuck did my hair go ?” I said to myself in the moment of shock.

I thought this is probably the end and I am not going to get those hairs back. To get over severe itch and hair loss/thinning, I started asking my friends about it. The popular advice was to shave your head. I didn’t quite like the idea of shaving the head so I went to barber and I got my zero cut (army cut) like this

For the time being, I felt relief from supposedly hair loss, dandruff and itching. I felt joyous but it was short lived.

One on fine day in October 2015, while I was sleeping, my father woke me up at 7 AM.

Sukrut, wake up , wake up. What happened to your hair ? Why don’t you something about it ? Have you thought of visiting a doctor ?

I woke up in the state of panic and asked my father about severity of hair thinning. He told me that my crown was in very bad condition. He told me that I need to do something about this.

My father had never warned me about my hair before but after he told me that day, it seriously got me worried. If he is telling it, there must be something horribly wrong.

At the same time, I used to visit a close friend of mine. He also started pointing out this to me every time and he started making fun of it. Whenever someone used to point at my hair or lack of it, I would start getting severe panic attacks. I started to avoid my friend/s but then I realized that it wasn’t the option.

I used to physically tremble just at the thought of someone asking me the question about my hair loss. Looking at my hair in mirror used to give me panic attacks.

I didn’t know any other options.I only knew about one option. Hair Transplant.

In December 2015, I visited my friends sister wedding, there I met my friends friend who was in his early 40s, completely bald, when he was young, he also explored different options to treat his hair thinning but he didn’t succeed.

So I discussed different options of hair transplants with him including when I should go for it and which clinic I should visit.

He told me to wait till the time I lose all of my hair. He also told me not to cut corners when choosing a hair loss clinic. Choose the best one.

But then I came across research on Hair Transplants, I decided to stay away from it

Should you really go for a hair transplant ?

This is what I did to reverse it.

Time Period/Changes Food Lifestyle Scalp (other methods)
January to March No Particular, starved myself of Carbs Shampoo, Bodyweight Exercise, Five Tibetan Rite Onion Juice, Nail Rubbing, Frequency
April to June No Particular, starved myself of Carbs, also started including carbs slowly Shampoo, Bodyweight Exercise, Five Tibetan Rite Oil, Shaving, Galea Relaxing, Nail Rubbing, Frequency
July to September Pro Thyroid Food No Shampoo, Five Tibetan Rite Detumescence Therapy, Towel Massage, Nail Rubbing, Frequency
October to December Pro Thyroid Food No Shampoo, No soaps, Five Tibetan Rites Detumescence Therapy, Towel Massage, Nail Rubbing, Hair Pulling, Frequency
January to March Pro Thyroid Food, Supplementation No Shampoo, No Soaps, Cycling, Five Tibetan Rites, Power Yoga, reduced Plastic usage (Tupperware) Infrared, Hypnosis, Detumescence, Towel Massage, Frequency, Emu + Castor Oil
April to June Pro Thyroid Food, ZMA supplementation No Shampoo, No Soaps Towel Massage
July to September Pro Thyroid Food, Magnesium from Concentrace Trace Minerals, Adrenal Cocktail, No Shampoos, No Soaps Towel Massage
October to December Pro Thyroid Food, Trace Minerals, Adrenal Cocktail, Cod Liver Oil, Diatomaceous Earth, Stabilized Rice Bran, Wheatgrass, Boron, Blood Donation, Curcumin No shampoos, No soaps, Borax as Shampoo Towel Massage
January to March Pro Thyroid Food, Magnesium Glycinate, Adrenal Cocktail, Beef Liver Capsules, Food based Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Bee Pollen, Boron, Unfortified Nutritional Yeast, Cacao, Hemp Protein No shampoos, No soaps, Borax as Shampoo Towel Massage



April to June Pro-Thyroid Food



Magnesium Glycinate, Pasture Raised Egg Yolks, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Bee Pollen, Boron, Unfortified Nutritional Yeast, Cacao, Organic Plant Protein, Cacao, Hemp Protein, Kelp

No Shampoo/Soaps



Only occasional use of Soap

Towel Massage

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How to perform Detumescence Therapy and Towel Massage

January to March 2016My photo in Mid January 2016

In January, I still believed my stomach problems are caused by Candida infection and I was still consuming lot less carbs. Apart from that, my diet was not particular. I avoided rice, avoided fruits and juices. I also avoided milk thinking it will aggravate my stomach condition.I used to shampoo quite regularly, every day or every alternate day. I also used to perform body-weight exercises and 5 Tibetan rites.I was doing nail rubbing (Balayam) every day at least once or sometimes twice.

In March, I started using Onion Juice. It helped me to reduce itchiness in my scalp but it was too much hassle to prepare juice. After few days of using it used to turn green. I didn’t face any smell problems but I certainly didn’t like idea of using Onion and then shampooing every day. Whenever I traveled, I had to carry the Onion Juice bottle and it created smell problems.So I got rid of it.At the end of March, while looking at mirror, I realized that I had regrown few new hairs in frontal area which were not there before.

Results : Very tiny regrowth in front. Itching reduced. Dandruff reduced a little. I used to wash hair daily so I didn’t see any oiliness.

April to June 2016

From April, I started increasing my carb intake, I started eating fruits and rice slowly. I continued with body-weight exercises, 5 Tibetan rites. I reduced shampooing frequency.I started using an oil (I don’t know the components, it looked red) which was supposed to grow new hair. After couple of weeks of using it, my close friend warned me that my crown patch had become even bigger. I told him to click the pics and show me and I realized that I had indeed lost more hair in my crown after using oil. I became alarmed and stopped using oil completely.

Note : I don’t know the effectiveness of this oil but whenever any treatment starts working, the first sign is little/moderate hair shedding at least for few weeks/couple of months. In very few cases, the hair shedding is heavy.Then I learned Galea relaxing exercises and I started doing it every day for 5 minutes along with nail rubbing. I shaved my head completely at the end of April because I thought I had lost lot of hair in my crown area and I was looking horrible.

Results : Itchiness reduced further. Dandruff reduced further. More regrowth in front and little regrowth in crown area.

July to September 2016

My photo in first week of September 2016, at my friend’s wedding.

From June I continued with nail rubbing. I also started Detumescence Therapy and Towel massage. After I started with Detumescence and Towel massage (especially towel massage) within couple of weeks, my crown area lost a lot of density. Almost everyone noticed it and asked me what happened to my crown hair. (see photo at bottom of this page)

Within few days, my dandruff, itchiness, oiliness problem went away never to return back. Since then I have shampooed probably twice in last 8-9 months. I started losing lot more hair and started seeing them on my towel. I continued with Five Tibetan Rites.I feared that I would not get those lost hair back but I was optimistic. Every single day, I performed Detumescence Therapy for 5-10 minutes and towel rub for 3 minutes throughout my scalp.

I started consuming Pro-Thyroid Food.More Fruits, More saturated fats, Milk, Chicken, Fish, Rice, Potato, Carrot Salad, organic eggs. I started eating 5-6 times in a day. I started measuring my temp and pulse test. My pulse was normal most of the times but my temperature at 3 was below range.If you want detailed advice on incorporating Pro-Thyroid Food in your diet, I have included that in Hair Regrowth Blueprint

I stopped eating beans, nuts. I also stopped gluten for a month and reintroduced it slowly. After stopping Gluten, some of my digestion issues went away and after reintroduction, they never re-occurred.I changed my diet to bring it up to the mark most of the times. After a while, instead of measuring temperature and pulse every day, I started relying more on my overall mood and energy. I started eating fruits or Chocolate Milk at night to reduce stress response in morning.My morning would typically start with fruits and I would perform light exercises after Breakfast instead of doing it on empty stomach.

Results : Dandruff, itchiness, oiliness completely gone, never returned back. Crown area density reduced. Frontal hair thickened a bit. The percentage increase in thickness was more compared to what it was before. I believe it’s the combined result of Diet, Towel massage and Detumescence Therapy.

October to December 2016

My photo in Mid December 2016

From September onward, my diet was more or less same. Other techniques were also same as I described in last 3 months. I added few new things to this regime. I started brushing my hair often. I also started hair pulling (from bottom and not from top) for a brief period (probably a month). I stopped using Soap completely (except washing my hands) I also started taking cold baths for a month. It didn’t quite work for me because I got cold.Whenever I used to pull my hair, 2-3 hair used to come in my hands (not much) but I continued it because my scalp felt better. I continued with Detumescence Therapy, Towel Therapy, Nail Rubbing. I started using Emu Oil + Castor Oil Mixture. I used it every 2-3 days.

Results : Hair thickened a lot in front, crown area started filling in very slowly but steadily. Dandruff, itchiness, oiliness was gone forever. My friends started asking me if I am on some treatment for my hair loss.

January to March 2017

My crown photo comparison

From January, I started supplementation with Vitamin D3, K2, Calcium, Magnesium to reverse Arterial Calcification and Fibrosis. I also started supplementing myself with Vitamin B12 to reverse grey hair. My diet was almost the same.I stopped nail rubbing. I use frequencies but not very regularly. I am quite occupied at the moment so when I don’t get time or when I am tired, I only do towel massage for 3 minutes.I started experimenting with Infrared Light Therapy. Exposing thinned areas to Red Light for 5-10 minutes every few 3-4 days. It gives me a hot tingling sensation after 5-10 minute long session.

I also started Power Yoga , Cycling and I continued with 5 Tibetan Rites. I stopped usage of plastic bags and switched to Tupperware.I have started using Hypnosis (recording affirmations in your own voice and listen to it overnight or when you are resting or working) I have continued using Emu Oil + Castor Oil Mixture. I use it every 5-6 days.

Results : My frontal hair has thickened a lot. Crown area has started filling up. Density in more than it looks in pic. My grey hair has started reversing slowly. New grey hairs are not coming in or coming in very rarely. Almost everyone who meets me after 3-6-9 months, ask me what I am doing with my hair.

April to June 2017

In April, I realized that although I have made a good progress with my frontal 1/3rd area but in my middle 1/3rd area and crown area, there was no significant effect. I realized that I need to do something different in order to achieve this effect.I had only 2 results to show for. I had received several messages like “When I started detumescence/towel massage I could see reduction in hair fall, dandruff, itching

But there was one problem.I realized that Detumescence or Towel massage were able to induce the new hair growth or thickening of existing hairs but there were not enough to sustain growth from that point onwards.

Only right nutrition is required to sustain the growth and thicken existing hairs. Topicals might help temporarily but they won’t thicken the hair. Unless topicals have certain nutrients they won’t thicken hair. Period.When I realized that, I started reading more and more research on Hair loss exploring Nutrient connection.I came across several research papers on Zinc connected with Hair loss. I also started searching for answers on Forums to see if anyone benefited with Zinc regarding their hair loss.I found several threads on the same. Meanwhile I was also researching other nutrients which could potentially reverse hair loss. One of the prominent minerals was Magnesium. As Male pattern baldness is result of Calcification and Fibrosis. There was a lot of research and anecdotal evidence suggesting Magnesium can potentially reverse Calcification.So I decided to supplement with Zinc and Magnesium.

There was a supplement called ZMA which helped a lot of people to take care of Zinc and Magnesium deficiency and there were several people on internet who were benefited with ZMA for athletic performance , sex drive and hair regrowth however, there was a lot of contrary evidence suggesting that it didn’t help many in regards to reversing hair loss.So I was kind of in dilemma whether to try it or not. But I decided to give it a try for next 3 months. As soon I started with ZMA (which contains Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6) within a week the hair at my middle 1/3rd started growing. In span of 1 month I saw good results. However, I had to stop it because I was having diarrhea like symptoms throughout the day and many of those who switched to ZMA based on my suggestions started having diarrhea like symptoms. While some didn’t face any of the symptoms.I started getting several people reporting that they started seeing improvement with their hair after they were on ZMA.However, I wasn’t sure about what was really responsible for hair regrowth.Was it Zinc, Magnesium or B6 ?

There was overwhelming evidence for Zinc so I thought it was because of Zinc. However, it was a big mistake because everyone who switched to only Zinc supplements, hardly any of them saw any positive results. However, some of them started reporting their hair started greying prematurely, So I stopped using it.

My photo in last week of April 2017 (front photo taken in harshest light possible)

Results : My frontal 1/3rd hair has thickened. Crown area has started filling up. Some of my friends confirmed that there was indeed an improvement in my hairs.

July 2017-September 2017

I started researching other strong links to reverse my hair thinning. I was bumping into dead ends all the time. I realized that I need to find a connecting link which explains the whole picture because resolving hair loss doesn’t seem like a separate problem, it seemed like it wasn’t isolated issue, it was a systemic problem. Isolated supplements may or may not help me.So I started reading a lot of books, research papers and watching youtube videos. I came across Morley Robbins video on Copper Dysregulation. I found it because I was researching copper in connection with my grey hair.

It didn’t make any sense initially after watching his video. so I started watching more and more of his videos.His advice seemed contrary to what other popular gurus were preaching .He talked about stopping Vitamin D, Iron, Calcium, Multivitamins supplement. Instead talked about adding more magnesium and food based supplements rather than synthetic supplements.It was first very difficult to believe his advice because whatever I had read in first 16-17 months, he mentioned to do 80% of the opposite. So I joined his group and started learning about his protocol.

Learn more about it here

But I saw several others in group benefiting from his protocol so I decided to dig deeper into the research behind it and started implementing the protocol.First of all, I ditched all synthetic supplements.I first bought Concentrace Trace Minerals and added things like Adrenal Cocktail, added Silica and other things in Protocol. I started seeing smaller changes in my hair.

Morley talked a lot about Iron—Copper, Magnesium—-Calcium Dance.Watch his video and you will understand

If you don’t want to spend an hour and want less technicality, watch this video

After learning Root Cause Protocol, I realized that my fatigue, IBS symptoms, hair loss, greying could be because of excess Iron. All I wanted to do was to get my blood tests done

My photo in July 2017


Results : I saw good changes in my other symptoms. Little improvement in my hair especially middle and crown 1/3rd.

October 2017 to December 2017

In September, I decided to check for my iron markers, vitamin D, liver enzymes, Ceruloplasmin, serum copper, serum zinc.Here are my values.I realized that my Iron markers are very high and I needed to reduce it. Check my reports below.

I went for blood donation. I also started taking Rice Bran, Wheatgrass. This helped me to successfully deal with many health issues I was still having. Changing my diet in September 2016 helped me a lot in many issues, however, there were other issues still there.

First improvement I had seen was reduction in fatigue. Earlier by quitting wheat and changing my diet, I had already seen the improvement in my fatigue and IBS but after a blood donation, I saw very good changes.I continued with Concentrace Trace Minerals till it lasted. Once they were over, I didn’t take any Magnesium supplement.

In November,I was supposed to fly to US for Business and Leisure Trip.When I flew to US, I was terrified because I thought I had to deal with IBS, Hair Loss and several other issues because Food System in US is seriously bad.

Genetically modified foods, Iron Fortified Foods etc etc.

Being an Indian and being health conscious, I never wanted to eat french fries, burgers, low fat milk etc etc. I chose not to eat bread, pasta there, stuck to fruits, seafood, rice, beans. I didn’t face any problems in US. Thank GOD.Even when I used to wash my hair with shampoo, I still didn’t face excessive hair loss.Here is me with my mentor Ryan Levesque

When I came back, I again went for blood donation and then I continued with Wheatgrass, Rice Bran. All values came into the range except D and I know why that could have happened. I stopped my Magnesium for 3 months. I don’t know why but I just stopped it.

Results : When I came back, I did see marginal improvement as confirmed by some of my friends.

January 2018 to March 2018

In January, I got my 23andme reports.Here are test results of my Genetic Testing

So by genetic standards, I am not supposed to lose hair by age 40 but I still lost it and I have started regaining it so you can say that it’s possible to activate or deactivate genes based on your diet and lifestyle.

I also started getting more magnesium, Vitamin A, I added Egg Yolks, Nutritional Yeast, Cacao Beans, Food based B, E Vitamins, Red Palm Oil. I started seeing major changes within few weeks.Earlier, although I had decent results in middle 1/3rd area, I was not able to part my hair sideways because they didn’t grow long beyond certain length but after this regimen, especially I believe course of B-Vitamins over 6-8 weeks, the hairs which were stagnant for last 8-10 years started growing back.

I don’t know it’s only because of B Vitamins or something else. I think they have played a major role. The key is getting most of them from food or food based supplement and not from Synthetic supplements. It’s not biotin. Biotin will help you to grow your hair faster but it won’t thicken or regrow the hair which are stagnant.The key to get all Vitamins and Minerals from high quality foods or superfoods.Pasture Raised Egg Yolks, Bee Pollen, Unfortified Nutritional Yeast, Stabilized Rice Bran (Brown Rice) for B-Vitamins

Here are my current photos from Mid March 2018

Results : Crown Area almost filled. I can part my hairs sideways without leaving any gaps, earlier, there used to be big gaps, now they are hardly there, unless I try to create it.Using oil still shows gap.So when it comes to reversing hair loss (stopping hair loss/thinning and regrowing new hair) it comes to implementing step by step approach.

April to June 2018

From May, I started regularly eating Pasture Raised Egg Yolks (at least 6 a day), I also started consuming more Pumpkin, Sunflower Seeds (10-20gms each)

I started consuming Organic Plant Protein, Hemp Protein, Kelp, Bee Pollen, Cacao Nibs, Unfortified Nutritional Yeast, Borax(to get Boron)

I started seeing further improvement in my hair. (You can see further improvement in crown area despite hair length being 4-5 cm less than previous photos)

In May, I again had chance to travel to Chicago, I didn’t face much problems with food.

Me with my Mentor Perry Marshall in Chicago

This was my journey, if you want to stop your hair loss, I have developed 5 step game plan to identify root causes, resolve them using diet & lifestyle changes, scalp stimulation exercises to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally.

July 2018 till present

I stopped all diet, supplements. I shared my reasons here in this blog post in detail

Do Hair Growth Subliminals really work ?

I also started studying subliminals, mind programming, German New Medicine, Subtle Energy, Morphic Fields, Consciousness and many similar areas because Diet, Supplements, Massage wasn’t producing more results for me. Here is my latest photo, I didn’t have full recovery yet but my volume in front, middle and crown has increased considerably. I am really sorry, I didn’t take such good pictures and pictures with partition in middle to show real improvement before but I will start taking it from now on

Get 21 Day Gameplan to Stop Hair loss & Regrow Hairs


  October 2017 First Week December 2017 Last Week June 2018
Serum Iron 144.5 ug/dL 100.5 84.3
Transferrin Saturation 51% 32.74 28.97
Haemoglobin 16.2 g/dL 16.6 16
Ferritin 219 ng/ml 39.4 39.1
Vitamin D 20 ng/ml 12.21 14.87
Vitamin B12 550 pg/ml 428 330
Homocysteine 22.2 umol/L 12.6 10.6
LDL 122 mg/dL 116  
Total Cholesterol 205 mg/dL 179  
Alkaline Phosphatase 85.1 U/l 85.1 84.4
Bilirubin 1.04 mg/dL 0.75 0.56
SGOT 29.4 U/l 29.7 26.9
SGPT 32 U/l 39 34.7
TSH 2.16 μIU/ml 2.55 2.02
Ceruloplasmin 0.2 g/L    
Serum Copper 113.5 ug/dL    
Serum Zinc 120.4 ug/dL  


Pro-Thyroid Diet
Diet popularized by Ray Peat which supports Thyroid but you shouldn’t eat fish, nuts, seeds, legumes, beans, grains. I tried for 6–8 months, I got good improvement in front. But it’s not sustainable. I now eat everything in moderation.

What you should do ?

a. Stop all types of diets like Keto Diet, Low Carb Diet, Low Fat Diet, Fruit Only Diet, Raw Food Diet or any kind of weight loss diet
b. If possible, stop all medications like Vitamin A (Acne Medication), Painkillers, Gout Medications, Beta Blockers, Female Hormones, Male Hormones, Steroids/Immunosuppressants with or without Doctor’s permission as you think is suitable. (I am not a Licensed Practitioner or Doctor)
c. Stop Foods you are sensitive to and/or switch to higher quality foods 
Stop eating prepackaged wheat flour, eat wheat flour from mill. (This suggestion alone can help you reversing hair loss)
d. Work on your mind first. Although you might think it’s not very important, I believe that it has major impact on your health and hair loss. There are certain methods I have used like EFT, Emotion Code, Journaling, Non-dominant hand writing, forgiveness etc et
e. Improve your digestion by killing gut infection and restoring Gut Bacteria. (No antibiotics please)

1. Stop smoking, drinking, drugs, weeds
2. Change cooking oil to ghee, cold pressed coconut or groundnut oil
3. No Whey Protein or Soy or any man made protein extracted from foods. Eat real food even if it’s expensive
4. No Vitamin D, A, Zinc, Copper, Iron and Multi-Vitamin supplement
5. Donate blood every 3–4 months. (Very very important)
6. Add more magnesium rich foods in your diet sunflower, pumpkin, watermelon seeds, cacao, Magnesium Oil (to spray not to eat), hemp seeds etc etc
7. No oats, corn flakes, soya, museli and canned or packaged foods/snacks
8. Add B Vitamin rich foods, Moringa, Bee Pollen, Unfortified Nutritional Yeast, Brown Rice, Pasture raised egg yolks etc etc
9. Add Vitamin A rich foods especially animal based like Egg Yolks, Fish
10. Add lots of different types of fruits in your diet
11. Dont try to block DHT, IL-6, Prostaglandin D2 and other inflammatory mediators.




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    About me
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    In 2016 starts with hair start falling very faster i shocked when i comb nearly 50 hairs falling in my comb i used many oil tablets but no positive change .
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  2. hello bro i to have same problem since 2 my age is 19 .give me ur suggestion from now onwards what should i do? weather have u used shampoo every day?have u did head bath everyday?have u oiled ur hair regularlly?
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    1. Hi Bhargav
      I don’t recommend any shampoo. I have stopped shampooing for almost an year. I have used mixture of Castor, Emu, Pumpkin seed, Peppermint Oil with very limited results.

      If you want help, I have created a detailed resource based on my research and experience, check it out here

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    Many thanks for this detailed mail.

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    I am currently a MBA student of IIMB and due to severe stress in the recent years, have lost a lot of my hair. I am looking forward to your tips to cure my bald crown and temples.

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    1. Hi Shoubhik,
      Thanks for writing back to me. I was an MBA aspirant few years back. I got calls from new IIMs in 2011. I have been to IIM-Bangalore twice.

      I can understand the kind of stress you are going through mental, dietary and all sorts of stress.
      If you want help, I have created a detailed resource based on my research and experience, check it out here

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  10. Interesting article. You’ve highlighted on quite important points. I have some questions though-
    1. Are you really suffering from male pattern baldness? Coz you don’t seem to have a receding hairline. You just have hair thinning in the crown area (Normally hairline recedes first)
    2. Did eliminating gluten from you diet really help you ?
    3. Is your dad bald?
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    Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Hi Dave
      1. I have never consulted a Doctor , however, he won’t be able to tell me anyways correctly. I want to get my Genetic Testing done. Once I do it, it will be far more clear.
      2. Yes, it helped many people I am helping especially with improved digestion, more energy, better sleep, less hair loss etc etc.
      3. My dad has almost full head of hair at the age of 63. My mother had thin hair (no bald spots). My maternal uncle and maternal grandfather are partially and completely bald at young age. In their 30s and 40s.
      4. I didn’t practice no fap. I certainly had a check on how often I ejaculate. If your diet and nutrition is correct. I don’t think, occasional fapping would cause any problems unless you operate at extreme levels. Check this blog post, I have written on the same (watch the video particularly)

      1. Really Appreciate your answer.
        My father’s side has been bald. I don’t think male pattern baldness is that dominant from the female side even though researches show so. I understand your struggle must be real. But I don’t think it’s the same as mine. I’ve never met a person or gone through an article online where a guy whose father is bald and the son isn’t. Thank you for shedding light on this topic. But seriously this is different. If you have come across articles or photos of people who without medication have solved this problem please share. I aim to solve this problem without medication because of its side effects. Anyways I don’t fuc*ing believe doctors these days so yeah the struggle is real. Any other recommendation on the diet part which brought massive difference is most welcome. Also are you a vegetarian or non- vegetarian ?

        1. My cousin brother whose father was bald at age of 40, his mother (my father’s sister) had thinning hairs, has so thick hair at age 40, you won’t believe that his father is bald. His grandfather is also bald. He has thickest and strongest hairs. He never had hair loss and his diet is not that great. He has all sorts of stress in his life. It has reflected in other health issues…but he has the most enviable hair at the age of 40.

          1. Agreed. But in my case my dad became bald at a really early age. Something like the 20s. Getting bald at a later age doesn’t carry those genes necessarily in the next generation. And if so I am surprised by how your brother has thick hair despite of a poor diet. I don’t even eat processed food that much. Avoiding ice creams, outside food, excessive sugars. Still not a major result. Only shedding has stopped. I wonder if hairline will come back. Trust me, Genes are a bitch. Your brother probably doesn’t have those genes.

  11. Thanks a lot brother…Really appreciate your work. I have been suffering from male pattern baldness from the past 5 years.(The M shaped pattern) on forehead. Any chance of re-growing the hairs back. Really stressed with this.

    1. Hi Mayur
      It also depends on how much hair you have lost. But it’s always possible to recover some or most of your hair.

      It’s totally possible to do it without using any medication, solely based on Diet, addressing Nutrient deficiencies and lifestyle interventions. Read this blog post and you will know.

      I have created a detailed resource based on my research and experience, check it out here (Find my contact details here to connect with me)

  12. Hello,
    IAM french and i lose my hair on the top itchy, oil on the scalp and itchy anus and all body
    Please what is the solution bro to regrowth my hair ?
    I know i have leaky gut and candida please help me bro.. thanx a lot.

  13. Sukrut! I actually got quite disturbed while reading your story and seeing your pictures. Instead of self treatment you could have visited a nearby dermatologist to treat your hairfall when you had just started seeing the development of bald patches at a young age. Actually myself also suffered from similar issues. I got to know from the dermatologist that there are certain types of scalps for which oiling doesn’t help. It only adds on to dandruff and consequently hairfall issues. He prescribed me an ointment named DIPSALIC to treat dandruff and subsequent itching. This ointment needs to be applied on a dry scalp. You can oil your hair afterwards but making sure that the oil doesn’t reach your scalp. Just superficial application of oil on hair. There is no harm in using shampoos and conditioners but it is to be made sure they are not used frequently. Shampooing twice a week may do. For regrowing hair especially on your crown portion, it’s better if you go for MINOXIDIL 5% topical solution. I am sure you will see thick hairs covering your entire scalp in about 4-6 months’ time. There are certain side effects of using MINOXIDIL 5%. Check on them before you continue the medication. It would always be best if you consult a dermatologist first before going for any medication. All the very best.

    1. I am already regrowing hairs on crown. I explored the route you suggested but then I quickly realized that the results are usually reversible within few months and also comes with side effects. That’s the reason I didn’t ever use Minoxidil and Finasteride.

      1. Sukrut! It’s true that the effects of MINOXIDIL are reversible (i.e., loss of regrown hairs after stopping the medication). But only in case you are suffering from male pattern baldness. From the hairfall story you mentioned and the pictures you posted, it’s difficult to judge whether you are suffering from male pattern baldness. You don’t seem to have a receding hairline. But there is significant loss in the crown portion. You may or may not be suffering from male pattern baldness since you mentioned that you experienced unbearable itch on your scalp.
        As per my knowledge on hair related issues, you may be a victim of seborrheic dermatitis. You can research on this area on your own if you desire. Hairfall due to this condition is only temporary. After the condition is treated, the lost hairs would grow back.
        Your self treatment process and results are extremely impressive. But I would like to suggest you to try MINOXIDIL for once and see the results for yourself. The side effects of this medication are witnessed only in a few percent of people who use it and not on everyone. Don’t go for FINASTERIDE as of yet unless prescribed by a trained dermatologist. If you are not suffering from male pattern baldness then the hair follicles regrown by MINOXIDIL will not fall out after you stop using the medication. You would then need to maintain your hair by means of the technique you are following at present. I am telling all this because I had consulted Dr. Dhananjay Chavan of Hair Transplant Centre, Pune. He told me all of this. If you still don’t believe me, you can watch his views on the YouTube channel HairMD India. Always remember there is no permanent treatment for male pattern baldness.

  14. People often curse that masterbation causes hair fall, I’m practicing around 11 years and frequently means 2 or 3 times a day most of the time , I’m going bald and hair fall is severe, can I reverse the situation ? And I can stop masterbation right now but I will be married sooner in within 2 years, then will I lose hairs completely or married life isn’t that dangerous as masterbation was for hairs . Please guide

  15. Hi.. u r very amazing… I read ur blog… Now my problem is.. am 20 yr old and am suffering from Hairfall at middle of head… my hairline is good but middle portion of my head is very low density by last 2 month hairloss…
    Its just suddenly… in August am Normal full of hairHead… But in last 2 month i suddenly shock by my hairloss.. on my top head i see my scalp because of low density…i don’t believe it.. am very scared plzz hepl me..
    Give me a suggest what can i do… For this??

  16. Sir , I am a 17 years old guy . I am experiencing a bit of symptoms of male pattern baldness. It has been just 1 month since am am observing my temples and hair line to move backward . Sir can i expect that i can get back to my original form.

  17. Hi I am sameproblem itching and dandruff scalp for the reason my hair losing day by day. I need to get out of this issue and need to get good hair on my head.

    My father is blad so is your suggestion will be effective for me ??

    Please suggest me

  18. Hey Nice work I really like how well researched you are I just wanted to know since you’re an indian and had candida infection I wanted to know what diet were you on ? What all indian foods were you having and which ones you weren’t having ? Also how long were you on a candida diet ?

    1. I dealt with Candida finally by reducing my Iron overload. After that I saw major improvement with my hair.

  19. Hi there,

    I just want to thank you for the blog post. It’s such an amazing read and great to see someone taken an extra step towards his own health and got to a point where you can help others.
    Great work indeed. I have had bald patches on my crown area. I changed diet and supplementing right nutrition helped me and got my hair to regrow back.
    The root cause needs to be investigated before doing anything in your case gut!
    I have cut down Gluten , sugar and dairy from 1 month and hair volume has almost doubled.
    Keep up the good work and also try to use Derma roller on crown area and then topically use vitamin E with other oils.

    1. Congratulations Rahul. It’s good to see that you have made a lot of progress with this. I cut down gluten, dairy. I don’t use or haven’t used Dermaroller and Vitamin E. I don’t believe much in external treatments for Hair loss.

  20. Thank you so much for this. More than anything, I was looking for stories that showed me that hiar can be regrown, no matter what the “experts” say. I truly believe our body is capable of self-healing, if it is given the right environment.

    May I ask if this can work for women too?

    Although my grandmother and mother both developed severe hair thinning as they grew older, to the point where the hair would get very scanty, curly, kinky and brittle, and there was very little hair and it wouldnt grow past the chin, my hair trouble is compunded by stress, chemicals, etc, so my hiar is already very damaged and hair fall has been nitense over the last few years

    Can this approach work for me?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Su, YES, I have helped few women too so I believe this would even work for Women. Since the time I wrote this blog post, I have changed a lot of things in my approach.
      Usually,women start losing more hair after Menopause, because they start accumulating more and more iron.

      I am pretty confident that this approach should and would work for many. However, I can’t guarantee it in every case. Personally I have seen a lot of improvement with me and people who work closely with me. Those who start correcting their nutritional imbalances, they see small to huge improvements.

      Here are some people who have seen the results, feel free to check it out

  21. Hi! Unfortunately i can’t afford buying your book, i swear! Would you please just enlighten me just a little bit on detemuscence ,how to do it?

      1. dear sir , when i was study in kota(age : 17 ), i found lots of hair fall from my head , bcz of thinning
        I notice that the hair comes with white thin bulb, after that i went to barber shop and shave my head there was lots of dandruff and when hair growth back , no hair loss that after 2 month my father notice that u had very thin hair but density was awesome, He told me that take biotin , but i had no idea of biotin. so i start exercises and eat milky products( especially curd)
        when i took admission in St. xavier’s college , Ahmedabad. I stay in PG, where the food quality was so bad , so i don’t like to eat.
        my hair fall rapidly when i go to bathroom to take a bath, i was so worried about that , why me why me . my hair become so thin my friends told me that u have no good hairs.
        i always sit on laptop whole day and night. i feel very hungry that time continous 1-2 years.
        In those years i shave my head 2-3 times, my friends told me that why u shave your head again and again , i was so upset.
        I never love my hair , i always look at other persons hair every time.
        when i was in sem 4 , i notice that my hair start falling from side part of head above the ear very rapidly and i almost lost my density. I started using derma roller and minoxidil but nothing work. minoxidil cause more dandruff on scalf . now im in sem 6 lots of hair gone, from sem 1 to sem 6 i shave my hair 4-5 times. i shave my head again. one thing i notice that i had cough from last year and still now. so i went to doctor , he told me that take an x-ray of your chest and blood test. but the blood report is normal. but x-ray report is different , there is Prominence broncho-vascular marking on both lungs , doctor give some D3 60,000 IU tablets for 2 months and Zinc , B2 and B12 tablets.
        my hair loss from side of head above the ear. now i notice that some scalp is visible from front head.
        i notice in mirror , there are very small gaps in my scalp.
        so I have a question it is possible fill that small gaps and regrowth hair on front and side of head by your nutrient blueprint and massage techniques. now i use derma roller and massage on scalp daily please suggest me , possible to growth hair on side and front of head , I now my story is so boring.
        Thank you

  22. hi brother.
    i’m chandrakanth..
    age :23

    b rother . Im suffered from some skin problem battom on face beard i take decision to consult a skin doctor. he applied two type of peels for reduce the skin desis and also gived (resoten 20) 4 se tt ing i went ..when i use the tablate lips darying and stomch upset and slowly my hairfalling & thinning hair. i can’t recognize. one day i’m cleaning my soon lotof hair i saw..i’m shocked and i started searching in internet .

    i’m search about resoten 200 side effectp. thinning hair lip dry etc ..daily my hair thinning . my father not bald ..

    so what to do brother.. i hope u reply me.

  23. Sir,
    I am suffering hair loss and condition same like your. plz Help i cant understand english proparly.
    Plz.. plz help
    I am 23 years old, hair fall start from past 10 years.

  24. Awesome regrowth !
    That was really interesting to read.
    You talked a lot about diet and nutriments but not that much about hormonal imbalence.
    I noticed that my hair started thinning (vertex balding only) when I growed more body hair (chest and shoulder hair). It seems to be a consequence of DHT. What do you think about that ? Is this normal ?


  25. helo brother
    my name is shubham
    age 25
    andropea alopecia
    I am experiencing hair fall from last 4 years I tried homeopathy allopathic what not but nothing is effecting hair regrowth. when I consult dermatologist he gave mee logihair capsule epiglow . I continued taking logihair but I can’t see any regrowth of hair none the less my hair thinning is lot now I lost around 70 hairs per day and I feel very low I really don’t no what to do brother
    u can change my life bro plz help

  26. Hello Sukrut.
    I read a bit about magnesium oil (which is magnesium chloride brine) and how it’s topical application “reversed” calcification of the scalp(the most important reason for baldness). I bought a magnesium oil and used it 6-8 times by now. But I feel like my hairloss is still continuing. I wanted to know of magnesium oil can worsen hairloss, or is it normal to experience some shedding initially with Magnesium oil. I have stopped using it for that reason. What do you have to tell about it? I am a 20 year old guy btw.

    1. Magnesium Oil is typically useful in reversing calcification in joints. If you get more magnesium through supplement, it can reverse some calcification. Mainly, excess Iron causes Calcification. Although, theoretically, Vitamin K2 also reverses arterial calcification, it is not particularly useful in reversing calcification of scalp.

      In MPB, there is not just Calcification but there is also fibrosis which needs to be reversed. Magnesium Oil can increase hair loss not because it’s bad, it’s just getting rid of hairs which are miniaturized or in telogen phase about to fall out anyways.

      In my experience working with others, only handful people saw increase in elongation of hairs. Many saw decrease in hair loss but no thickening.
      If you truly want to reverse your hair loss, check it out and see if it’s appropriate

      1. Thank you so much Sukrut!
        And I’m thinking of starting onion juice on scalp. But I fear using shampoo frequently. Can you tell me how else can I wash it off to get rid of the onion smell? Or is shampoo the only way? (Btw…will washing with Apple cider vinegar get rid of the onion smell?)

        1. If I would be at your place, I would probably not use Onion juice. About the smell, I am not the right person to comment because I haven’t used it long enough to tackle the smell issue.

          1. Why do you recommend against using the onion juice? Does it aggravate hairfall? Or what’s the reason?

      2. does this mean that we can continue with the topical magnesium? or will it not be of any help or will it make hair loss worse?

        1. Topical magnesium is good to get maximum Magnesium Absorption. However, you shouldn’t apply it on sore, bruised or injured areas. Apply it on skin first to test safety and then apply on other parts. I usually don’t recommend to apply it on hair. I haven’t seen anyone reversing Calcification by applying just magnesium oil on scalp. However, it can be successfully used to reverse calcification of joints.

  27. I just bought the skype session blue print. You are a total con, reporting your site to credit card company.
    You said you are going to send blue print and there are just 5 pictures with 10 lines of information in it . There is not even as much information in your website in that document that came with it and you charge people 150$ .
    GUYS dont believe this guy.

    1. Hi Shanthi
      I am really sorry you had this experience. There is a problem with Gumroad. Unless it’s PDF, it’s difficult to redirect people to actual link to the blueprint. In blueprint, I have deliberately kept it not very information intensive. It had a lot more information and research links 12 months ago but 90% people got confused. They didn’t know what to do. More information made them paralyzed. I had to explain what to do to every one. Only 10% people appreciated the information and could figure out what to do with that information and because I was in that 10%, I mistakenly thought that everyone wanted the same thing.

      I realized that I need to make it super simple for most people to understand, implement and follow through. I stripped all the information which was confusing them. Instead of including detailed questions, I have included in built detailed questionnaires to understand the lifestyle and dietary issues. If you read the Google Docs, you can also read all information about Diet, Supplement Guide, Troubleshooting, Root Cause Questionnaire, Lab Results Interpretation. Instead of making that page very big or huge, I tried to include Google Docs.

      I have also emailed you all the information you need to get in touch with me on Whatsapp and Skype including how to proceed forward. Once you are done with lab test, let’s schedule a Skype Call so that I can help you interpreting your lab results. I have also sent you link to access regimen of successful respondents. I will add some more in coming few weeks.

      Again, I am really sorry that you had to experience this. I am looking forward to help you see the results.

  28. Hi Sukruth,

    Good to hear your story. I’m facing the same issue on the crown area but no as much as you do. Can you please let us know if there is any improvement in your crown area post these ? Also, there are certain key points in which you have consumed and later rejected the diet. This seems to be a little confusing and contemplating.

    1. Yes, there is. I will post my photos. The only problem is camera quality. Earlier I used my laptop camera, if I use it again, you would see some more improvement, but if I use high quality camera, you should be able to get better idea. The problem is I didn’t use high quality camera earlier so it’s difficult to compare the photos.

  29. Amino acid food supplements are the organic hairline receding products that make your hair shiny and thicker. These supplements reactivate the hair follicles and reconnect them to the nutrient supply. It increases the blood circulation in the scalp that eventually receives the amino acids. The main constituent of the product is keratin that is quite essential for the hair growth. The hair gets the amino acids by the blood circulation that is needed for the growth of keratin. Thus, the hair gets thicker and stops the receding hairline.

    1. sukrutkhambete

      Please tell me what results you have personally experienced and if you have before and after photos, please share that too.

  30. How long were you on the Root Cause Protocol for and are you still doing it? How do you feel about it? I stumbled across it while looking for Lyme symptoms on google images and then found your site after learning about the Root Cause Protocol. The concept of Magnesium sounds very interesting, but not sure if I should try the Root Cause Protocol. Thanks for your time.

    1. I started slow with Magnesium, then blood donation. Then I started with full force. I added Rice Bran, Nutritional Yeast, Egg Yolks, Magnesium supplements, Beef Liver Capsules etc etc. I was on it for 6-8 months. I think it was instrumental in helping me getting good density back too. I am not sure about Lyme Disease.

      The key things are
      1. Mental/Emotional Well Being
      2. Blood Donation every 3 months
      3. Magnesium Supplements

  31. I am quite sure that this methodology ought to and would work for some. Notwithstanding, I can’t promise it for each situation. By and by I have seen a ton of progress with me and individuals who work intimately with me. The individuals who begin revising their wholesome awkward nature, they see little to colossal upgrades.

  32. I am a 30 year old female. I was diagnosed with alopecia a year ago. I am not completely bald but do have long grey hairs sprouting from my scalp as well as tiny fuzz. I wanted to any advance on what to do. I started taking zinc and iron. I also take a drink called Mineral Rich. Please let me know any other suggestions. Thank you

    1. Hi Christina
      It’s difficult to tell you what to do just based on limited information. Here is what I can suggest you to do

      and this post on diffuse hair loss

      Other thing is I will suggest you to stop is Iron and Zinc supplement. Read more about Morley Robbins Root Cause Protocol

      If you want personalized help, check this out and see if it’s appropriate for you

  33. Hello Sukrut. Can you please tell why one shouldn’t use whey protein? Many people noticed improvements in hair condition when adding additional protein.

    1. Whey Protein is not natural source of protein as in it’s derived from food. You are not eating food to get it. Other concern is how processing is done : Is it Cold Processed, Do they add any other chemicals etc etc ?

      There is also a study saying Whey Protein is not good for Thyroid. I have seen a lot of people taking Whey Protein for building muscles, usually experienced receding hairline although they have no History of baldness.

      Try to get protein from real food first, then rely on other alternatives like Whey Protein, Collagen Protein etc etc. I usually use these supplements as a last resort.

  34. Hallo,
    i have two questions: Do you still perform Detumescence Therapy and Towel massage? And do you use any topicals for your hair?

    1. sukrutkhambete

      I dont perform it now. I still do towel massage at the time of writing this. Topicals, not much, once in a while.

  35. Dear sir i had been practising your towel rub for 1 week now …..the problem is, i dont know if i have telugen effluvium or male pattern baldness ….
    I have diffuse thinning all over and sheds almost 50 hairs daily……
    But i do have receding hairline even though only my close friends can actualy point it out ….
    Ive had insanely thick and black hair until mid 2019 after which i came to point where u can see the colour of my scalp if you look close enough…..

    Also u look like u dont have receding hairline either…. Its just that yout hair has less dencity …. Is that part of androgenetic alopecia…

    1. sukrutkhambete

      Usually many people who use oats are coming from brands which are known to sell GMO oats and other GMO products so to be on safer side, I suggest to avoid oats.

  36. Interesting documentation and observations, they are helpful to get more data on the subject.

    But something to note regarding health advice:
    You should never recommend for anyone to stop “Immunosuppressants with or WITHOUT a doctor’s permission, as you think suitable”.
    The reason to take Immunosuppressants is almost always a hard-requirement to maintain a transplanted organ. Stopping the medication will likely lead to fast decline in health and organ function. Without medical supervision, you are likely to die from the transplanted organ being attacked by your immune system, if possible even rotting inside from the dead flesh, and causing much worse problems.

    You should avoid giving any advice regarding medications that are vital to someone’s sustainability and health.

    Stopping Beta Blockers can raise someone’s blood pressure to extremely high levels, or worse, those with heart conditions that take them to prevent stroke or heart attack.

    Yes absolutely discuss with a Doctor first. And never stop a medication without consulting.
    Beta Blockers and Immunosuppressants are prescribed because they are treating a serious or critical condition/organ transplant, and should never be stopped unless authorized by a doctor.

    Lastly, suddenly stopping a beta blocker without taper-off would likely lead to severely high heart rate and very elevated blood pressure levels which could lead to a fast onset of heart attack.

  37. You fapped to much and that is why you were loosing your hair and no diet would solve the problem only slows it down a bit. Quitting fapping is the best way to regrow hair if you are not to old of course.

  38. I don’t believe genetics are the sole, or major source of MPB.

    I’m gratefully reading your account and journey as my younger brother has got one hell of a half moon in not long a time, so I’m looking into the issue.

    My hairline started receeding about a decade ago, I thought this was inevitable based on having many balding men in my family, but I’ve accidentially completely reversed this. I am 35 and have thick hair on my head. I am still not sure what helped me reverse my hair loss (hence why I’m happily reading other’s accounts). At about the same time, I started becoming concerned with insulin resistence after listening to a few lectures by Ivor Cummings (he’s brilliant), but I also stopped smoking, and started following Juliet de Beracli-Levi’s general herb and plant based health advice (regularly eating raw organic veggies, and herbs for complaints – modern medicine is rubbish compared to this – I do not say this lightly), and supplementing vitamin D3 (I think you got diahhorea because of a terrible additive in many supplements called magnesium stearate – causes this in 70% of people and flushes out the vitamin – a conspiracy!). At the same time I reverded my hayfever using onion skin tea up my nose (it’s horrible) and bee pollen.

    Anyway, some things I’m confident about:

    1. Supplements can be benefitial, especially good quality vitamin D3 for many of us. So, so many of us are deficient, even in sunny countries.

    2. Eat some raw veggies and herbs regularily.

    3. Gluten intolerance is a spectrum and everyone is on it somewhere. Same for diabetes.

    4. Nasty bulking agents are added to many food and diet products that mean if you take enough dose to become non-deficient, you will have diahhorea and flush it away – a massive scam. Be aware of these. Magnesium stearate is the most common one.

    1. You made some good points. I haven’t come across Ivor Cummings and Juliet de Beracil-Levi. I haven’t heard or seen anyone regrowing hairline with Vitamin D supplements but I have seen people doing it with Subliminals, Massage, DHT blockers,Morphic Fields. Are you sure it was Vitamin D responsible for it or was it some herb which altered hormone levels.

      Did you take a look into Conflict angle which I have seen causing rapid hair thinning in people, more details here

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