What causes Crown Hair Loss and how to stop it ?

I get this question too quite a lot along with receding hairline question. I observed it for very long time and similarly found trends I repeatedly see with those who start having crown hair loss.

Just like in case of receding hairline, a lot of people are clueless about what to do when it comes to crown hair loss.

In my quest to identify what really causes or initiates or aggravates crown receding, I have found this talking, chatting or communicating with people on phone, email, whatsapp, skype. Again, it has nothing to do with whether your paternal or maternal side has hair loss or receding hairline or not.
Again it has to do with specific type of conflict.

Here is what I found

  1. If there is Physical Separation from the close ones
  2. If there is bad prognosis/unexpected illness/hospitalization etc etc of the close ones
  3. If there is death of close ones
  4. If you strongly want to separate from the closed ones

Complete Conflict Hair Loss Questionnaire

The close ones include your parents, your spouse, fiance, girlfriend/boyfriend/partner, close friend, colleague, relative, pet or anyone else you consider to be very close.

The faster you resolve this conflict, reduce the conflict activity by isolating yourself away from it, try to make peace with it, truly letting it go, the thinning would stop and recovery process will start.

If the older conflict gets reactivated again because of tracks or triggers or you couldn’t resolved it or let it go, the thinning would still take place, it will slow down if you manage to reduce conflict activity.

The more time you wait, the chances of recovery naturally would get slimmer and other interventions might be needed.

He started thinning on crown when he found his ex exhibited narcissistic nature and wanted to separate from her but it also could be due to unexpected separation from her. (Left : Before , Right : After some recovery)
He started thinning first time on crown after unexpected death of his grandfather.
He started thinning on crown after splitting from his ex-girlfriend. He also started having diffuse hair thinning but different type of conflict/s responsible for that. Thats for another day.

Complete Conflict Hair Loss Questionnaire

I have also seen “Separation from Hairs” conflict can further create vicious cycle causing even more thinning as you tend to look your hairs more often in mirror and get panicked, using comb again and again to see how much hairs you are losing. Some people start losing even more hairs as this creates even more panic.

One solution in such case is to cut your hairs short and not look into mirror often or count number of hairs you are losing.
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