Does Onion Juice Really work in stopping Hair loss and regrowing new hair ?

The answer is YES as well as NO
I know you probably won’t be expecting this answer.
If you watch youtube videos, read Quora, you will find numerous stories of people who had success with using Onion Juice to stop hair loss and regrow new hair.
But you don’t know what happened to them after they stopped using Onion juice.
While, there is no doubt that Onion/Garlic/ACV juice will help a lot of people temporarily but if you want long lasting results, that’s probably not the best way to go.

Let me share with you my hair loss story. When I was 19 years old, I started losing hair. At that time, it was very small patch at my crown area. Almost invisible. Someone had to look deeper in order to see it . Over the period, it started growing, I also started thinning my hair. After not providing attention to it for 9 long years, here is how it looked like (I know it looks horrible)

I have used Onion/Garlic juice for 7-8 weeks with varying degree of success. First of all, it helped me to get rid of Fungal infection on my scalp permanently. That’s what I believed at least initially. But now I believe that scalp itching has more to do with internal imbalances than something external.

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For first few weeks, it actually increased my hair loss and few of my close friends even commented that I was losing density in the crown area. I was very much worried.

Because some people purported that this Onion juice is going to be a panacea for all my hair loss issues. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case at least with me. I admit that I didn’t use it for long time to see the real difference

However, when I saw the density of crown reducing day by day, I started getting panic attacks. Whenever I used to look at mirror, I used to get those panic attacks. Whenever someone used to comment on my hair, I used to get panic attacks.

I had already lost a lot of hair in crown, if I had to lose even more, I wasn’t just ready for it. In fact, I dreaded looking into the mirror for a while. After few weeks, the hair loss subsided. After 7-8 weeks, just because it was too much of hassle preparing juice, store it and apply it. I decided not to use it.
But I want to show you something much more interesting.
Here is the video of a person who used Onion/Garlic/ACV juice to regrow lost hair in 9 months.
Hair loss recovery after 9 months

Interestingly, this gentleman decided to stop using the juice for 4 months to see if it has any impact on his newly grown hair and guess what ?

What happened after he stopped using Onion/Garlic/ACV juice ?

He lost all the hair he had regrown in those 9 months. Then he again started using it to regrow lost hair.

If you also search on Quora, you will see few people mentioning the same. When they stopped using Onion juice for couple of months/years, they started losing the density again.
What does that tell you ?

Anything you apply topically whether it’s Minoxidil, Onion juice or magic hair growth serum, the effects will not last long. Of course, it’s better to use Onion juice over Minoxidil if given the choice but it’s just treating the symptoms. I am not advocating that you shouldn’t be using it.

If you want a long lasting solution, it will come from diet changes, addressing nutrient deficiencies, lifestyle interventions.

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 If you really want to help yourself, you have to control metabolic stress from your diet and lifestyle interventions and not just applying more creams, lotions, serums on your scalp. That’s important to assist in faster regrowth but that’s just a band-aid solution.
As inappropriate choice of food and unhealthy lifestyle choices are the most important stress factors responsible for hair loss (and other conditions), unless you start correcting those factors, you won’t see sustainable results.
If you don’t believe, you can try all those remedies at least once while not taking care of food you eat and lifestyle you live. You will back to square one within few months or few years depending on metabolic stress in your body.
In my case, over the period of 8-9 months, I used various natural approaches including diet changes, scalp stimulation exercises and lifestyle interventions to stop my hair loss, got rid of dandruff and started regrowing my hair naturally.

Here is transformation

However, it’s not just because of onion. It’s a combination of everything I tried.

If your hair fall has different root cause/s like

1. Thyroid Imbalance

2. Lack of Vitamins/Minerals

3. Chronic Illness

4. Immune System Malfunction

5. Stress

6. Medications

7. Hair Products/Dyes

8. Hard/Contaminated water

Again, this is not exhaustive list by any chance.

(You have to identify what are the contributing factors for your hair loss and eliminate/reduce it in order to stop your hair loss) A lot many times, the metabolic stress comes from diet and lifestyle (and medications).

A lot many people think that whatever they are consuming is Healthy Diet. In my definition, healthy diet is the diet which reduces your metabolic stress and promotes optimum metabolism.

So Why Onion Juice works in the first place ?

Onion is rich in sulfur which promotes hair growth. Do you know something interesting Onion + Garlic works much better. Not just because of Sulphur but because of Vitamin B6.

So my suggestion to you is to get more Sulphur and Vitamin B6 from diet rather than applying it topically.

How to prepare Onion Juice ?

You can put it on your scalp for 30 minutes to 2 hours. If it’s irritating your scalp, you can wash your hair within 30 minutes with organic shampoo (SLS, SLES free shampoo)

To avoid onion flakes getting in your hair, use cloth to filter the juice and store it in a bottle. For best results combine Onion, Garlic and Apple Cider Vinegar. (Make sure Apple Cider Vinegar is Raw) Always use this brand. It’s expensive but it’s worth it.

Using it for a month, it completely stopped my dandruff and inflammation on scalp (but when I stopped it for a longer period, itching and dandruff returned) there was also reduction in my hair loss over 7-8 weeks.

Along with onion/garlic/ACV juice, I also successfully combined other methods to increase density of my frontal hair along with regrowing hair in my crown area. Have a look at some of my photos

If you want to learn how you can stop your hair loss and start regrowing hair naturally, I have created Hair Regrowth Blueprint, it’s 5 step system to stop hair loss, resolve scalp conditions and start regrowing hair naturally and the best part is you can do it with combination of diet changes, scalp stimulation exercises and lifestyle interventions.

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13 thoughts on “Does Onion Juice Really work in stopping Hair loss and regrowing new hair ?”

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  3. Hi, Great in-depth study. Am interested in knowing more but since the uploaded video & main information leading to the solution is abruptly stopped, it is an incomplete video & it spoils the good effort you are making in order to reach an audience (anti-climax). So are you still pursuing this? If yes, then how do we begin? Await reply. Thanks and cheers!

  4. kk!answer the questions? several dermologists said that to me onion juice it is fake! no regrowth .one doubt about it onion juice .real or fake can regrowth or not

  5. I am using minoxidil and it has stopped suiting my scalp due to an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients and the foam version of it which suits me costs a lot. I am thinking of trying the onion juice thing. I want to know if onion oil is more potent than the juice? I can get it if it is more effective. Thanks!

    1. sukrutkhambete

      Hi Nikita, Garlic is more potent than Onion in regrowing Hair especially due to high Vitamin B6 content. However, it may or may not work for everyone. It totally depends on your Mineral status to know specifically what will work for you. What I have seen working with many is getting rid of excess Iron, getting more magnesium, Vitamin Bs etc etc. If you want to know what will work for you, I need to look at your lab values.

      I help others to achieve hair regrowth by doing exactly the same thing. Check out how I do it here

  6. Stephan , the guy you featured and said all his hair fell out, that’s not true. He used onion on its own and that fell out, then he combined it with garlic and that worked. He then didn’t make a video for THREE YEARS and still had hair when he came back (just check his channel). During those three years he didn’t apply anything to his hair and still had it all. He said it’s slightly weaker but he’s not going bald.

    Go to Stephan channel and actually respect what he did not misinform. What I’d call this site is BS, you would rather use alternative facts to promote your bs.

    Ps: if you use my email for anything I won’t be happy and will report.

    1. Hi Dermot
      I looked at his channel and found out that what you are claiming is true. I didnt know that. In many cases, I have seen exactly the same I mentioned on blog. However, I don’t know what else he did. If I remember correctly, he mentioned taking Biotin or something along with OGV, Ketaconazole Shampoo. He didn’t talk much about his diet in last 3 years. If he has maintained them without anything else, it is very praiseworthy. I must congratulate Stefan for this.

      How can you call this site BS when you just recently pointed this out to me ? He also recently pointed it out on his channel. Have you used any of my suggestions to come to this conclusion ? It’s just rude and abusive to say things like this.

      P.S. I am not going to use your email, unless you have willingly subscribed to my blog. Please, don’t threaten me.

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