Does Masturbation cause Hair Loss ?

The answer is “YES” and “NO
I am going to shed some light on recent research and educate you so that you can take your own decision of whether you want to masturbate or not. If you want to masturbate, then how frequently you need to do it.
This is grey area and sort of taboo. No one really wants to discuss this openly. Everyone hates it if they were given just a blanket piece of advice, so I am not going to tell you what to do. I am going to educate you so that you can take that decision by yourself.
Let’s consider few very important things about those who Masturbate
1. Almost every person who is addicted to this habit uses Porn to stimulate himself and it becomes their automatic unconscious response.
However, it creates addictive cycle of Chronic masturbation. The person doesn’t use Porn & Masturbation just to get that Dopamine high but they also use it as a self medication.
a. Can’t deal with stress —- Masturbate
b. Can’t deal with negative emotions —- Masturbate
c. Bored —- Masturbate
There are certain side effects of over masturbation (with porn or without porn)
1. Premature Ejaculation
2. Weakness/Low Libido
3. Loneliness
4. Severe Social Anxiety
5. Shame/Guilt
However, self stimulation with porn or (without it) feels good for a while it changes our brain chemistry and alters our neural pathways where masturbation becomes a habit where the person overdoes it just to chase that feeling.
But in the process of overdoing it, you fatigue your adrenal glands out and your adrenal gland produces more cortisol which in turn suppresses normal thyroid function.
After you ejaculate, your dopamine tends to lower while prolactin level increases (which is a marker of sexual satiety)
Increased Serum prolactin levels is known to cause suppress thyroid.
Anything that suppresses normal thyroid function is likely to cause oxidative stress  in our body which can aggravate hair loss.
Then why everyone doesn’t lose hair ?
Oxidative stress manifests different in everyone differently. It is also influenced by Genetic factors.
Here are some effects of it.
So what should I do ? Should I stop masturbating ? What about Sex ?
I would not suggest you go to any extreme. You can still masturbate. You can still have sex. Moderation is the key.
What’s healthy masturbation ?
Doing it while fantasizing about real person. Don’t fantasize using graphic novels or Soft-core Porno books like 50 shades of Grey, don’t do it while watching bikini clad models or using soft porn or hardcore porn and other extremities.
Of course, I don’t need to teach you all this. Cut out sources which will increase your reliance on these arousal factors.
Watching Game of Thrones is also similar to watching porn.
The more you are exposed to it, the more you will get addicted.
Watch this video which sums up everything.
What’s the healthy frequency ?
I don’t know. It depends from person to person.
I read somewhere that go without masturbation for a time period till you have night fall, if you have nightfall after 7 days, then you should masturbate every 7 days.
Some people don’t experience nightfall despite abstaining from it for long time. What they should do ? They should try to find frequency where they actually feel good after they masturbate (on mental and physical level) and don’t get feel guilt, shame about doing it.
Sex is better than Masturbation (Don’t get any wild ideas)
I am not advocating that you should have sex over masturbation. If you are in a committed relationship or marriage, you may prefer actual sex rather than masturbation. (Again, it’s my personal opinion, feel free to disagree with me)
I am not going to impose my opinion on you. You have common sense and you better know what to do with your life and you know the consequences of it.
Remember, I am not talking about random hookups or paying someone to have sex. It’s similar to watching porn and it still perpetuates addiction cycle.
In conclusion, I want to say that, there is no clearly established link between Masturbation and Hair Los. I think there are still a lot of holes to fill in, and contradiction that need to be addressed. That’s not to say there aren’t benefits to abstaining from masturbation. There are definitely benefits. But unless you’re operating in the extreme frequencies, it’s probably only a slight factor for hair.
So now you know what you should believe what you shouldn’t. Being said that, if you want stop believing in all the myths , want scientific ways to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally, check out Hair Regrowth Blueprint

7 thoughts on “Does Masturbation cause Hair Loss ?”

    1. Hi Jean
      The reason I suggest quitting weed is because it’s just like any addiction. If you use it very occasionally without getting addicted then you can use it. Just don’t create dependency.

  1. I have been masturbating daily , sometimes twice a day since i was kid, as i turned 19 i started losing hair. Now i am 21 and have a receeding hairline although it still has small thin hairs, my crown hair density is also low and i am also observing diffused thinning. I was also an active athlete up till 19 and not much active after that.Also past 3 years were very stressful. If i quit masturbating, start eating fresh and healthy and start working out again ,will it grow my hair back?

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