Do Hair Growth Subliminals really work ? (with proof, before after photos)

In May 2018, after coming back from Chicago, I realized that I have hit a rough spot when it comes to regrowing my hairs. I had hit a plateau and I wasn’t seeing any or much results with more of diet changes I was suggesting others but I somehow was hopeful and continued for the next few months with very minute changes. 

Me with my mentor Perry Marshall in Rosetta Stone Seminar, May 2018

However, I used to get one question quite often.

If you stop your diet, would you lose your hairs ? 

Do I have to do it for lifetime ? How long do I have to maintain this ? 

Frankly, as much as I wanted to answer them, I didn’t have good answers to all these questions and these questions were haunting me and a lot of people would come up to me to ask these questions. 

I was oblivious to the answers so I thought “Chuck it with this diet and supplement thing, lets try or think of doing something new.”

But there was one problem. The problem was if I start losing progress what would I do ? What would I tell others ? Can I again get it back ? How long it will take to get it back ? Will I ever get it back ? What if I don’t ever get it back ?

I frankly never had answers to these questions as well but I knew one thing for sure. If I don’t try things, probably I am going to remain at same place as I am right now and its not a good idea to be in place like this for long time.

I had my periods of very rapid changes followed by periods of slow changes with periods of no changes

I knew if I had gained hairs back then I can figure out how to get it back again in case if I lost it again. I took calculated risk and decided to embark upon the new journey. 

There was one problem though, I didn’t know what to do if I stop everything. 

Because I didn’t want to use topicals or oils or minoxidil or finasteride or Laser helmet or PRP or any similar therapy. 

So there was a big question as to what I am going to start. However, I got answer to it very quickly. 

I had heard of and used SUBLIMINALS back in 2016 with not much belief and no consistency although I had seen a lot of positive comments below the video. 

I often wondered if those comments were fake and the channel owner hired someone on Fiverr to do the same along with a few negative comments. 

My logical mind always thought this is impossible. How come these subliminals or mind affirmations can regrow hair or stop hair loss.

I mean I can understand if someone uses it for re-programming their mind, change their behavior. But hair regrowth. No way

But because I was open minded and I still am. I decided to try it. I started with channel Mind Power (which doesn’t exist now, there has been a lot of discussion on their subliminals having negative or satanic affirmations) There is a lot of debate and petitions on internet about it. I am not going to discuss it here.

Frankly, I never experienced anything Satanic or Negative (on some days, I might have felt little downer but on most days, I didn’t feel that way at all) 

I started using their videos for receding hairline and thicker hairs because that channel had highest number of positive feedback in comments section. 

I was skeptical but I thought if this works out, great, if it doesn’t I definitely can figure out something else because I have figured out many things along the way. 

I started with listening to their videos for hairs and next day after towel massage my hair loss which ranged from 100-200 for almost 2 years, suddenly came down to less than 40-50, I was amazed because I had not seen something like this before but I thought maybe its just my mind thinking, it may not sustain for long.

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Check this video of Towel Massage

I continued to listen to subliminals and next day again it was less than 40-50. 

I thought lets do one thing. Let’s use it for a week and then come to a conclusion. Even after a week, I saw my hair loss was brought down to 40-50 only which was frankly amazing.

However, I noticed something special. I could see my hairline hairs which were not growing earlier and which grew only 2-3 mm started growing longer and longer and I didn’t know what to expect so I started observing both my hairline hairs and hair loss for next few weeks while I continued to listen to subliminals. 

After 3 weeks, I saw my hairline hairs, almost all of them had became longer and my hair loss was still less than 40-50 which i think was amazing. I had regrown close to 100 hairs total on both sides of my hairline to max length.  

After all, so called placebo stuff or so called mind stuff was working for me. So the comments were real. I was seeing real changes and I also saw my crown hair loss diameter had reduced by few mm

Check my pics.

See those hairs along hairline started growing longer which were stagnant for more than 2 years.
I changed my forehead size, hairline in matter of few days
This change happened just in few days. I did it without using Hormones, DHT blockers, Medications, Surgery, Scalp Exercises.

I used Subliminals from channel called “Luminalplay“.

Use this playlist for changing facial structure, skull shape, forehead size.

I don’t have any before after pics because I didn’t know if it will ever work and I didn’t bother to take good photos to track it for long because a lot of people approach me for help are keen to see what results others are getting and not necessarily my results all the time.

However, after 3 weeks, my hairline hairs didn’t show much improvement further but my crown continued to show some improvement but it slowed down after a month but I still continued to use subliminals for next month too. 

However, I could see my hair loss lowered down from 100-200 to 40-50 which was a huge change which I didn’t see with spending so much on supplements, foods, herbs etc etc. 

Even after not using it that often or using it occasionally, my hair loss is still less than 40-50 even after 2.5 years, so definitely it wasn’t a fluke. 

Then I started suggesting it to others and some people used only that to see changes and some used it along with diet/supplements to see the changes. 

Here are photos of some of them

Diet + Subliminals
Diet + Subliminals
Diet + Conflict Resolution + Subliminals
Diet + Subliminals
Diet + Subliminals
Diet + Subliminals
Diet + Subliminals + Massage

Check more photos here

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Here are some people who I found on Reddit who shared their results. 

Here is the link

This is photo taken from Reddit link above

Here is a video of a woman who regrew her hairline hairs with subliminals

When I started seeing results, then I started suggesting it to a lot of people, they also started seeing results with that, especially reduction in hair loss which was very common and some people saw thickening hairs as well. 

He used just subliminals and saw results in couple of weeks and sent me photos. He said he was using DHT blocker earlier with almost no results but when he introduced subliminals, he started seeing the results.

However, it didn’t work for everyone, there were still people who didn’t or couldn’t see results despite using them, for many, it showed results for few weeks and months and then results stopped showing which happens and quite common even with many DHT blockers, supplements, therapies and even minoxidil.

So Mindpower is not currently available. However, other channels like Hypnodaddy is available and you can use 

Here are the links

Here are some rules to follow when using Subliminal channel and how to use it correctly and for maximum benefits.

  1. Don’t use any channel that you find, some channels have developed good reputation. I know one Hypnodaddy. They share affirmations freely. They don’t add affirmations to manipulate you, control you or add some evil affirmations.

2. The best way to overcome this problem is to make your own subliminals and record in your own voice or automated software and play it at a speed which is incomprehensible to your conscious mind. 

3. Read Channels Rules. Some subliminals need headphones, some may not need headphones or earphones. Some subliminals need to be played at a certain volume for remaining there is no restriction on volume as long as it’s audible.

4. Drinking sufficient water before listening to it is essential in most cases. Otherwise, it can cause dehydration, headache, fatigue.

5. Some subliminals don’t work when downloaded or their efficacy reduces when you listen to them at lower resolution. In that case, it’s better to listen to them at higher/highest resolution or buy original from the creator.

6. Some subliminals that have worked for others may not work for you at all.

7. Subliminal effects may diminish over time but if you are seeing smaller improvements, continue with it.

8. If you listen to some subliminals more than certain no of times than recommended or just overdo it (there is no particular frequency for overdoing it, when you don’t see results you have seen previously or if they become slower, it’s probably time to reduce the frequency) Always listen to your body and monitor your progress. Listen to it till the time the result stops showing completely, take a break of 2-4 weeks and then again resume it to see if it is still working.

9. Some subliminals show results within a couple of days. Some show after a week. Some show results after a month. Be patient. Give at least a month to one subliminal without giving up. 

10. Just listening to hair loss, regrowth subliminals won’t regrow hairs. I have seen improvement with all different types of subliminals including Immune System, Regeneration, Scar Healing, Liver, Kidney, Pancreas Detox, Hormonal Balance, Teeth Repair etc etc

When can I listen to them ?

  1. You can listen to them anytime in a day or night. Some of them might cause drowsiness or fatigue, so I prefer to listen to some specific ones at night. You can also experiment with them and those which cause fatigue, drowsiness, listen to them at night. Create a Youtube Playlist or Playlist on your Phone. I use Youtube Premium so I can do other activities in the background while playing them and save my battery. 
  2. You can do other work or study or sleep as long as they don’t affect your activity. I don’t prefer to listen to certain subliminals while working or studying. 
  3. You don’t need to focus on them at all. They will work in background without your conscious attention
  4. If you listen to them at one stretch, then it will give you probably better results than if you spread it over the day. If possible, listen to it at one stretch (minimum 1 hour)
  5. You can use a loudspeaker (make sure it has Stereo Capability) Cell phones don’t have this capability in some cases.
  6. If you are interrupted, then you don’t need to start again from the beginning. But don’t let others disturb you all the time while you are listening to it. 
  7. You can listen to them literally at any time you want. Don’t do any activity which actively requires your brain and ear to function like driving a vehicle, walking or crossing the road, operating machinery etc etc

There is another way you can use Affirmations for much better results with consciousness tools, devices and methods. Currently, I am testing this method with myself and others so I am not revealing too much details here without any or much proof. I share it with people who are part of Hair Regrowth Blueprint, check it out here

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