Biological Conflict and Hair Loss : Uncovering The Most Underrated but Most Important Reason for Hair Loss

The most underrated, understudied or lesser known aspect of hair loss is Biological Conflict. This is not a normal conflict/s you have at home, workplace, relationships.

If I want to explain it simply in layman’s terms or in German New Medicine‘s terminology it’s “very serious, highly acute, dramatic and
isolating conflict shock that occurs simultaneously on the three levels: PSYCHE – BRAIN – ORGAN

Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer discovered 5 Biological Natural laws of German New Medicine. He specifically used it for explaining Cancers but it also explained many other chronic ailments too.

Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer
Ref :

I stumbled upon it a few years ago quite accidentally. I didn’t take it quite seriously back then. I always wondered how it can be so simple, how all chronic ailments and cancers are caused by acute conflict shock.

Something that wasn’t making any logical sense.

And as I wasn’t doing Cancer research, so there was no way for me to verify his findings for Cancer but I thought I can definitely check it for hair loss.

For longest time, I had seen my clients
a. who followed almost everything but didn’t see any results
b. the clients who had gained some progress, suddenly all their progress got wiped out within weeks
c. the clients who didn’t have any history of baldness in family, suddenly started losing hairs in their late 20s or 30s following certain incident/s in their life.

I couldn’t understand or explain why it was happening. I always thought Diet, Supplements, Scalp Exercises, Subliminals etc etc would help these people at least to some extent because I had helped people who had similar hair loss pattern like them.

But in those cases, I had no answers. Those cases didn’t make any sense to me. I was at loss understanding why it was happening. There was a very important piece of puzzle that I didn’t discover or know back then.

A puzzle piece, when put together could make sense of why some people lose hairs with no history of baldness, why receding, crown thinning or diffuse thinning is triggered or aggravated by some incidence/s in their life and then their hair loss stabilizes after a while on its own.

A lot of people would call it “Stress“. This is very important. A lot of people who call it “Stress” don’t understand what exactly do they mean by stress.

Is it work stress ? Is it physical stress ? Is it dietary stress ? Is it environmental stress ?

What constitutes as Stress and what wouldn’t constitute as Stress ? They never gave any concrete answers. Most of those answers sounded very vague as if they didn’t know what they were talking about.

Because a human being goes through such small stress based experiences almost every day. Does that mean all these events can cause hair loss ?

I didn’t see that happening. I only saw that happening after a specific types of incident/s. It’s also very specific to an individual too although there are some common themes.

Some common themes I discussed here

What causes Receding Hairline ?

What causes Crown Hair Loss ?

What’s the specific conflict according to Dr Hamer for Hair Loss or Alopecia

Alopecia is a Separation conflict referring to the part of the body that is no longer caressed or stroked.

Adapted from Original One here :

The Alopecia or hair loss will occur during the conflict active phase as the epidermis will start developing micro-ulcerations.

After conflict resolution, the hair loss stops, hairs start growing back along with scalp pain and itching as healing phase symptoms.

Note : These are my observations based on Dr Hamer’s work. Dr Hamer didn’t make any of these statements or didn’t come to these conclusions.

If you use any of these things like
a. Red Light
b. Strong DHT blockers
c. Corticosteroids
d. Minoxidil
e. Hot Spices/Herbs
f. Stimulating Drink

Then you are not allowing your body to have natural course of recovery and artificially pushing it again into Conflict Active Phase, it might give you recovery but as soon as you stop using it, you will lose all the progress. The more you use them and longer you use them, the more you are pushing your body into Sympathicotonia. The natural recovery may not happen at all or won’t happen fully.

If you want to have real recovery, your job is to accurately identify the conflict and work towards resolving it and then aid your body with several things which can include

a. Magnesium (other relaxing minerals)
b. Cooling Herbs/Plants
c. Relaxing drink
d. B vitamin rich foods
e. More Proteins
Sufficient rest and many other supportive techniques you can use to have faster & better recovery which I discuss inside Hair Regrowth Blueprint

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When I started testing these ideas with my clients, I frankly never knew if they would stand the test of the time, but because Dr Hamer had impeccable record in identifying cancer with 100% accuracy based on Brain CT scans, I was quite sure, this would somehow lead me to breakthrough and it did. I waited for long time to gather sufficient evidence and observe it.

First, let me share how it happened with me.

1st Incident : Death of my Mother in 2007

On November 13th 2007, just 2 days before my final exams, she succumbed to Death by Cancer at the age of 48.

In 2002, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer for the first time and then she underwent a Surgery, again diagnosed with Cancer in 2007 & Cancer spreading throughout her body and she died within 9 months of diagnosis.

That left deep scar on my mind, many of my health issues started and worsened within 1-2 years of her death.

I was devastated. How could this happen?

But looking back, the signs leading up to her cancer revealed a pattern:

Lifelong Acid Reflux and stomach pain, Fertility problems, Hyperthyroid, Hair thinning, Migraines, Depression, PMS symptoms, Bipolar disorder, Fatigue, Anxiety, Acne, Breast cancer and finally Ovarian cancer which spread throughout her body before taking her life.

My mother is a prime example of what can happen when this hidden epidemic goes on for years, all the while modern medicine is chasing the symptoms. She suffered through years of thyroid medication, Antacids, Painkillers and finally, Surgery.

That’s what happens when you ignore other symptoms and just focus on reversing Hair Loss.

The worst part?

The same thing almost killed me in 2013/14/15.
2nd Incident : Business Failure in 2013
After my graduation in 2009, I worked for an year and then in 2011, I took a leap of faith and started my own business. I was new to this Business World and I didn’t know the mechanics of making it work and later I realized that the Business I was in wasn’t supposed to be the right business for me anyway.

I was working my *** off to get it off the ground but nothing I did, helped me but put me deeper into Financial Debt. And slowly and relentlessly, I proved to myself that no matter how I attempted to do this, it wasn’t going to work. Every year in that business became a bigger ball and chain of failure mounting evidence of my ineffectiveness which became impossible to ignore.

It effectively rendered me penniless and it was a big blow to my self-esteem.

My friends were getting into Business schools, PhD programs, getting into relationships, getting into high paying jobs, getting engaged, getting married, having kids, enjoying different cuisines and roaming all around the country and countries outside India & here I was with no money, no friends to talk to, my health was in shambles and I didn’t know the way out this situation

3rd Incident : Breakup with Girlfriend in 2014

While I was recovering from Business Failure, something else was waiting for me. I left the Business in 2013,  the same time, I got into long distance relationship with my girlfriend at that time, it was co-dependent relationship. Both of us tried to make it work. I was in constant fear that she would eventually leave me.

Eventually, my worst fears came true and she left me in 2014.

That was a Double Whammy. My existing health issues even worsened then.

Meanwhile, I was in the process of building my own business, I stopped paying attention towards my health. I started eating outside regularly, skipping meals, sleeping late and less and that became even worse after my breakup & eventually it started taking a toll on my health.

In 2013, my health rapidly started declining, I would get dead tired by early afternoon almost every single day. I used to feel fatigued throughout the day. No matter, how many things I tried changing including diet, exercise, sleep, supplements and much more. Nothing worked well, it was all hit and miss.

I also started suffering through myriad of other health issues. I used to be in state of constant anxiety and also suffered from constant mood swings. My hands and feet used to be always cold. I tried various alternative treatments but nothing gave me long lasting results.

At the same time, I also started having constant skin breakouts and sometimes the itch caused by it would be so unbearable that I couldn’t sleep for many consecutive nights and then again cycle of low energy would follow.

I used to have constant sharp headaches after my lunch & dinner. It felt like my head was going to burst. No matter how many times I changed my diet, no matter how much I would rest, I would still be plagued by those excruciatingly painful headaches. Whenever I took rest, I felt more fatigued after the rest. It seemed like nothing was working. It became totally impossible to focus on work after lunch, dinner or heavy meal.

I also became forgetful. I couldn’t remember basic things including what I ate for breakfast, lunch or dinner the same day. It felt like my brain was covered with a fog. I even stopped having morning erections. I rarely had erections even upon sexual arousal.

And worst of all, I started having digestion issues. I used to suffer from bloating and food allergies even when I used to eat home-made healthy food (or that’s what I thought) It became difficult to even travel and meet someone without not thinking of secretly going to washroom to empty my bowels. There was always this icky feeling that felt like I hadn’t emptied my bowels. 

Whenever I used to eat certain types of foods, I used to get sharp headache and skin rashes. It would make my next few hours completely unbearable. Sometimes, I was forced to take rest in order to feel good for next few hours.

And along with that I started rapidly losing my hair. Actually a lot, followed by severe scalp itch. Whenever I used to comb my hair, I would get anywhere from 30-50 hairs in my hands along with a lot of flaky dandruff.

I had almost none of the symptoms despite having junk food, bad habits, irregular sleep patterns all these years except memory issues, brain fog after diagnosis of cancer for my mother in 2002. Suddenly all these these new symptoms developed or got aggravated after death of my mother, business failure, breakup.

I lost more hairs in 1-2 years than ever did in 8-10 years.

I am going to present some cases of people who had Alopecia Areata or patchy hair loss or diffuse hair loss or those who have typical male pattern baldness looking hair loss (receding hairline, crown thinning, high forehead)

It helped me explain why they started receding, why they started thinning on crown, why their skull expansion started, why they didn’t see progress during certain duration, what was happening during peak of their hair loss, many other things.

However, it didn’t explain progressive slow hair thinning which happens over 20 30 40 years.

I am going to present you few cases when they experienced conflict, what was nature of conflict, when they resolved it, how did they resolve it, suddenly they started seeing progress.

July 2019 to March 2021 (Recovery started from October-November 2020)

He got alopecia in July 2019 in the same place first and then got it in other places in coming months. then around October November 2020, it started to recover slowly and started shrinking and hair started growing in middle from last few weeks.

He thought it was Detumescence which caused this change to happen but I was skeptical. How come Detumescence started working after 1.5 years suddenly, why it didn’t work for so man years.

I suspected conflict angle, upon further enquiring the things started becoming more clearer. He told me that his father started constructing home but couldn’t finish it because of financial issues before 2000. He had saved some money all these years. He got long term opportunity but he couldn’t travel due to corona.

Then from August 2020, he started changing his mindset, finished his home construction in Oct-Nov 202 with his savings.

So upon long standing conflict resolution paved the way for hair loss recovery but before he started seeing alopeica in July 2019, he was under a lot of work pressure and couldn’t finish the work due to financial issues. From Nov 2018 to August 2020, he faced a lot of depression because of money but he eventually finished the construction of his home.

The other thing which he considers helped him is staying with parents from March 2020 after long time.

3 month changes

In case of this woman, it was toxic situation with her spouse which also created Thyroid issues for her along with frontal receding.When she talked with her spouse and worked towards resolving the issue. She started seeing regrowth along hairline with no diet, no supplements, no topicals, no oils, nothing, on its own. She was taking medications for Hyperthyroid for 3 years with no improvement, she stopped taking those medications to.Note : She has colored her hairs on left. Both photos are taken with hairs tied at back.

1 month changes

The person in pic, started thinning when he started Keto diet which made him think it was Keto diet caused the thinning.However, at the same time he was going through a bad break up with his ex-girlfriend.He has no history on father or mother’s side even his grandparents got great hairs.When he made those connection with conflict, worked towards resolving it, added B vitamin much foods, more protein to his diet. He started seeing recovery after 1 year of no results.These photos are taken little more than 1 month apart.

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He was following all things I told him to follow like brown eggs, unfortified nutritional yeast, bee pollen etc etc. He wasn’t able to see improvement. When I enquired about conflict angles, I realized that he was working in a job where the boss was controlling and used to abuse him.His thinning timing matched since he started working in a job, then I told him to work on that or change the job. He didn’t quite believe me, many months went by, he shared this new photo on right, upon enquiring, his diet was still same but he had left job long ago.

3-4 month changes

He was in relationship with a “Narcissistic” woman who was cheating on him, he caught her few years ago and then he was fighting for child custody for several years. He started losing hairs then, continued to lose it. None of the things worked, minox, fin worked but only slightly, nothing much.When he gotten out of bad divorce and fierce custody battle, got hold of the kids, then he made diet changes and started recovering hairs in middle bald area.

2-3 month changes

He was losing 100-200 hairs daily for 2-3 years, he had used Imported Shampoos, Biotin supplements, Finasteride, Minoxidil, none of them showed any regrowth let alone stop the hair loss. It was same for 3 years.I talked with him last September (2019) when I realized he had some conflict with his ex, he wasn’t able to get over it, when I made him aware of it, he worked on resolving it and stopped communicating with his ex, his hair loss is now less than 50 for an year now without using any of these and most of the time without any supplements.He saw some small improvement in 2 months time. He hasn’t recovered all the hairs yet but his hair loss is permanently reduced below 50 which didn’t happen with all the therapies for last 3 years.

3 month changes

He was following many things I told him from first quarter of this year but he had issues with his wife and parents in law because how they treated him, he was not able to see any progress despite following all the things I told him.A couple of months ago, he sent me photos, when I was discussing with him recently, he told me that his progress coincided with resolution of conflict with his wife and in laws.

Conflict can stop you from making any progress or slow it down considerably or wipe out most of it once you stop using things like Minoxidil, Finasteride, PRP or other therapies but you didn’t address the conflict/s.

While everyone is talking about DHT blockers, Finasteride, Minoxidil, PRP, Stem Cell Hair Transplants. I am going to talk about lesser known and not so popular aspect.

If you are looking for personalized help, want me to help you identify some of the conflict/s , check out Hair Regrowth Blueprint

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  1. Hi Sukrut, could you please explain what your mother could of done differently maybe to stop the compounding issues?
    I’m now speaking to my son after 12 years of separation, I think he wants me to talk with his mother which I’m really struggling with, just the thought of seeing her my me feel unwell, I don’t think I really have any grudges, I just don’t want to be exposed to her in any way shape or form what should I do man? Regards Aaron

    1. sukrutkhambete

      I am not the right person to give you advice, as I am not in your shoes, I don’t know you personally or have met you or have faced what you have faced or facing. It’s easy to give advice from spectator’s POV, I would avoid giving that. Instead, I would ask you how it’s connected to your hair loss. Did you see a lot of hair thinning following separation from your son. Please elaborate your case based on theme of this blog post.

  2. Yes I saw lots of small hairs on my pillow then a few years later after, the m shape receding hair line started. You didn’t answer my question regarding your mother & what she could of done differently?

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