Hair Regrowth Morphic Field

This Energetically Programmed Audio contains Information to
1. Remove all Fungus infections including Lichen Planopilaris, Lichen Simplex & Demodex Mites

2. Heal Fibrosis, Calcification, Scarring by inducing Epidermal Growth Factor, Fibroblast Growth Factors, IGF-1, Platelet Growth Factor, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor

3. Brain Balancing, Left & Right Hemisphere Co-ordination

4. Heal, Regenerate damaged Sebaceous Glands, Sweat Glands, Subcutaneous Connecting Tissue, Dermis, Epidermis, Dermal Papillae Cells

5. Heal Parathyroid, Thyroid, Pituitary, Thymus Gland

6. Metabolize excess DHT

Listen with or without headphones or use headphones and keep them on scalp. Drink more water if required, use as many times as you like, you can play it on loop too.

Hair Regrowth Morphic Field Pink Noise

Listen to this track at least 2-3 times a day and while you listen to it, you can concentrate on your scalp hairs with help of photo or your imagination or just listen to it passively at comfortable volume while doing other stuff. You can listen to loop actively while looking at scalp pic, photo or imaging your scalp or just listen to it passively any number of times.

This is the feedback I have received from people so far
1. I have been listening the video and concentrating as you suggested. Lately I just have been asking the universe to not let ne lose hair while washing ( i used to lose hair when I oiled hair – if I don’t oil hair i become rough and difficult to comb- hence lose more hair). I lost like 5-10 hair today in wash compared to 40-45. Still have to comb though ( i hope I don’t lose hair then). 4-5 long hair loss (during combing) Still better than 20-30.
2. I’m watching numbers ! 4-5 days a week.  Try to watch atleast 2 times a day. They r growing as they were small before. When i am touching my hair it feels i have density in my hair but when looking in mirror i still can see gaps.
3. Crown baldness has reduced. I went to the barber today. He mentioned.
Listening to them on loop. While traveling. At least thrice.
I’m actually stress free after ages.

4. Areas which went bald has no hair yet but areas which have hair now is lot thicker

I was like is this for real or just my feeling.

While combing also no much hair falling out
If I wear helmet also after that my hair will be in good shape now and no much thinning is visible

I feel very confident about my hair now.

5. I can feel more thickness at crown area and less dandruff overall
 FYI, I am just listening only 2 times. Morning  and before sleeping.

6. Few observation Sukrut..
*Getting a good sleep.. Deep one that I am fresh in morning.
*Felt hair is getting thicker, for me th fluctuation is between thin to thick hair and cycle continue. This seems to be odd phase as it hasn’t reduced to thin but continuing to be thick
* immediately after hearing I feel heavy eyes, head sometimes chest too for brief while

7. I have been listening this passively ( while driving) in continuation for last 3 days.
no. of time- 4
It’s really hard to observe any tangible immediate change but yes merely by touching my hair I feel they are voluminous than before.

8. I have had rough few days and got back to smoking and still the hair loss is less. From 100 to 150 it must be down to 20-30.

9. Earlier it (hair loss) was 50-70 then it got reduced to 10-20.
and today when i combed again 50-70 hairs fell out but i feel density earlier was less and now its much better. I also feel I combed after 4-5 days then these many number of hairs fell out..
Earlier hairs fell out even after touching now they are not.

If you want to experience more of such morphic fields, check out Hair Regrowth Blueprint and share your results, feedback in Whatsapp or Telegram community.

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