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Stop Hair Loss & Regrow Hairs Naturally

Ultimate Guide to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Hairs Naturally

5 Step Plan to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Hair Naturally

Step 1 : Root Cause (Remove, Reduce or Rule Out)

There are 3 pillars when it comes to reversing hair loss
1. Conflict
2. Overall Microbiome
3. Diet, Supplements, Herbs and Other Techniques


Conflict Hair Loss
Although you might think Hair loss is due to genetics, lack of nutrients, hard water, lack of external nourishment etc etc. However, Conflict can play a major role in initiating and aggravating hair loss.
Take a look at some of these photos. The concept of Biological Conflict comes from German Physician Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer. Check his Bio here

I mentioned this is the most important pillar to Stop onset and aggravation of Hair Loss. 

Based on his discovery, Hair Loss is a Separation Conflict, which allowed me to connect many dots which I was not able to connect earlier. My work is still not complete yet. Based on observations done for more than an year, I made connections for receding hairline and crown hair loss. 

Read more about 5 Biological Laws he discovered. 

Dr Hamer never recommended any therapy as such except making conscious connections to biological conflict/s and understanding the biological meaning behind it and seeing if biological resolution is possible. That may not be possible under 100% circumstances. 

I consciously made connections to separation conflicts. If you read my story here

You will know that I have experienced loss of my mother, business failure, breakup and I have seen my hair loss initiating and aggravating at the time and after these incidents. I have lost more hairs in 2 years combined than 8 years combined when there were major conflicts happening in my life. 

So I can definitely vouch for the conflict part. 

I can suggest you simple approach you can use to lessen the intensity and you can use the knowledge you gained earlier to know when receding and crown hair loss happens or aggravates. 

Alopecia is a Separation conflict referring to the part of the body that is no longer caressed or stroked.

Adapted from Original One here :

He got alopecia in July 2019 in the same place first and then got it in other places in coming months. then around October November 2020, it started to recover slowly and started shrinking and hair started growing in middle from last few weeks.

He thought it was Detumescence which caused this change to happen but I was skeptical. How come Detumescence started working after 1.5 years suddenly, why it didn’t work for so man years.

I suspected conflict angle, upon further enquiring the things started becoming more clearer. He told me that his father started constructing home but couldn’t finish it because of financial issues before 2000. He had saved some money all these years. He got long term opportunity but he couldn’t travel due to corona.
Then from August 2020, he started changing his mindset, finished his home construction in Oct-Nov 202 with his savings.

So upon long standing conflict resolution paved the way for hair loss recovery but before he started seeing alopecia in July 2019, he was under a lot of work pressure and couldn’t finish the work due to financial issues. From Nov 2018 to August 2020, he faced a lot of depression because of money but he eventually finished the construction of his home.

The other thing which he considers helped him is staying with parents from March 2020 after long time.

He was in relationship with a “Narcissistic” woman who was cheating on him, he caught her few years ago and then he was fighting for child custody for several years. He started losing hairs then, continued to lose it. None of the things worked, minoxidil, fin worked but only slightly, nothing much. When he gotten out of bad divorce and fierce custody battle, got hold of the kids, then he made diet changes and started recovering hairs in middle bald area.

Receding Hairline

Those who are having receding hairline, I have found these trends
a. If you have taken Acne medication of any type like Accutane (search Google for more of such medicines), Anabolic Steroids etc etc. This can cause receding but this is not very common.

b. Toxic Situation or Toxic Person : If you have any toxic person happening to you (i.e. custody battle for your child with your estranged spouse etc etc) or if you have toxic person in your life and you want to separate yourself from that situation or person, it can initiate or accelerate receding.

c. If you have financial problems happening because of job loss, sudden need of large sums of money, loss of money, not having or making enough money to make both ends meet, you will start receding or your receding would accelerate and you would also end up developing problems for your liver too.

d. This is similar to 3rd one. Starvation conflict but this has nothing to do with money. If you are following super restrictive diets to lose weight or accomplish some purpose, you actually have to force yourself to follow it, you will start losing overall hair and start having receding hairline.
Or if you are the person who is not eating or fasting for longer duration through forcing himself or herself to do it. He will experience faster receding.

However, the good news is in 2nd, 3rd, 4th case, you are likely to recover most or all of your receding if you happen to take action and resolve conflict quickly or get out of restrictive diets very quickly. If that gets prolonged for 12 months to 36 months, the chances of recovery become slimmer.

In case of this woman, it was toxic situation with her spouse which also created Hyperthyroid issues for her along with frontal receding.

When she talked with her spouse and worked towards resolving the issue. She started seeing regrowth along hairline with no diet, no supplements, no topicals, no oils, nothing, on its own. She stopped her Thyroid medication completely 2 months prior (at the time she took before photo)

Note : She has colored her hairs on left. Both photos are taken with hairs tied at back.

Read this blog post for more details : What causes receding hairline and how to stop it ?

Crown Hair Loss

Those who are having crown hair loss, these are the common trends
a. If there is Physical Separation from the close ones
b. If there is bad prognosis/unexpected illness/hospitalization etc etc of the close ones
c. If there is death of close ones
d. If you strongly want to separate from the closed ones

The person in pic, started thinning when he started Keto diet which made him think it was Keto diet caused the thinning. However, at the same time he was going through a bad break up with his ex-girlfriend. He has no history on father or mother’s side even his grandparents got great hairs. When he made those connection with conflict, worked towards resolving it, added B vitamin much foods, more protein to his diet. He started seeing recovery after 1 year of no results. These photos are taken little more than 1 month apart.

He was following many things I told him from first quarter of this year but he had issues with his wife and parents in law because how they treated him, he was not able to see any progress despite following all the things I told him. A couple of months ago, he sent me photos, when I was discussing with him recently, he told me that his progress coincided with resolution of conflict with his wife and in laws.

Read this blog post for more details : What causes Crown Hair Loss and how to stop it ?

Hair Loss is Separation Conflict ,complete this questionnaire to find out. (This questionnaire might not replace detailed conversation and troubleshooting required to find actual conflicts but it can give you a broad idea) It will take 3-5 minutes to complete it. Don’t complete it in a hurry.

Conflict can stop you from making any progress or slow it down considerably or wipe out most of it once you stop using things like Minoxidil, Finasteride, PRP or other therapies but you didn’t address the conflict/s.

Resolving Conflicts
I have personally used binaural beats, subliminals, affirmations, music which are passive practices which can make you feel good but can't really solve the issue unless you provide your conscious attention, After using them, the issues might come to the surface to get resolved and then you can consciously understand from where the pain is coming from, origins and use active methods to resolve it which means using a technique, taking certain action.
Passive methods I used
1. Vortex Success Channel

2. GNM Music

Download 2 tracks at the bottom of this blog post :
Listening to some music hertz
Listen to either of the tracks during the day and night. Listening to these tracks don't resolve the conflict/s. It makes healing phase shorter. It diminishes the intensity of the conflict/s and avoid Conflict relapses. 

Active Methods I have used and still use
1. Lefkoe Method (very powerful for belief elimination : I am not good enough, I am failure, I am unworthy etc etc)

2. Forgiveness Meditation
This involves elaborate process but very useful for those who have created hurt for you

3. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) (short learning curve)
Quick and Easy to eliminate small small or recurring issues

4. Shadow Integration
To look at shadow part of our personality which is causing us to react to certain situations in certain way, when you look within yourself, you identify which part of your personality you are suppressing which is trying to send you this message, you address it and your reaction to the situation dramatically changes

There are many other simple and elaborate processes one can use actively and passively to resolve or downgrade conflicts. I talk more about them inside "Hair Regrowth Blueprint"

Overall Microbiome

In order to maintain the existing Microbiome and improve it, you can start following these Dos and Don'ts. 

a. Sunlight 
b. Start walking barefooted in Soil. Yes, although it sounds like a weird suggestion.
c. Correct Breathing (Check Pranayama or Buteyko Breathing)

d. Use Cold Pressed Oil/Ghee for cooking
e. Add Water Filter to Drinking water to make sure TDS is within 100-200ppm. 
f. Start eating more Probiotic foods made at home preferably.

It can be strange to see him bald when you know he is using Kefir regularly. Kefir is a good way of replenishing the Gut Flora but once you have lost hairs long time back, usually taking just Kefir isn't going to get your hairs back but when your hairs are in process of active thinning, especially those who have "Leaky Gut" issues can see great benefits to keep the hairs and regrow it when they start replenishing the Gut Flora. 

a. Don't use Antibiotics, Anti Fungal unless there is no other Alternative. Talk to your Doctor. 

b. Stop Medications with Doctor’s permission like Antidepressants, NSAID (Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs), Sleeping Pills, Hormones, Acne medication, Steroids, Statins, Beta Blockers, Anti-allergic, Oral Contraceptives, Antacids. 

c. Remove Copper IUDs or Birth Control with Doctor's permission or help. 

d. Stop Sugars (even in form of fruits) temporarily e.g. Dry Fruits if you have severe indigestion and bloating problems after using Carbs and Fruits. 

e. Stop or Reduce Alcohol, Smoking and Recreational Drugs

f. Stop using Legumes, Nuts, Seeds, Gluten, all types of Dairy temporarily only if you have sensitivity to any of these.

g. Stop using Chlorinated/Fluoridated Toothpaste and Water instead choose Fluoride Free ones. 

h. Stop excessive use of soaps, sanitizers

i. Stop conventionally raised meat, eggs and if possible milk too.

This step is very important and is very common I see amongst people. Even if it's expensive eat grass fed, pasture raised, hormone & antibiotic raised meat, eggs and milk too. Consume it less but don't consume the conventionally raised meat, eggs, milk.

What are other ways to replenish Gut Flora
1. High Quality Probiotics. It contains 16 20 or more species of commonly found Bacterial species, but that's not enough. 
2. Fecal Microbiota Transplant (Very expensive and looks Gross and comes with some risks)

3. Subtle Energy Signatures 
It can mimic the effect of Probiotic supplements, Probiotic Foods, Fecal Microbiota Transplant as you can capture energy from it and use it. It doesn't require you to have any surgery or purchase any supplement or food. I talk more about it inside "Hair Regrowth Blueprint"

These are tones created to stimulate the body or emulate the effect of a Hormone, Herb, Medicine, Supplement etc etc. It's created based on the principle of Morphic Fields , Subtle Energy and Cymatics. Drink a lot of water before and after listening to them. Use each tone at least 5-10 times (or less or more) depending upon the effect/s you see and experience. 

Diet, Supplements, Herbs and Other Techniques

More about this later. 

Step 2 : Reset Scalp

Itchy Scalp

Itchy scalp is usually internal problem unless it’s Eczema or Psoriasis. 
Histamine is a neurotransmitter essential for normal functioning of the brain and central nervous system.
Histamine is required for digestion, gastric acid release and also an essential component of immunological protection for external threats like Trauma/Allergic reactions.

Follow these Simple Dos and Don'ts to get relief from Itchy scalp. 

a. Use fresh green chili or black pepper in limited amounts
b. Use asafoetida (heeng), turmeric, black salt, ginger in limited amount
c. Use fresh herbs such as Tulsi (Holy Basil), Curry leaves, coriander, lemongrass, Oregano, rosemary, thyme
d. Use mild spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, cumin seeds in moderation
e. Use hot water and hot herbal tea in moderation.
f. Use onion, garlic, tea, coffee, betel nut (supari) in moderation.

a. Red chili or red chili powder
b. Strong spices such as Garam Masala (an aromatic mixture of ground spices used in Indian cookery, usually containing black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, nutmeg, and turmeric.) etc etc with sharp flavors
c. Stale food, packaged, bottled, tinned or canned food.

What you can do additionally ?
1. Getting more B6, Vitamin C, Magnesium especially from Foods
2. Blood Donation every 3-6 months
Understanding and using Root Cause Protocol (RCP) by Morley Robbins. 

Check this detailed blog post "How to get rid of Itchy Scalp ?"

Oily Scalp

If you have Oily Scalp or even excessively dry Scalp, you can do these exercises everyday for 10 min. It will not just normalize your sebum production but it will also improve your peripheral version, spatial thinking, brain power, response time to stimulus and better sleep. 
Adopted from book Whole Brain Power

Whole Brain Power by Michael J Lavery

Check Whole Brain Power book here
Here are some other websites where you can take this skill to next level

What practices you need to implement
a. Hammer Drills
b. Cursive Penmanship

How to start with Hammer Drills ?
a. Start with most easy first.
b. Use Rubber Mallet & Golf Ball to start with. 
c. Start bouncing off the golf ball with your dominant and non-dominant hand on top of the hammer without letting it fall off. 
d. Start with dominant hand first, and then switch to non dominant hand. Watch the videos above. The more you practice it, the better you will get with a non dominant hand, the better you will perform with a dominant hand. Constant practice is the key.
e. Slowly increase the challenge by
I. Stopping golf ball and then again bouncing it
II. Doing it without moving your feet
III. Doing it on one feet
IV. Doing it while rotating or walking
V. Doing it while counting Z to A backwards
And many more ways

Cursive Penmanship
Practice cursive writing with your dominant hand every day for 5 minutes. Start first by tracing the letters and then once you get acquainted, then start doing it without its help.
Check this out
Then use a non dominant hand to mirror image writing, once you get acquainted, then switch to non dominant cursive mirror image writing.

What this process does is to stimulate your brain to produce more of Pregnenolone which is precursor of Testosterone, Estrogen, DHT, DHEA etc etc. 

You can stimulate the production of Pregnenolone passively without doing this exercise using Subtle Energy Techniques, it still works the same way. I talk more about it in "Hair Regrowth Blueprint"


If you have impaired Thyroid Function, it's possible you can get more Dandruff. You can work on it by adding some Minerals and Vitamins which can help with Thyroid Function.

The solution to Itching Oiliness and Dandruff can be Detumescence & Towel Massage (They may not address true cause/s but it can help you temporarily relieve from these conditions. 

Psoriasis or Eczema

A lot of people believe that Scalp Eczema or Psoriasis is the problem caused by fungus you got from outside but if you read more about German New Medicine, you know the real reason behind Eczema or Psoriasis.

Separation conflict by touch
Eczema is one of those conditions that results from “separation by touch” meaning it is a literal association where someone or something touched you at the moment of the conflict, or it could be associated in the figurative sense with respect to relationships.

We have separation conflicts that develop out of an unwanted separation and then we can also have separation conflicts that are desired but cannot be achieved. In the latter case, the body would express this differently. For example if we were unable to push someone away or out of our lives, then the outer part of our upper arms and or the elbows would be affected with ulcerations during the conflict activity. These ulcerations are microscopic and go unnoticed. However when we manage to find a solution, the eczema will develop.

If we have a separation that is against our will or a painful separation from someone, then we could develop a condition on a part of our body which is associated with where we remember them touching us, for example a loving embrace, in which case it would be the inside of the arms that have been affected and that’s where the eczema would express itself. It could also express itself on our back where we remember the loved one’s touch while embracing us.

What was resolved ?
Always look at what was resolved at the time the condition first appeared because that gives us the biggest clue to the origin.
Psoriasis is literally the same thing. The difference in this case is that here we have a conflict active phase, superimposed on an existing healing phase which causes the red and flaking skin. In other words, we had another separation conflict that was similar in nature at the same time we were already in the healing phase of the previous conflict so in this case we are looking at two conflicts, one in healing and the other in activity which mean we have to do double the detective work to unravel the mystery.

(Taken from)

Avoid using Topical fungicides or anti-fungal without unravelling the mystery of separation conflict.

Step 3 : Reactivate Dormant Hair Follicles


In Mid 2018, I stopped almost all the supplements because there was no progressive effect of it on my overall hairs, crown hairs and hairline. I had followed it very diligently but now it was time to re-evaluate.

I decided to try Subliminals. Why ? Check the full story here : Do Hair Growth Subliminals really work ? (with proof, before after photos)

See those hairs along hairline started growing longer which were stagnant for more than 2 years.

This change happened just in few days. I did it without using Hormones, DHT blockers, Medications, Surgery, Scalp Exercises. I have used this playlist to achieve this result

Watch this entire video to know
1. Which Subliminal Channels I used ?
2. How to choose Subliminal Channels ?
3. How to use Subliminals correctly ?

Scalp Reshaping Exercises

Some researchers suggest that Skull Expansion is reason behind Hair Loss and we should perform Scalp Reshaping exercises to stop receding and thinning. I have personally read their books but I didn't give their methods an honest try because of the daily time requirements and efforts needed to perform the method but you can try them and see how well they work for you. 

a. Maliniak Method

b. Paul Taylor

Step 4 : Regrow Hairs

There are some conditions causing or arising out of deficiencies which can contribute to Hair Loss & Hair Thinning.

1. Leaky Gut
2. Thyroid Problems
3. Vitamin D Deficiency
4. Anemia (Iron Deficiency)
5. Iron Overload
6. Vitamin B6

Leaky Gut

What's a leaky gut ?
"Small gaps in the intestinal wall called tight junctions allow water and nutrients to pass through, while blocking the passage of harmful substances. Intestinal permeability refers to how easily substances pass through the intestinal wall.
When the tight junctions of intestinal walls become loose, the gut becomes more permeable, which may allow bacteria and toxins to pass from the gut into the bloodstream. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as “leaky gut.”
When the gut is “leaky” and bacteria and toxins enter the bloodstream, it can cause widespread inflammation and possibly trigger a reaction from the immune system." Ref : Healthline

Leaky Gut in terms of German New Medicine is Indigestible Anger with a sense of lack. I am seeing that with many people when they experience it, they usually start having Diffuse Hair Loss

Created this new chart (original chart from from my personal observation

Morphic Field

This Energetically Programmed Audio contains Information to
1. Remove all Fungus infections including Lichen Planopilaris, Lichen Simplex & Demodex Mites
2. Heal Fibrosis, Calcification, Scarring by inducing Epidermal Growth Factor, Fibroblast Growth Factors, IGF-1, Platelet Growth Factor, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
3. Brain Balancing, Left & Right Hemisphere Co-ordination
4. Heal, Regenerate damaged Sebaceous Glands, Sweat Glands, Subcutaneous Connecting Tissue, Dermis, Epidermis, Dermal Papillae Cells
5. Heal Parathyroid, Thyroid, Pituitary, Thymus Gland
6. Metabolize excess DHT
Listen with or without headphones or use headphones and keep them on scalp. Drink more water if required, use as many times as you like, you can play it on loop too.

Results people achieved using Morphic Fields

Thyroid Problems

These fields mimics energetic signature of real substance/s like Phytoplankton which is good for improving Thyroid Function. The effect is Subtle but if you have actually used the Supplement/Herb/Medicine and if you use this track on loop, you will start experiencing effects of real substance without actually taking it. You can use more of such energetic signatures of real substance/s inside "Hair Regrowth Blueprint"

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is not just about getting enough Sunlight but also about getting plenty of Magnesium.
There are other factors which can cause or create Vitamin D Deficiency.
a. Vitamin A & Vitamin K2
b. Boron
c. Impaired function of Liver, Kidney, Intestine (Gut)
and other small factors
That's why taking Vitamin D supplement shouldn't be an answer.

If you want to get enough Vitamin D.
1. Get enough Vitamin D from Sunlight. Use Dminder App
2. Get it from Fatty Fish, Eggs, Cod Liver Oil and other natural animal sources
3. Get sufficient Vitamin A and Vitamin K2 rich foods (No synthetic supplements)
4. Magnesium & Boron Supplementation and Foods
5. Fix your Gastrointestinal, Liver and Kidney issues (by working on improving Ceruloplasmin and getting rid of excess unbound Iron) and also resolving your Conflicts and replenishing your Gut Flora.

Read entire blog post here : Vitamin D Hair Loss Connection : A Double Edged Sword

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 to reverse diffuse hair loss was Accidental Discovery for me. It wasn't methodical approach I used to get there but rather I discovered it accidentally. Read more about it here : Diffuse Hair Loss : Get More Vitamin B6

Iron Deficiency (Anemia)

This talks about Iron deficiency is not necessarily caused because of lack of Iron in diet but it's because of body can't utilize it because of lack of Copper carrying protein : Ceruloplasmin. 

There is dedicated protocol developed my Morley Robbins to increase/normalize Ceruloplasmin and making Iron more functional, you can find it here : Root Cause Protocol

This is very good protocol for healing damage done by conflict, medications, stress. 

Iron Overload

When I started reading more about his Root Cause Protocol, slowly a lot of things started making sense so I decided to do the blood test and results came out and I really had problems with Iron Overload. By following Root Cause Protocol, by adding various foods, supplements, removing and stopping certain supplements, blood donation really helped me to keep Iron and ferritin levels in control. It also helped me and many others to regrow some hairs in front and middle. 

Parameter                            October 2017                       December 2017                        June 2018
Serum Iron                            144.5 ug/dL                            100.5 ug/dL                            84.3 ug/dL
Transferrin Saturation                51%                                       32.74%                                28.97%
Ferritin                                    219 ng/ml                                 39.4 ng/ml                           39.1 ng/ml
Hemoglobin                             16.2 g/dL                               16.6 g/dL                                 16 g/dL

24 July 2017

14 March 2018

June end 2018

February 2021

My Diet

A lot of people ask me what kind of diet I was following to get hair regrowth. Here is my diet, it should not be copied exactly like this.
Morning: Tea/Coffee, 2-4 Egg Yolks, Breakfast including Dosa, Idli, Poha etc etc suitable to where you live and your liking, Pumpkin and Sunflower seeds 10 gm each

Lunch : Brown rice, Ghee, Dal, Curd, Whole wheat chapati or jowar/bajra roti, Vegetables

Afternoon : Tea, Fruits, dry fruits, Unfortified Nutritional Yeast, Vegan Protein

Night : Whole wheat chapati or jowar/bajra roti, vegetables, ghee, dal

Fish once a week
Free range chicken once a week

It also included Unfortified Nutritional Yeast, Borax, Hemp seeds, Cacao, Magnesium oil (topically on my hands, legs), Blackstrap molasses.

If you want to see changes in my overall diet and regimen over time, read my entire journey : How I started reversing Male Pattern Baldness Naturally ?

Step 5 : Retain Hairs

To correctly determine
a. Exactly at which time/s you started losing hairs or were losing hairs ? Your age, month, year, date
b. What was happening at that time ? Conflict, Illness, Surgery, Problems with Diet
c. Location of Hair Loss and Thinning, Front, Crown, Overall Diffuse, A certain Spot

Here is my Timeline

1. At what age you first noticed hair loss ?

2. How did you come to know about it ?
My college friends started asking me about it.

3. Where did you start losing your hair then ?

4. What was happening or happened just before you noticed it ?
I don’t remember the exact thing but I used to wear swimming caps back then when I was 16-17 and I used it almost every day. I used to go swimming and then after 5-6 months someone asked me about hair loss on my crown for the first time.

5. Do you resonate with any of these conflicts ?
My mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer exactly 2 years ago in Mid 2002 and that was a shock to me and it took her 6 months to recover from it then. I don’t know if it started then or later but nobody told me about my hair loss back in 2002.

6. When did you see it or someone told you about it next time ?
In my 4 years of engineering , many of my classmates used to warn me about my crown hair loss but I don’t know if it aggravated in those 4 years because I never consciously cared for my hairs.

7. When did you see it or someone told you about it next time ?
When I started working, many colleagues around me started telling me about it and told me to get married too because if I go bald nobody would want to marry me. I didn't see any frontal receding or thinning to take note of it and so I didn’t pay much attention to that.

My brother said later in 2016 that while I was working in my company from 2009-2010 and as I left the job in 2010, when I used to work on my laptop, my brother used to observe my bald patch and it had increased compared to what it was in my college days.

8. Do you resonate with any of these conflicts ?
The food at the company was very bad and I used to have multiple bowel movements almost every time I ate Chapati or Roti made of wheat. I also didn’t like the job at all. I used to hate the work. I didn’t have any flair or talent in Chemical Engineering. My colleagues used to make fun of my hair but most importantly lack of my knowledge and I hated the job profile very much and I quit it after 1 year.

To Be Continued

I have included my example and few other examples in more detailed manner inside "Hair Regrowth Blueprint" to help you track times at which you were losing more hairs and identify what was happening so you know exact trigger/s. 

Factors causing sudden hair loss/thinning and factors causing hair loss/thinning over long time

I have seen some of these factors which can create problems in retaining the regrown hairs. 

These factors can cause rapid hair loss and hair thinning and can derail and destroy all your progress quickly. 
1. Conflict/s
2. Altered Gut Flora
3. If you have regrown hairs using Minoxidil, Finasteride (or rather any natural or artificial DHT blocker)

There are small things which can slowly destroy your results
a. Very Hard Water (Check TDS of water using TDS meter to make sure you bring it down to level of 100-200ppm)
b. Living in high EMF areas
c. Using certain spices in huge proportion/s over long time
d. Medications (Antibiotics, NSAIDs, Acne Medications)
e. Using Hormones (Testosterone, Thyroid Hormones etc etc)
f. Using unnecessary or poor quality supplements. e.g. If you overdose Iodine supplement in form of Lugol's iodine despite you having normal thyroid function, there is good chance you will lose hairs. 

Identifying Fake Products

There are few things you can do to ensure you will not get scammed

1. Email/Call/Ask them for Trial if it’s oil/topical. 

2. Check the Person/Company on Google/Social Media, check for Complaint, Check Forum/Youtube, 
Reference Check (from a trusted friend) or someone you can talk/chat/email/meet. 

3. Mystery Shop. Call them, email them and place an enquiry or order and see if you can manage to spot any suspicious behavior.

4. Reverse Image Search : Whatever photos they give, always run reverse image search on various websites. If you find those photos on other websites, you got your answer.

5.Unverifiable Mentions (or Paid mentions) : See if the video testimonials or those who have been mentioned as Testimonials are real people or not or if they have actually used the product to see the results or just got their money to promote the products. 

6. Unverifiable Clinical Trials : If you don’t find any document verifying clinical results, then it’s a big SHAM.

Here are some Supplements which actually have done Clinical Studies and published their results
Jigsaw Magnesium (click here to read the study)

Taken from Jigsaw website

7. Gut Feeling : Despite doing all due diligence, it’s still possible that you will get cheated by some clever machinations of evil fraudsters, always trust your gut feelings.

Read this detailed blog post "How to identify Fake and Scammy Hair Loss Products or Services ?"

Use this criteria for any products including my own. Don’t let anyone fool you. If you want personalized help to stop Hair Loss and Regrow Hairs naturally, check out Hair Regrowth Blueprint

Taking Comparable Photos

The first very important step in tracking is to take good quality before photo and then after photo. It’s not difficult, you don’t need any special equipment, camera or lighting, you can do it at home, gallery, terrace or any place where lighting is good and reflects true state of your hairs.

I had a client who is a Professional Photographer. He is in his late 50s or early 60s now. He clicked his own Before-After Photo and shared this tutorial with me to help others click good quality photos. 

"First Video is made under direct florescent light and there after a pic taken in the same setup, for the second Video same setup but a tenting with white cloth was made in between the light and the object (Head) remaining everything is same, a Video and a photograph is also done for the same setup, you can notice the difference between the two photographer’s in the first pic you can see shiny patches on the hair whereas in the second photo the shiny patches are not that visible, so in this way if you can do the details of the hair will be more visible, my intention is to show you the technique and suggest you to do it under sunlight in the same way, so that the details of the hair will be better, but while doing this please follow these steps, the sunlight should be 45°to 65°from the right side of the object (Head) the background and the dress of the person should be dark because most of the camera’s of the mobile phones are set in auto mode the exposure may change if the background or dress is light in color, the camera may take exposure for lighter colors and the main part(Hair) will become more darker and the details will be lost, since the details of the hair is important most of the photograph should be the head, the cloth that you use for tenting should be white and two to three feet above the object (Head) parallel in between the light and head, it will be better if you take help from someone to hold the four sides of the cloth or fix it accordingly. This Video and photos are done with a lower end mobile phone."


What's Next ?

So you learned 5 Step Formula to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Hairs naturally, If you want to take my personalized help & then create personalized plan of action. Check out "Hair Regrowth Blueprint

1. I have developed Questionnaires to assess possible psychological, dietary, environmental etc triggers which can cause or aggravate hair loss and thinning. 

2. After that I take a look at their blood work for several parameter, including their iron markers, hemoglobin, ferritin, Vitamin D, Thyroid profile, liver enzymes, cholesterol values, B vitamins etc etc and tell people what kind of precautions they can take, what additional changes they can make in their diet, which further testing is needed if at all any

3. Then I take a look at the current diet and suggest corrections in that.

4. Then I usually discuss conflict angle over phone call or whatsapp chat, email or skype call and based on all these things, I create a personalized plan of action for you. 

5. I have developed or mentioned protocols for diet, supplements if you want to use any, nothing too strict, you can eat most foods, you only have to be more conscious while choosing them.

6. Along with that I have developed or mentioned other experimental approaches one can start using along with diet changes, conflict resolution to trigger new hair regrowth or thickening of existing hairs.
You dont have to buy any equipment or any topical or oil or supplement. Here are some of the results people have achieved

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