How He Thickened His Hair and Advanced His Hairline with Simple Diet Changes ?

In May 2018, someone named Marcus aged 23 from Zambia messaged me asking for help. I asked him to send me photos and he sent me few of them. (His camera quality is Poor)

His Original Hairline with no Receding

As he claimed, he had no money, no job and had spent all of his money on Minoxidil with no results but horrible side effects. He also tried rice water,eggs,honey,oils but still there was no progress.

He was asking me if he should just perform Detumescence and Towel massage to regrow hairs back. I told him that he didn’t need either of them but focus on changing his diet.

He thought Diet can’t reverse Fibrosis. I don’t completely agree with this statement, in early to moderate stages, Fibrosis of scalp can be stopped and reversed completely or to major extent. If there is occurrence of Chronic Fibrosis, then Diet won’t reverse it fully and would affect it only a little.

Upon little inquiry, I realized that he started losing hairs in last 12 months and I thought probably he can reverse most of his hair loss and advanced his hairline.

I told him to eat foods I commonly suggest others Eggs, Beef Liver, Raw Milk, Wheatgrass, Bee Pollen, Brown Rice, Fruits. (I don’t eat beef liver and I recommend this food because it’s Rich in B Vitamins, Vitamin A and other Micro-nutrients, not for any other reason. If you are not comfortable eating it, don’t eat it, eat Pastured Raised Eggs instead)

Then I completely forgot about him for next few weeks and on one fine day, I got his message out of the blue.

He claimed to have grown back hairs in M shape and his bald areas got covered with Terminal Hairs.

Here are some photos

But because his photos were not clear, including me nobody else believed him completely.But he promised me to take clearer photo in next few months with better camera.

But I asked him what he was following. He graciously agreed to share in his words (with grammatical correction and punctuation)

“Before I noticed some regrowth in my hairline ,my diet was completely vegan after i stopped processed foods and meat ,milk and carbs. I tried all methods even massages,head stands ,minoxidil ,onion juice, massage improved my hair density a but but not significant. I knew i had to keep searching,that’s when I came across your story.

At first i was skeptical about your dietary advice I thought you were just saying it. But i followed it anyway I introduced fruits,brown rice,meat,chicken,milk,eggs, honey,beans,and Moringa supplement. Two months down the line I saw nothing, besides my gut felt heavy after every meal but i felt energetic and at times I had constipation and gases. I complained to my mom she then called her herbalist cousin. He has some knowledge on digestive issues ,i outlined my dietary plan .The man got back to me and said that the diet was perfect but he insisted that I check the brand of the Milk I took and times I at which I ate my meals . After following what he said all these gut problems left and I changed my milks brand .

I always had a habit of looking in the mirror tracing for regrowth but I couldn’t see any hairs. Luckily one day I went to have my hair cut for my next photos .Then the barber man got shocked and asked if i had borrowed a few hairs lol. Thats when he cut lined my hairline and sides .Sukrut, I was shocked I could see my hairline and my thin areas have tones of baby hairs I barely grew,I noticed my hairline grew hairs and my existing hairs gained good color and its elongating quickly .But I’m facing one challenge ,thickening it to the max is an issue for me. Although my hairline is growing hairs and my crowns covered but the area beyond my hairline is a bit thin .I thought it was vitamin D but here there’s plenty of sunlight .Maybe I’m impatient. Whats your advice ?

First of all, a lot of people wanted to get Aerial photo comparison. He sent me his photos next day for better comparison

March 2018

June 2018

I asked him about his special carb diet and his meals. His itching and dandruff also resolved by itself when he changed to Coconut oil from Soyabean Oil. This is what he mentioned

He ate bananas ,apples,Carrots ,oranges,and melons mixed in small portions ,black berries ,guavas ,and mangoes ,sugar cane, brown rice ,honey ,roller mealie meal and pumpkin. Two hours after lunch he blended oranges and Apples then he sprinkled Moringa powder.

I told him to add few more things to his diet. He was taking Zincovit as Multi-Vitamin. I told him to eat pasture raised eggs, pumpkin seeds, oysters, Wheatgrass.

Then he shared his story about why he probably started losing his hairs. In his own words (with grammatical correction, punctuation and removing certain inappropriate words/sentences)

Before i moved out of my mothers house in central city, our diet was gluten free and despite using omega 3 vegetable oil back then.My mom had a traditional way of cooking using less oil on meals we ate meat twice a week ,village chicken (organic)once but she insisted the soup was nourishing so I made sure the plate was clear after my meal. We ate fruits a lot too ,we has a guava ,avocado and mango tree in our plot ,But I was dumb and a huge novice back then so I used harsh chemicals on my lovely hairs go black or super black die soft and free perm lotion. All these never showed harm to my follicles not until moved to the capital city .I put my old mom way of cooking behind me and started eating excess soyabean oil in my meals. In meals like pork ,beef ,greens e.t.c ,Five months down the line I developed dandruff and horrible itching ,fatigue ,blared visions,weak erection and annual sores.

To make it worse I worked with a welder before so I was welding and grinding ,And my lunch was always soy powder geez it was sweet such that I carried home after work. One day my ex girlfriend made fun of me that my hairs in front were shorter than then ones at the back with a visible patch there.I thought she was joking not until my brother laughed out loud and said i had a thinning area on my side line on the left side until this day I noticed. Next day bought a hat for hiding the old looking head. At first my hairline moved like a mature hairline would recede. Next month I had a serious flue, went to the clinic i was diagnosed with amoxicillin anti-biotic .Oh lord, after a moth the M pattern formed and my hairs thinned plus I lost weight and always woke up with body aches even when I rested. That’s how I put my MBs to better work of research on my hair loss although I found comedy preposterous type of methods😂😂😂😂,rogaine,home remedies that work after ages

He asked me for advice again. I told him to stop consuming all synthetic supplements and get everything from food. He also asked me about Towel massage.

Within following towel massage for a week, he lost all of his regrowth. Same happened with me (but that’s not necessarily bad as most think it’s) Here is his photo

Because he lost all the progress he has made in couple of months, he was worried that if he has damaged the hair follicles. I told him to do it only for 3 minutes.

Then I told him to add few things in his diet and followed up with him after a month. He told me that he had tooth cavity and he had to take anti-biotics and he lost all the hairs he had gained.

Then after a wait of 3 long months, he messaged me again with his new photos

Along with other diet changes, he also added Bee pollen ,egg yolks ,wheat germ oil & nutritional yeast.

Detumescence Therapy and Towel Massage

Few Takeaways
1. Don’t blindly follow his diet in order to get your hairs back or recover hairline. Experiment with different foods and stick to it for at least 3 months before you notice the improvement.

2. If you don’t have any hairs along the hairline or if you have completely bald patch, then probably diet changes won’t regrow hairs magically but it can possibly stop further receding and thinning.

3. Stop taking synthetic supplements for every mineral and vitamin, instead find high quality food sources which are rich in Nutrients. Even the quantity of nutrient is less, foods are packed with enzymes, co-factors etc etc which enhances effects of each nutrient. It’s not possible with synthetic supplements. Most synthetic supplements are just reductionist chemicals and not made from whole foods.

For long time, I also blindly took Vitamin D supplements, Zinc Supplements, Multi-Vitamins etc etc. All of them did more harm to me in long term than any benefits. I have several people reporting progress for shorter amount of time when they were on such supplements. All of their progress was reversed within few months of stopping the supplements.

Did you enjoy reading this ? Want to read more of such success stories and what did they follow ? I have included them in Hair Regrowth Blueprint, check it here

Photo taken in last week of November

Update : Marcus has promised me to send a recorded video soon. I will upload it as soon as I hear from him

If you want to read my journey read it here

How I started reversing Male Pattern Baldness Naturally ?

Iron : Hair Loss Wunderkind or Arbiter of Doom

This title is adopted from “Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Hair Loss Wunderkind or Arbiter of Doom?” by Danny Roddy

and the theme is adopted from“Iron Overload, Perturbed Redox Balance, and Meddling Serotonin

I came across Danny Roddy in 2015 when I was searching for solution to my hair loss problems. I was tired of reading Reddit threads, watching clickbait youtube videos, Forums where people just preached Big 3 and Transplant.

So when I saw someone who has totally different take on reversing hair loss,I immediately bought his book “Hair like a Fox” because his ideas made sense. I followed many of his ideas. Danny talked about lowering Ferritin values in the body, I didn’t pay attention to it back then because I never thought excess Iron would play so much of role in Hair Loss and other Chronic Conditions.

I followed all the advice Danny Roddy/Ray Peat except taking Aspirin, Antibiotics and Hormones.

Check my photos here

I saw great improvement in my frontal 1/3rd following Egg Yolks, Shell Fish, Milk, Vitamin D supplements, Orange Juice (Citrus Fruits), Avoiding Fish and Fish Oils, Gluten, Beans, Nuts and Seeds.

Although I saw good improvement, I felt very restrictive following this diet. I didn’t want to continue with this because it wasn’t responding rest of 2/3rd area of my scalp. Drinking tons of milk even sent me several times to the Washroom. I still continued with the Diet for 6-8 months but I didn’t see continued improvement in rest of my hairs.

Then I started Vitamin D supplements, I started taking gallops of Vitamin D in my body. Should you ever take Vitamin D supplements ?

Read Vitamin D Hair Loss Connection : A Double Edged Sword

Then meanwhile, I was also researching how to reverse grey hair and started watching few videos that made sense and I was told that I should get more copper.

I had already tried different avenues for getting more copper from Copper Supplements (One of the worst experiences, it made me feel worse I ever felt in my life) , Multivitamin (It had highest ratings on Amazon,after I started it, suddenly started seeing more and more hairs on my bed for the first time in my life and I got fever and whenever I would take it, I would feel almost nauseous so I had to stop it) drinking water from Copper Vessel for long time, I had no effect except turning some of my hairs red (My hairs are Black, so it wasn’t even transition back to normal hairs)

While, I was researching more, I saw a video on Side

Rethinking Vitamin D Supplementation
You are not Copper Toxic
Rethinking Iron Supplements

The titles were interesting and controversial enough to grab my attention. I just started watching it. I didn’t expect that it would change my whole thinking process afterwards.

These videos were from Morley Robbins.

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I came across this overwhelming research 18 months ago. To be precise in April 2017. I started following it slowly and started seeing the results then I started applying it on others and they too started seeing the results.

I mentioned about it in my Journey here

Read my Entire Hair Loss and Regrowth Journey here

I started studying this phenomenon in depth and analyzing reports according to his methodology and started seeing Iron problems in almost 50-60% people. After analyzing over 500 plus lab reports. I can reasonably assert that Iron is somehow related to Hair Loss. The connection no one has explored yet.

I went through substantial research and started putting together evidence to finally connect the dots. After 18 months, I am beginning to understand, grasp and simplify these concepts for you.

I am writing this piece after I get substantial evidence in research and personal experience.

This subject is huge and quite complex to understand, although I haven’t understood it fully because it’s so huge and continually evolving. But whatever I have learned, I have tried to simplify it for you.

In this 3 part series, I am going to tell you how Iron is major lever contributing to Pattern hair loss and if you want to stop this cascade, you need to stop this Iron Elephant before you do anything else.

I had good success with Danny Roddy proposed diet but then I came across Morley Robbins whose research became foremost important in getting results on rest of my hairs. It’s research behind Root Cause Protocol helped me create so many success stories I created afterwards. More on that later.

Before I discovered this, I had several health challenges as I explained


Multiple Bowel Movements


Problems with Sleep

Constant recurring infections


Low/No sex drive

Skin Rashes/Allergies

I referred everything I can find, youtube, video, forum, book, course. You name it, I have used it or at least I know of it.

I followed Izabella Wentz, Danny Roddy, Ray Peat, Chris Masterjohn, Jordan Reasoner (, Joe Cohen (, Rob (, Tom (, Joel Wallach, Paul Jaminet (

Their ideas helped me to great extent especially temporary improvement in some of the symptoms and permanent improvement in some others. I liked some of their ideas but I didn’t like or resonate with some of their other ideas.

Especially, I liked Ray Peat/Danny Roddy Diet and but I didn’t want to take drugs to reverse fibrosis, antibiotics to kill pathogens or use Thyroid or Progesterone Hormone.

I liked Izabella Wentz’s book Hashimoto’s Thyroid, her lucid explanation and simplification. I adopted this flow chart based on her book but I didn’t quite like the no of supplements she suggested. It is not even too much of unnecessary expense for me but some of the supplements even damaged me (Especially Vitamin D, Zinc)

I don’t want to blame any of them, their suggestions helped me more than it damaged me so this is not a Tirade against any of them.

But almost every one of them except Ray Peat missed the very important point. They undermined importance of Excess Iron in manifestation of chronic conditions.

Once Danny Roddy asked Dr. Peat about good tests to evaluate the iron burden in 2012 and he replied:

I think the copper/iron ratio is under hormonal-developmental control, and I have never seen an attempt to use ceruloplasmin to guide nutrition. Regular good light exposure is probably important for preventing the displacement of copper by iron. —Raymond Peat, PhD

Ray Peat has written great stuff about Iron Dangers here

Morley Robbins developed Full Fledged Protocol based on this one statement, it’s called Root Cause Protocol

Check Root Cause Protocol here

He didn’t just theorized it, he used it on close to 3000 clients to validate it in real life and then used Research all along to connect the Dots.

So I thought instead of just writing a blog post on my theoretical understanding, I should use it to validate it before writing anything about it.

Because I was done with trying Low Carb, Paleo, Fruit Only Diet, Gluten Free diet. I didn’t want to restrict any or many foods just to get my hairs back.

No expert advice working for me. I was extremely tired of following their advice. Frankly, I had given up on my health. I had no hopes. I had so many health problems, I started suspecting that I might have got some incurable disease.

Backstory : My mother got Cancer

On November 13th 2007, just 2 days before my final exams, she succumbed to Death by Cancer at the age of 48… and I miss her every single day.

In 2002, she was diagnosed with Cancer for the first time and then she underwent a Surgery, again diagnosed with Cancer in 2007& Cancer spread
throughout her body and she died within 9 months of diagnosis.
That left deep scar on my mind, many of my health issues started and worsened within 1-2 years of her death.

I was devastated. How could this happen?

But looking back, the signs leading up to her cancer revealed a pattern:

Lifelong Acid Reflux and stomach pain, Fertility problems, Hyperthyroid, Hair thinning, Migraines, Depression, PMS symptoms, Bipolar disorder, Fatigue, Anxiety, Acne, Breast cancer and finally Ovarian cancer which spread throughout her body before taking her life.

My mother is a prime example of what can happen when this hidden epidemic goes on for years, all the while modern medicine is chasing the symptoms. She suffered through years of thyroid medication, Antacids, Painkillers and finally, Surgery.

And because I had started developing all these symptoms, I thought whether I am developing some incurable disease like Cancer.

I used to pray to God everyday to get me out of this mess. There was no light at the end of tunnel. I had exhausted all my options.

Out of all these diets, Gluten free diet worked well for me, not because Grains have Gluten and Gluten is bad.

Because Gluten is not the problem , Iron is the problem

Watch this video
Iron and Gluten, The Toxic Tandem – Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD
Why did I see the benefit ?

I see the connection now.

It’s Government Policy to add Iron in Wheat. Food Fortification is curse on Mankind. The iron they add is Ferrous Salt which is most toxic form of Iron. More on that in next part of the series.

I have countless people telling me their hair loss reduced when they switched to non-fortified flour. I thought it was Gluten but in hindsight I realized it wasn’t gluten. It was Iron.

If you have severe gluten problems, then it’s good to stay away from Gluten for a while. But don’t ever think that Gluten is your enemy. There are hundred if not thousands of books written on this topic. The most famous book is “Wheat Belly” by William Davis but even he didn’t mention anything about Iron.

Check Ray Peat’s article for more information on this. Food Fortification is more common in US, Canada, Australia, UK, India and many other countries.

Read this blog

Iron, Food Enrichment and The Theory of Everything

As I started reading all this material, things really started falling in place. I didn’t listen to Ray Peat/Danny Roddy about lowering my Iron levels but now I really needed to get my iron levels checked.

My blood Test Results : Shock of my life

Parameter October 2017 December 2017 June 2018
Serum Iron 144.5 ug/dL 100.5 84.3
Transferrin Saturation 51% 32.74 % 28.97 %
Ferritin 219 ng/ml 39.4 ng/ml 39.1 ng/ml
Haemoglobin 16.2 g/dL 16.6 g/dL 16 g/dL
Vitamin D 20 ng/ml 12.21 ng/ml 14.87 ng/ml

My Ferritin was very high including Transferrin Saturation. My Vitamin D levels were good because I had swallowed 3000-5000 IUs of Vitamin D for 3-4 months but that came with big cost. Read this

Vitamin D Hair Loss Connection

Whatever Morley Robbins stated was spot on now it was time to implement his ideas in my practice. I went for blood donation twice and started Wheatgrass, Magnesium and other foods and ditched all supplements except (Transdermal Magnesium and Trace Mineral Supplement)

I talk in depth about my journey here

Because I wasn’t getting Magnesium and didn’t ingest Vitamin D supplements, my Vitamin D levels dropped precipitously and revealed true levels. Never try to elevate your Vitamin D levels by injections or supplements even if it’s very low.

I was suggesting my findings to others because I saw that it was very promising but nobody would listen to me. They thought this is me drinking another koolaid like before.

There was someone from Germany who was also facing a lot of problems along with Hair thinning, he checked for all the markers and he did go for blood donation. He followed

In right side photo, the hair length is little more. The improvement is although not very much, but it’s visible (at least that person thought it was improvement)

Not very impressive but it’s there.

2 months changes (Not very huge but noticeable)

There are many other photos including my photos, check them here

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How to get rid of itchy scalp naturally ?

Whenever you get itching on your scalp, what do you do immediately ?

First of all, you scratch it.

What do you do if it starts bothering you frequently ?

Then you scratch your scalp again and again and you also might get some hair falling out whenever you scratch your scalp often.

You think that itching caused hair loss so if the scalp itching doesn’t go away, you tend to do one/few of the following things

  1. Shampooing
  2. Applying Oils/Topicals
  3. Applying natural substances to relieve the itch

In fact, I did the same thing, when I started having the itching problem. In 2015, I went on a whimsical/idiotic diet of restricting carbs.

Why ? You would ask.

Because I was facing a lot of health issues, including migraine like pains, indigestion, fatigue, severe itching on my skin, multiple bowel movements. I firmly believed that it was Candida infection.

What’s poplar advice when it comes to treating candida ?

Starve yourself of carbs, so I did. I stopped eating grains, starchy vegetables, fruits. I also stopped eating non veg.

Instead of that, I started eating fermented foods like Dosa, Idli etc etc.

I didn’t know when you eat such fermented foods outside, they don’t use urad dal while preparing these delicacies.Instead they use shortcut. What’s that ? YEAST.

That is worse thing to add in a food. But I didn’t know that so I blindly started eating so called fermented foods. In first few days, I felt good, then after a week, I started feeling ridiculously weak, emaciated, fatigued, jaded, and all adjectives you can think of. But instead of listening to my body, I decided to continue with the insanity. I started eating more of so called fermented foods. I was determined to find answers to my health woes.

At that time, my symptoms started to become worse. I believed it as a healing reaction and continued on this self-experimentation for 4 more months. Imagine what would have convinced me to do this despite my condition getting continuously worse over the time. Even when I visited my friend in Bangalore, I only ate Dosa, Idli etc etc. it got him worried. Sukrut how can you survive on this ? I gave him some BS explanation considering I wasn’t sane back then.

A couple of weeks into the diet, I developed severe itching on my scalp and started seeing hairs in my hands whenever I used to scratch my hair.  I never ever in my life experienced itching, that was the first time in 2015 I experienced it and no matter what I did nothing seemed to work. I used topicals, oils, shampoos, I used aloe vera gel. I did everything to relieve the itching but nothing worked.

In September or October 2015, while I was looking at the mirror. I could see right through my scalp. I could see my crown area for the first time in 28 years.

Where did the f**k my hair go ? I was in Shock.

I thought it is some illusion so I first checked if I wasn’t dreaming and I wasn’t dreaming. It was real. So I thought of using comb in a different way to see if it’s that bad. After coming in different directions, I realized that it’s indeed very bad.

I shaved my head to get over itch.

Did it go away ? Temporarily YES.

This story is similar to most stories I hear around scalp itching. Those who experience a lot of itching has gone through the same cycle. Itching followed by hair loss, application of several things on scalp—shaves head finally and expect itching will go away but there is no permanent effect.

If I knew what I know now, I probably wouldn’t have gone through the similar insanity.

When you have scalp itching, in most cases, its internal problem. Not external. So don’t try to solve it from outside by applying 100 things on scalp or shaving your head because it’s pointless. Unless, it’s a fungal infection, it’s not going to go away. But with each application of topical,shampoo, it’s going to take your hair away.

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When its internal problem, it’s a histamine issue. Itching is a histamine reaction .

What’s histamine ?

Histamine is a neurotransmitter essential for normal functioning of brain and central nervous system.

Histamine is required for digestion, gastric acid release and also essential component of immunological protection for external threats like Trauma/Allergic reactions.

It creates problems when

  1. It is released in excess
  2. Body can’t break down excess

Excess Histamine is controlled by 2 key enzymes

  1. HNMT (histamine-N-methyltransferase)
  2. DAO (diamine oxidase)

HNMT prevents histamine binding to its receptors and DAO degrades histamine into inactive metabolites and excrete through urine.

Histamine is stored in granules in mast cells of throughout the body. It’s released in response to triggers like Cold/Heat, Toxins, Trauma etc etc.

Histamine release occurs when allergens bind to mast-cell-bound IgE antibodies

These are some histamine responses (itching is one of them) If you have any of these reactions , you are probably going through the same histamine response.

This is how Histamine is degraded

Copper (Bioavailable Copper), Vitamin C Magnesium, Vitamin B6 are required for DAO to function properly

So the solution is not in doing treatment on scalp,it’s something different.

How you can significantly reduce or eliminate itching ?

  • Avoiding Triggers
  • Strengthening the Host (By balancing Minerals)


What triggers you can avoid/reduce

a. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen, aspirin)
b. Antidepressants (Cymbalta, Effexor, Prozac, Zoloft)
c. Immune modulators (Humira, Enbrel, Plaquenil)
d. Antiarrhythmics (propanolol, metaprolol, Cardizem, Norvasc)
e. Antihistamines (Allegra, Zyrtec, Benadryl)
f. Histamine (H2) blockers (Tagamet, Pepcid, Zantac)

a. Alcoholic Beverages
b. Preservatives
c. Cured Meats
c. Fortified Foods like Wheat, Bread, Pasta, Cereals
d. Polyunsaturated FATS especially when they get oxidized and turn rancid


How you can strengthen the Host ?

  • Getting more B6, Vitamin C, Magnesium especially from Foods
  • Getting more Copper and making it more bio-available so body can use it (No Copper Supplements please, they will make the issue worse)

Which factors negatively affect bio-availability of Copper

  • Iron Overload/Anemia of Chronic Inflammation, Iron Supplementation
  • Magnesium Deficiency
  • Calcium, Vitamin D, Multi-Vitamins
  • Ascorbic Acid (not real food based Vitamin C)
  • B Vitamin Deficiencies

So the best bet to avoiding itching is to avoid/reduce triggers by adjusting your Diet and avoid the triggers and increase your body’s capability to counteract the histamine response by supplying it with right nutrients

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Vitamin D Hair Loss Connection : A Double Edged Sword

I get this question a lot. Does Vitamin D deficiency cause Hair thinning ?

Well, the answer is YES. Because in my experience, whenever I am analyzing lab reports, almost everyone has low Vitamin D. Usually, those with Vitamin D levels above 30 ng/ml have always taken Vitamin D injections or supplements.

If you visit a doctor, he would just dismiss your concern by saying “It’s very common problem in the population. Don’t worry too much about it. If it’s too low, let me give you Vitamin D injections or supplements

But do you know something strange ?

Vitamin D deficiency and Vitamin D in excess both can cause Hair Thinning.

Supplementation of Vitamin D might raise your Vitamin D in some cases only if you are seriously deficient but in long term it can cause serious damage to your body and hair.


Ref : Vitamin D metabolites as clinical markers in autoimmune and chronic disease

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Why does that happen ?

Why Vitamin D deficiency is not so simple to deal with. It’s the result of several factors going wrong at the same time. If you really delve into this topic further, you will realize that Vitamin D is a Hormone.

Vitamin D deficiency is not just Vitamin D deficiency. But it’s also

  1. Insufficiency of Vitamin A and Vitamin K2
  2. Insufficiency of Magnesium and Boron
  3. Impaired function of Liver, Kidney as well as Intestine

But let’s first understand how Vitamin D is manufactured in the body.


To correctly understand Vitamin D status, you need to know

  1. Magnesium RBC
  2. 25(OH)D Storage Vitamin D
  3. 1,25(OH)2D Active Vitamin D
  4. Ionized Serum Calcium

Unless you test these things, it’s not wise to just to take Vitamin D supplements.

What are the problems with taking Isolated Vitamin D ?

  1. It mobilizes Calcium from Bones causing Hypercalcemia, Kidney Failure, Depression, Heart Failure
  2. It causes Potassium wasting from Kidneys
  3. It also causes depletion of Vitamin A (Retinol) from Liver

When we have low Vitamin D in blood test, it’s telling us that there is too much calcium in the blood, not enough Magnesium to transform Vitamin D storage into Active Vitamin D.

When you take supplemental D, it initiates the inflammatory cascade in your body. It causes Calcium and Sodium to enter the cell throwing Potassium and Magnesium out of the cell. In turn it will negatively affect production of Ceruloplasmin in Liver as supplemental Vitamin D cause depletion of Vitamin A from Liver causing unbound iron to increase.

When Ceruloplasmin production is affected, it affects the production of key antioxidant enzyme Cytochrome C Oxidase and all other antioxidant enzymes. This metabolic derangement causes Arterial Calcification and Fibrosis by Iron loaded Macrophages, initiating inflammatory response.

a. It activates IL-6
b. It activates Acid Phosphatase enzyme which causes Calcium Loss from bones
c. It activates MCP-1 causing Fibrosis and Calcification of Soft Tissues
d. It also activates Lipid Peroxidation and build up of Intracellular Calcium

Supplemental Vitamin D

Intracellular Calcium  

Intracellular Magnesium

Intracellular Potassium

Retinol (Vitamin A)


Activation of Antioxidant Enzymes

Unbound Iron  

Inflammatory Response  

IL-6, MCP-1, Lipid Peroxidation  

Soft Tissue Calcification and Fibrosis

Hair Loss and Thinning

My Experiment with Megadosing Vitamin D

Last year March, I started taking Vitamin D supplements because  I came across substantial research about Vitamin D and Pattern Hair Loss Connection.

I used to take anywhere from 3000 to 5000 IUs a day. While I didn’t experience any particular benefits with my Hair thinning but within few weeks, I started experiencing more and more fatigue, leg and back pain (Excess Supplemental D depletes Magnesium) After few weeks, I wasn’t able to see things in dim light. It compromised my ability to work without switching on light even in a daylight (Excess Vitamin D depletes Liver Retinol Vitamin A)

After 2 months, I came across various other research talking about Dangers of Supplemental Vitamin D and my symptoms sounded very familiar. I immediately stopped Vitamin D supplements and within few weeks, my fatigue, back pain, eyesight issues were gone completely.

Why does Vitamin D from Sunlight doesn’t cause Toxicity in the Body ?

When exposed to sunshine, your skin synthesizes vitamin D3 sulfate. This form of vitamin D is water soluble, unlike oral vitamin D3 supplements, which is unsulfated. The water-soluble form can travel freely in your bloodstream, whereas the unsulfated form needs LDL as a vehicle of transport. so the oral non-sulfated form of vitamin D might not provide all of the same benefits, because it cannot be converted to vitamin D sulfate
You cannot overdose when getting your vitamin D from sun exposure, as your body has the ability to self-regulate and only make what it needs.
In short, Vitamin D produced from Sunlight won’t cause Toxicity.

So what to do next ?

  1. Get enough Vitamin D from Sunlight. Use Dminder App
  2. Get it from Fatty Fish, Eggs, Cod Liver Oil and other natural animal sources
  3. Get sufficient Vitamin A and Vitamin K2 rich foods (No synthetic supplements)
  4. Magnesium & Boron Supplementation and Foods
  5. Fix your Gastrointestinal, Liver and Kidney issues (by working on improving Ceruloplasmin and getting rid of excess unbound Iron)

If you want to reverse your hair thinning, identify how you can scientifically do it using Lab testing, Diet Changes, Lifestyle Changes, check out Hair Regrowth Blueprint

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How to cure dandruff, reduce oiliness of scalp and resolve itch permanently ?

As long as I remember, I always had dandruff issues. It started around the same time I entered puberty.

No matter what I did in the past to resolve this condition, nothing happened.

I used shampoos quite regularly but nothing seemed to help. Shampoos helped me to get rid of dandruff for 2-3 days but the dandruff came back again with vengeance.

So I started researching on dandruff.

Here is Wikipedia entry
Dandruff is the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. As skin cells die, a small amount of flaking is normal; about 487,000 cells/cm2 get released normally after detergent treatment. Some people, however, experience an unusually large amount of flaking either chronically or as a result of certain triggers, up to 800,000 cells/cm2, which can also be accompanied by redness and irritation.

According to one study, dandruff has been shown to possibly be the result of three factors
1. Skin oil commonly referred to as sebum or sebaceous secretions

This has a lot to do with sebum production. However, there are few things which you should always keep in mind which aggravates sebum production.
a. If you use shampoo to often, instead of actually cleaning your scalp, you irritate your sebaceous gland even more which in turn produces more and more oil and you have to use Shampoo again. It’s vicious cycle.
b. If you choose wrong shampoo for your hair type, it will end up stripping off all the oil which is necessary to keep your hairs moisturized. Use Coconut or Olive oil on regular basis to keep your hair moisturized.
c. If you have tendency to secrete more oil, you also need to check your dietary intake of Vitamin A. It’s very essential to control excessive sebum production. Excess of Vitamin A can cause problems too.

2. The metabolic by-products of skin micro-organisms (most specifically Malassezia yeasts)
This is very common infection on scalp. It’s believed that it’s caused by Fungus (and/or Bacteria) which feeds on Sebum.

To get rid of this, I have used Onion and Garlic juice, it was very beneficial to get rid of it. Onion/Garlic/ACV juice applied topically also stops hair loss and regrows new hair.

Does Onion Juice really work to stop hair loss, get rid of dandruff & itch and regrow hair naturally ?

3. Individual susceptibility and allergy sensitivity

I faced this problem for a longer duration. Whenever, I ate certain foods, whenever I didn’t get enough sleep and whenever I was stressed, I used to see either a lot of dandruff or constant oiliness/itching.

I methodically identified such foods and started changing my lifestyle in order to reduce consumption of such foods and adjust my lifestyle so that I counteract effects of stress using right food and right methods.

So what you can do to completely get rid of dandruff, itch and oiliness on your scalp ?
1. Try to consume diet which will correct your Hormonal Imbalance.
2. Check your intake of Vitamin A. (Excess of it can negate good effects of it)
3. Use specific types of scalp massages which will help you to get rid of excessive sebum production in 2-4 weeks (and more in case if you have this issue for longer duration) Learn more about it here
4. Use Towel rub to get rid of excessive dandruff, reduce oil formation on your scalp while stimulating dormant hair follicles. If you don’t do it correctly, you probably won’t get any results or negative results. Learn Towel Rub Technique here.
5. Use Shampoo less frequently and use shampoo which is suitable for your hair type.

If you want to learn everything about how to stop hair loss/hair thinning, resolve dandruff, itch and oiliness and start regrowing hair naturally, I have created a comprehensive resource which will help you to achieve all these things naturally, it’s called “Hair Regrowth Blueprint

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Does Masturbation cause Hair Loss ?

The answer is “YES” and “NO
I am going to shed some light on recent research and educate you so that you can take your own decision of whether you want to masturbate or not. If you want to masturbate, then how frequently you need to do it.
This is grey area and sort of taboo. No one really wants to discuss this openly. Everyone hates it if they were given just a blanket piece of advice, so I am not going to tell you what to do. I am going to educate you so that you can take that decision by yourself.
Let’s consider few very important things about those who Masturbate
1. Almost every person who is addicted to this habit uses Porn to stimulate himself and it becomes their automatic unconscious response.
However, it creates addictive cycle of Chronic masturbation. The person doesn’t use Porn & Masturbation just to get that Dopamine high but they also use it as a self medication.
a. Can’t deal with stress —- Masturbate
b. Can’t deal with negative emotions —- Masturbate
c. Bored —- Masturbate
There are certain side effects of over masturbation (with porn or without porn)
1. Premature Ejaculation
2. Weakness/Low Libido
3. Loneliness
4. Severe Social Anxiety
5. Shame/Guilt
However, self stimulation with porn or (without it) feels good for a while it changes our brain chemistry and alters our neural pathways where masturbation becomes a habit where the person overdoes it just to chase that feeling.
But in the process of overdoing it, you fatigue your adrenal glands out and your adrenal gland produces more cortisol which in turn suppresses normal thyroid function.
After you ejaculate, your dopamine tends to lower while prolactin level increases (which is a marker of sexual satiety)
Increased Serum prolactin levels is known to cause suppress thyroid.
Anything that suppresses normal thyroid function is likely to cause oxidative stress  in our body which can aggravate hair loss.
Then why everyone doesn’t lose hair ?
Oxidative stress manifests different in everyone differently. It is also influenced by Genetic factors.
Here are some effects of it.
So what should I do ? Should I stop masturbating ? What about Sex ?
I would not suggest you go to any extreme. You can still masturbate. You can still have sex. Moderation is the key.
What’s healthy masturbation ?
Doing it while fantasizing about real person. Don’t fantasize using graphic novels or Soft-core Porno books like 50 shades of Grey, don’t do it while watching bikini clad models or using soft porn or hardcore porn and other extremities.
Of course, I don’t need to teach you all this. Cut out sources which will increase your reliance on these arousal factors.
Watching Game of Thrones is also similar to watching porn.
The more you are exposed to it, the more you will get addicted.
Watch this video which sums up everything.

What’s the healthy frequency ?
I don’t know. It depends from person to person.
I read somewhere that go without masturbation for a time period till you have night fall, if you have nightfall after 7 days, then you should masturbate every 7 days.
Some people don’t experience nightfall despite abstaining from it for long time. What they should do ? They should try to find frequency where they actually feel good after they masturbate (on mental and physical level) and don’t get feel guilt, shame about doing it.
Sex is better than Masturbation (Don’t get any wild ideas)
I am not advocating that you should have sex over masturbation. If you are in a committed relationship or marriage, you may prefer actual sex rather than masturbation. (Again, it’s my personal opinion, feel free to disagree with me)
I am not going to impose my opinion on you. You have common sense and you better know what to do with your life and you know the consequences of it.
Remember, I am not talking about random hookups or paying someone to have sex. It’s similar to watching porn and it still perpetuates addiction cycle.
In conclusion, I want to say that, there is no clearly established link between Masturbation and Hair Los. I think there are still a lot of holes to fill in, and contradiction that need to be addressed. That’s not to say there aren’t benefits to abstaining from masturbation. There are definitely benefits. But unless you’re operating in the extreme frequencies, it’s probably only a slight factor for hair.
So now you know what you should believe what you shouldn’t. Being said that, if you want stop believing in all the myths , want scientific ways to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally, check out Hair Regrowth Blueprint

Does Onion Juice Really work in stopping Hair loss and regrowing new hair ?

The answer is YES as well as NO
I know you probably won’t be expecting this answer.
If you watch youtube videos, read Quora, you will find numerous stories of people who had success with using Onion Juice to stop hair loss and regrow new hair.
But you don’t know what happened to them after they stopped using Onion juice.
While, there is no doubt that Onion/Garlic/ACV juice will help a lot of people temporarily but if you want long lasting results, that’s probably not the best way to go.

Let me share with you my hair loss story. When I was 19 years old, I started losing hair. At that time, it was very small patch at my crown area. Almost invisible. Someone had to look deeper in order to see it . Over the period, it started growing, I also started thinning my hair. After not providing attention to it for 9 long years, here is how it looked like (I know it looks horrible)

I have used Onion/Garlic juice for 7-8 weeks with varying degree of success. First of all, it helped me to get rid of Fungal infection on my scalp permanently. That’s what I believed at least initially. But now I believe that scalp itching has more to do with internal imbalances than something external.

Learn how you can get rid of itchy scalp naturally

For first few weeks, it actually increased my hair loss and few of my close friends even commented that I was losing density in the crown area. I was very much worried.

Because some people purported that this Onion juice is going to be a panacea for all my hair loss issues. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case at least with me. I admit that I didn’t use it for long time to see the real difference

However, when I saw the density of crown reducing day by day, I started getting panic attacks. Whenever I used to look at mirror, I used to get those panic attacks. Whenever someone used to comment on my hair, I used to get panic attacks.

I had already lost a lot of hair in crown, if I had to lose even more, I wasn’t just ready for it. In fact, I dreaded looking into the mirror for a while. After few weeks, the hair loss subsided. After 7-8 weeks, just because it was too much of hassle preparing juice, store it and apply it. I decided not to use it.
But I want to show you something much more interesting.
Here is the video of a person who used Onion/Garlic/ACV juice to regrow lost hair in 9 months.
Hair loss recovery after 9 months

Interestingly, this gentleman decided to stop using the juice for 4 months to see if it has any impact on his newly grown hair and guess what ?

What happened after he stopped using Onion/Garlic/ACV juice ?

He lost all the hair he had regrown in those 9 months. Then he again started using it to regrow lost hair.

If you also search on Quora, you will see few people mentioning the same. When they stopped using Onion juice for couple of months/years, they started losing the density again.
What does that tell you ?

Anything you apply topically whether it’s Minoxidil, Onion juice or magic hair growth serum, the effects will not last long. Of course, it’s better to use Onion juice over Minoxidil if given the choice but it’s just treating the symptoms. I am not advocating that you shouldn’t be using it.

If you want a long lasting solution, it will come from diet changes, addressing nutrient deficiencies, lifestyle interventions.

I have documented my whole journey here, check it out here
How I started reversing Male Pattern Baldness naturally ?

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 If you really want to help yourself, you have to control metabolic stress from your diet and lifestyle interventions and not just applying more creams, lotions, serums on your scalp. That’s important to assist in faster regrowth but that’s just a band-aid solution.
As inappropriate choice of food and unhealthy lifestyle choices are the most important stress factors responsible for hair loss (and other conditions), unless you start correcting those factors, you won’t see sustainable results.
If you don’t believe, you can try all those remedies at least once while not taking care of food you eat and lifestyle you live. You will back to square one within few months or few years depending on metabolic stress in your body.
In my case, over the period of 8-9 months, I used various natural approaches including diet changes, scalp stimulation exercises and lifestyle interventions to stop my hair loss, got rid of dandruff and started regrowing my hair naturally.

Here is transformation

However, it’s not just because of onion. It’s a combination of everything I tried.

If your hair fall has different root cause/s like

1. Thyroid Imbalance

2. Lack of Vitamins/Minerals

3. Chronic Illness

4. Immune System Malfunction

5. Stress

6. Medications

7. Hair Products/Dyes

8. Hard/Contaminated water

Again, this is not exhaustive list by any chance.

(You have to identify what are the contributing factors for your hair loss and eliminate/reduce it in order to stop your hair loss) A lot many times, the metabolic stress comes from diet and lifestyle (and medications).

A lot many people think that whatever they are consuming is Healthy Diet. In my definition, healthy diet is the diet which reduces your metabolic stress and promotes optimum metabolism.

So Why Onion Juice works in the first place ?

Onion is rich in sulfur which promotes hair growth. Do you know something interesting Onion + Garlic works much better. Not just because of Sulphur but because of Vitamin B6.

So my suggestion to you is to get more Sulphur and Vitamin B6 from diet rather than applying it topically.

How to prepare Onion Juice ?

You can put it on your scalp for 30 minutes to 2 hours. If it’s irritating your scalp, you can wash your hair within 30 minutes with organic shampoo (SLS, SLES free shampoo)

To avoid onion flakes getting in your hair, use cloth to filter the juice and store it in a bottle. For best results combine Onion, Garlic and Apple Cider Vinegar. (Make sure Apple Cider Vinegar is Raw) Always use this brand. It’s expensive but it’s worth it.

Using it for a month, it completely stopped my dandruff and inflammation on scalp (but when I stopped it for a longer period, itching and dandruff returned) there was also reduction in my hair loss over 7-8 weeks.

Along with onion/garlic/ACV juice, I also successfully combined other methods to increase density of my frontal hair along with regrowing hair in my crown area. Have a look at some of my photos

If you want to learn how you can stop your hair loss and start regrowing hair naturally, I have created Hair Regrowth Blueprint, it’s 5 step system to stop hair loss, resolve scalp conditions and start regrowing hair naturally and the best part is you can do it with combination of diet changes, scalp stimulation exercises and lifestyle interventions.

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Are Hair Transplants worth it ?

If you are losing your hair and going bald in your youth and considering hair transplant, read this very carefully before you move forward.

In my opinion, a man should never think of going for hair transplant (unless his career is dependent mainly on his looks) But hey, that’s just my opinion.

If you are considering one, I want to give you best possible information to decide whether you should go for it or not. If your answer is “YES”, I want to tell you how you can choose the right clinic to carry out the Surgery.

Once you know pros and cons, you would be in the best possible position to decide whether you should undergo this procedure or not.

What I am going to tell you is based on my own research. I am not a medical professional or dermatologist so even after reading it, do your own due diligence.

This may be a tough read if you are losing your hair and starting to explore hair restoration because I am going to try to talk you out of seeking the Hair transplant solutions that you are anxiously researching, in favor of alternative solutions and you may not want to hear that.

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1. The final appearance may not look natural. The results can be worse than the natural balding process. The fact that there are so many unflattering names to describe some of the results of hair transplantation should raise some doubts in your mind.

Of course we can put hair on your head!”, the physician will say.

a. But will it be natural looking?

b. Will it be dense enough to be called hair, or will it just be considered less-thinning-than-it-was-before-but-still-thinning hair?

c. Is your baldness so disturbing to you that you are willing to risk looking worse?

Courtesy : Balding Blog

No matter how undesirable baldness may be, it is still natural , a bad hair transplant is not.

In many cases, you can stop your hair loss and reverse balding to some or full extent naturally. The problem is, it’s not an instant fix and it does take time. In some cases, it takes 3-5 years to completely restore your hairline. And still sometimes, despite all your efforts, there is no guarantee that you will completely regrow all your hair.

2. Hair Transplant Surgeons are notorious for depicting the best-case scenario, but poor at informing you of the potential downsides. There are potential complications that can occur with all forms of this surgery from plugs to scalp reduction to flap surgery. Certainly many of these complications are quite rare, others less so. In any case, your task is to identify them and their likelihood before committing to any kind of hair restoration surgery.

Always do your Research first.

3. More than any other branch of health care, cosmetic surgeons are in business first, medicine second. Your interests may be sacrificed for money. For some cosmetic surgeons, the elective & competitive nature of the business may force them to replace the physician’s maxim “First, do no harm …” with “First, get the money … second, get the client’s ass in the surgical suite and therefore committed to the process so that we can be assured of more money in the future … and third, try to do no harm as you make the surgical results the best they can be (even if the best option at the moment is leaving the client alone and doing no”

This trickery is used by used car salesmen to prey on weak people, it’s unethical and still many doctors do it.

4. The number of surgeries, that it will take to achieve the look you want, is unpredictable (if the look you want can even be achieved). Therefore, the cost is unpredictable. The degree of satisfaction that you can expect is unpredictable.

If you speak to a hair transplant physician about a surgical plan for restoring your hair, demand absolute clarification as to what is being guaranteed vs. what is being estimated and get it in writing. You are gambling with your money & your appearance. All successful gamblers know how to play the odds.

Do you know the odds of successful hair transplantation surgery?
Success is not defined by whether the transplanted hair will grow. There is little risk of that not occurring. Success is defined by whether the transplanted hair that grows will be of a quantity, direction, and distribution, all with respect to the remaining natural hair, that is pleasing to the patient and inconspicuous to most people he’ll encounter.

How to know whether it’s a good transplant or not ?
When even other Hair Transplant Surgeon can’t recognize that you have done Hair Restoration Surgery, it’s one of the signs that your hair transplant surgery is done very well.

5. You still have to use Minoxidil and Propecia (Finasteride) While many consider Hair Transplant is the holy grail. Nothing could be further from the truth. To maintain current level of transplanted hair and remaining hair, doctors still prescribe Minoxidil and Propecia. After spending fortune on Hair Transplant, you still have to use pharmaceutical drugs (and sometimes for life)

Reasons to avoid Minoxodil, Propecia, etc.

Your obligation is perpetual. You are bound to it for life. Stop using it and you lose the hair that it had grown or kept from falling out.

Horrible Side Effects

If you are not aware of Propecia Side Effects, watch this video

Watch Propecia Horror Story

Limited location. When it works, it works on the crown, but not the front part of the hairline.

6. It is a permanent, irreversible process, there is always some uncertainty about what you are going to get, and you may not like your options if it doesn’t turn out the way you expect.

What are your contingency plans if the result of your hair transplant surgery is (a) mildly disappointing, or (b) miserably, devastatingly, catastrophically disappointing ?

If you try hairpieces or medications and decide that you don’t like them, you simply stop and let your natural hair loss continue. But if you start hair transplantation and decide you don’t like the process or the initial results, you no longer have that option.

Are you prepared to embrace those lesser solutions if the preferred solution (transplant) turns out to be unsatisfactory?

7. Physician selection is filled with subtle traps. Physician selection is the most important decision for the prospective hair transplant patient.
One issue that doesn’t get discussed often is: should you go with a physician who does this part-time or full-time? At first glance, the obvious answer would seem to be to go with the doctors who do hair transplants full-time. However, there is a trade-off depending on where you are in the process of restoring your hair.

Full-time hair transplant surgeons have the apparent advantage of getting the most practice and they are the most likely to be up-to-date with the technologies in this field. But their disadvantage is that since hair transplantation is their only line of work, they have more incentive to get you into the chair even if you aren’t a good candidate, because they don’t have other income to fall back on if prospects don’t sign up for surgery.

The part-time hair transplant surgeon has the advantage that the diversity of his practice, and therefore the diversity of the medical procedures that generate his income, attenuates his need to get you into hair transplantation. His disadvantage is a possible reduction in technical & artistic skill due to less practice.

It is difficult to find a hair transplant physician who can (or will) give you an honest, independent evaluation of your suitability for the process (i.e., Do you have the appropriate hair type and adequate density & quantity of donor hair for the area of baldness to be covered?).
The dilemma here is that the only surgeons who are knowledgeable enough to offer a qualified opinion are ones who do hair transplant surgery, and they may have an ulterior motive to get you signed up for their services.

Consider that, these days, virtually all consultations with hair transplant doctors are free. Then consider how many things you’ve received in your life that cost nothing and were of real value. Very few, right ?

My suggestion: Among the physicians that you are considering for your surgery, pick one that you think is good, but for one reason or another you’re not likely to select for the actual surgery (i.e., too expensive). Arrange a consult with that surgeon, but make it clear that you insist on paying for the consult, with the explicit understanding that this doctor is not a candidate to perform any of your possible surgery.

The idea here is to remove that doctors’ motivation to sell you the sugar-coated version of hair transplantation. It is better to pay something upfront for the possibility of at least one honest professional opinion, instead of just paying nothing upfront to hear a lot of optimistic sales pitches.

8. Your expectations, influenced by your recent history, are unrealistic. You probably have a mental image of yourself from the last few years when you had a full(er) head of hair. Consciously or subconsciously, that image is still your expectation of what any hair restoration should achieve. Unfortunately, hair transplants aren’t going to give it to you.

You probably haven’t lost enough to know your final amount and location of hair loss. As stated before, success in hair transplantation is defined by whether the transplanted hair that grows will be of a quantity, direction, and distribution, all with respect to the remaining natural hair, to be pleasing to the patient and inconspicuous to others.

If you don’t know your final hair loss pattern, then you don’t know two critical parameters: (a) the boundary line and density of your true, permanent donor hair, and (b) the area of baldness that you’re ultimately trying to cover. Premature commencement of hair transplant work can result in ….

a. The hair that is moved is misplaced in relation to the final baldness pattern.

b. The hair restoration process may extend over years or even decades, seemingly with no end in sight. Surely you’d feel frustrated if your home was in a constant state of renovation. Would you feel differently about your head?

c. Anxiety over the contrast between transplanted areas and new bald/receding areas, and how & when to fill these in with the least amount of disturbance to your appearance

Transplant work done at a young age is risky and mistakes may be difficult or impossible to correct in the future. Unfortunately, you can’t accurately determine your hair loss pattern.

9. If you are in your 20’s, a big part of your motivation for restoring your hair may be women. Your attitudes about them will change a lot as you mature. Unless you are an actor, media professional or some celebrity, chances are that your main motivation for considering hair restoration at this point in your life is social (i.e., to attract women), rather than professional.

Typically, men in their 20’s have a heightened interest in women of exceptional physical beauty. Your perception is that she expects the same level of attractiveness in the men she will want to be with. Hence, your interest in eliminating your baldness.

When you are in your 30’s and beyond, you will have a better appreciation of a balance between appearance and personality in women. You will realize that many of the bombshells that appealed to you in your 20’s, regardless of their physical assets, may not be the women of substance with whom you will want to have real relationships.

The kind of woman you’ll be attracted to as you mature will gladly accept your hair loss in exchange for the intelligence, humor, personality, and sensitivity that you can bring to a relationship (this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take efforts to restore your hair, it’s personal choice)

10. If you don’t address underlying reasons for your hair loss (it’s not always DHT), you will continue to lose transplanted hairs no matter what you do.

The real solution will come from addressing the root cause and not by addressing the symptoms.

While talking with several hair loss sufferers I have realized few things, many of them are plagued with faulty food habits, systemic infections, mineral deficiencies, root canals etc which is aggravating their hair loss. They blindly assume that everything is caused by genetic predisposition and somehow Propecia and Minoxidil is going to solve their problem.

I know, when I was having hair loss, I tried to address the symptoms for a long time but when I understood the real reasons behind my hair loss, I started taking action to naturally resolve those conditions. Not only, I started resolving those conditions, I stopped my hair loss, got rid of dandruff, started regrowing hair naturally and as a side effect, my energy levels, metabolism, digestion improved radically. also got rid of several systemic infections.

If you want to know the probable root cause, check out Hair Regrowth Blueprint

Hair loss is not your problem but your feelings of insecurity surrounding it. Your problem is Psychological (somewhat Physical) and you are not alone.

Do you have any other choice ?

a. If you are a male, shave your head completely. At first, you will feel uncomfortable. Some people will laugh at you and some people will start asking you questions.
No, you won’t look like Van Diesel. (Not even close) but you will still look good and you can embrace your look.

b. Do nothing, let your hair thin especially if you know it’s genetic balding (or choose option 1 if you are losing your hair in patches)

c. The other choice is you can start using natural ways to stop hair loss and make an effort to regrow your hair naturally (identify root cause of your hair loss)

What’s the worst can happen ?
You will still lose your hair and eventually you can decide to shave your head.

What’s the good can happen ?
You can halt/stop your hair loss and maintain it.

What’s the best can happen ?
You won’t only stop your hair loss and you will start regrowing your hair naturally. I haven’t completely re-grown all the lost hair.

That’s what I did. I stopped my hair loss and started re-growing my hair.

Here are some of my photos

I have a friend who is 1 year younger to me has lost a lot of his hair in his front (but almost no hair on his back, he doesn’t have typical MPB)

But do you know when he visited Dermatologist, what she did to him. She put him on Minoxidil and Finasteride. It helped him for a while but side effects were horrible. Nausea, Headache, More flaking, Problem in getting erection, lack of sexual desire. Maybe you can relate.

Do you when what happened when he stopped everything ?

He lost all his hairs in 3-4 months.

Then one day, by fate or dumb luck, his Dermatologist came to know that his scalp was the main culprit. Too late, after the enough damage was already done.

She even told him later that even hair transplant won’t help him because he will lose all those hair eventually. After spending a fortune on his hair loss in last 3 years, his condition is much worse compared to his hair condition 3 years back.

Horrible Hair Transplants


And still if you want to go for Hair Transplant (even after reading this) Consider this

1) As I mentioned earlier, pay a qualified doctor to examine your scalp to see which procedure is suitable for you (if you even need a hair transplant) Don’t prefer one process over another because the other one is cheaper. Each process has its own Pros and Cons. Take your time to go through them before you think of undergoing any procedure.

There are some procedures which will hurt your chances of having enough donor hair available for future procedures.

ACell vs FUT vs FUE

2) Do not consider going to a “chain” or franchise operation (I am not going to name any names here) In fact, avoid any operation that employs more than one or two surgeons. These larger outfits tend to focus more on volume and profit margin than they do on quality. They are not all “chop shops” of course, but there are too many horror stories about such larger operations, and it seems that you’re better off avoiding any medium to large sized operations altogether.

You want to go with an individual hair transplant specialist who has earned national respect for his work and is totally 100% focused on doing the best possible hair transplant work he/she can do for a small number of clients. You want to see lots of pictures of their work, and talk to some of their former patients (in person if at all possible, to verify the photos are true to life). What you should be buying into here is the skill and expertise of this surgeon, and you should take that very very seriously.

Going with a company or doctor based on price or convenience is a horrible idea that could easily end up ruining your life.

3) Many hair transplant surgeon’s before/after pictures are embellished, using specific lighting and tricky camera angles.

A quality surgeon doing quality work does not need fake pictures. Quality work speaks for itself.
4) You may require several procedures, depending on the extent of your hair loss and your goals. A surgeon can only achieve a certain density of hair in a single procedure. Setting realistic expectations for a procedure is a huge key to achieving ‘success’. Keep this in mind.

If you want to know how I stopped my hair loss, got rid of scalp conditions and started regrowing my hair naturally. I have developed “Hair Regrowth Blueprint” a step by step system which will help you to naturally stop hair loss, resolve scalp conditions and start regrowing hair.

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